Wednesday, 26 February 2014


 In room 8 we have recently finished our art. If you ask me art stands for amazing, reconstructed, thoughts but thats off the point. For art we did our self-portraits. We did it differently this year, this year we made it come out of the page by putting paper on top of each other. In the end I like how it turned out. This is what my final result is. 

A day in room 8

My class is in Reremoana school, and its room eight. This class is made up out of year sevens and eights. All students in room eight is different from each other. Our teacher, Mr Fourie, is from South Africa and also teaches us sport too.

First block is the morning block and mostly maths. Our maths is mainly maintenance tasks. maintenance includes solving addition and subtraction problems using the most suitable strategy. After maths is fitness. For fitness the whole Kereru team splits up into two groups. One is the gifted and talented who is testing their fitness. the other group is students going in the own paste. then its morning tea. morning tea is eat lunch and a short rest.

Second block is our literacy. First is reading . our reading tasks every day is being up to date with our book reports and RSA. Then its writing. like always we are finishing work we did earlier or a new writing task. Usually we do information report, but we learn about different kinds of writing. Then its lunch. Lunch is exactly the same as morning tea but longer. On certain days of the week students can order lunch from the lunch order sheet.

After lunch is the last block. Sometimes student can finish work they didn't complete. Sometimes we do P.E or any other sport. Then its 3 o'clock home time. every on leaves school to their homes ready to start the day all over.

I think room 8 is a great class to be in. Our teacher teaches us to high standard if we work hard enough. 

Tuesday, 25 February 2014


On Sunday, I went over to my friend Sam's house. We did allot of stuff. This is what we did.

First, we biked to Riley's house, and went to the park with him. We went to get Gabe, but he wasn't home. At the park, we played a game called grounded. If your touching the ground when the tagger ( Who has his/her eyes closed ) says grounded your in. If the tugger tags you, you're also in.

After Riley went home, we went to Sam's house. We played MineCraft on his PS3 for awhile. When we'd finished messing around on MineCraft, Sam got a game called InFamous 2. It was still on 0% after half an hour of playing this other game ( I don't know what it was called )

Finally, we went to my house. Me, my sister and Sam did 3 player mine craft on their I-Pods and my Tablet. That was fun. Then, for about half an hour, we just messed around on the trampoline, until 6 O'clock when Sam had to go home.

We had lots of fun on Sunday, and I think it was a great day. We did lots of stuff, and had a fun time. So thats what I did over the weekend! ( On Sunday! )

Can I come over

On Saturday the 21st of February 2014 my friend Jahmiah came over to my house, it was the first time he had come over for ages we played on the PS3 and PSP.

When Jahmiah came over to my house he walked inside and went strait to my room and looked around to see what was on my wall.
Then he picked a game to play on the PS3 and played it, the game was a game where you are in a read car and raced against other people that are playing it's really fun the he played on the PSP after about 2 hours he said that he wanted to go home. 

Over all it was really fun and I would like for Jahmiah to come over to my house again. 


                     MY Weekend =) 

On Saturday the 22nd of February me and Chloe went to Rainbows End for Cassidy’s 12th Birthday.

We arrived at Cassidy’s at about twelve o’clock and set off to Rainbows End when the rest of Cassidy’s friends arrived. Then when we had arrived at RainbowsEnd we ran straight in and started lining up for the rides.

The first ride we went on was the Pirate Ship. Then we went on the Scorpion Carts, and then the Power Surge. I think the best ride for me was the power surge. The reason being is cause i loved seeing chloe’s face when she was so scared but in the end she enjoyed it.

Then after about an hour we had lunch which was hot chips with sauce. We then watched a guy that called himself “Andrea Vagas!” who was a optical illusionous /magician that did really cool magic things. 

Then we went back on the rides about 15 minutes after we had eaten. We went on the log flume and then the invader. We went onto the power surge and then the roller coster. 
After a few minutes later Rainbows End shut down so we went back to Cassidy’s house and hung around until it was time to eat. For dinner we had pizza, And for desert we had ice blocks and cake. 

Then we played hide and seek when it got dark and hung around playing the chocolate game and watching t.v and playing on our electronics until it was time to go to sleep. 

Then the next day, when we woke up we had bacon and eggs on toast for breakfat. It was really cool going to Cassidy’s birthday. And i enjoyed myself.

A Regular Day In Room 8

                                                     A Day In The Life Of Room 8

Another new day has started in room 8. With our amazing teacher Mr. Fourie, and the 29 students in the class. Every morning after the music has gone and the class is all inside. We all sit on the mat and go through the roll.

After we have done that we get ready for our morning math tasks. We usually do maths for about  hour so that gives us enough time to complete. After we have marked our maths Mr. Fourie will tell us to line up outside and get ready for fitness.

For fitness we might have class fitness, or we may have our trial fitness, for our gifted and talented sports group. Fitness is always very fun and challenging for most of us. Whether it's class fitness or our trial fitness. For fitness we usually stay out for half an hour. Then after we're done we all take a cool down lap round the field.

In the middle block we have P.E or we go to room 6 and learn some Te Reo Maōri with Mrs. Bailey. For P.E, we sometimes practice our cricket skills. we usually stay out for around half an hour for P.E and half an hour in Room 6.

In the last block we come in from lunch, and we read for 5-10 minutes. Then we have the afternoon roll. After the roll, we go back to our desk and finish off the rest of our work. Just before 3:00pm we all sit on the mat and wait to be released for home. 

I have had a real great start of the year in Room 8 so far. I can't wait for the rest of the year to come.

A day in room8

A day in room 8 is pretty awesome, we do a lot of cool things when the music plays in the morning, we come in and read quietly for 5 minutes. Mr Fourie calls onto the mat, he calls the roll, but thats just the start.

First of all we start off with math, Mr Fourie writes up our maintenance task on the board. We complete that and get started with our maths for the day this usually takes us about half an hour to 40 minutes. After that we go out to fitness currently we are doing a gifted and talent group, it's for the people who think they are good at fitness, we do fitness for  40 minutes.

After morning tea we come back in and read for 5 minutes, then we do are literacy work like reading tasks and writing. Mr Fourie always has tasks for us to do, like in writing we are doing information reports it's really fun. In reading we have SRA tasks we have to complete at least 1 a day.

When  lunch has finished we come inside and read for another 5 minutes, after that we finish any unfinished work like (SRA tasks, writing etc). 

In conclusion a day in room 8 is cool we do math, reading, writing, and lots more, I think it's going to be a good year.    

My self portrait art!

In room 8 we did some self portrait art. I made my eyelashes pop out and my nose. I made a blue background and dark blue bored with green and light blue. My top is green with a purple tag with my name on it. My hair is black plated to the side with wool.

A day in Room 8 - Amelia

                                          A day in Room 8

In room 8 we have a wonderful classroom with a variety of year 8's and a little amount of year 7's .Our teacher is Mr. Fourie ,he is a great teacher.

Useally in Room 8 we start the morning by reading for 5-10 minuites . After that we go down to the matt to do the roll and a sharing circle .

when we'er fineshed sharing ,we start working with maths . Next we do fittness two laps warm up , then we split into two groups gifted and talented and group and the normal fittness group .When we've completed fittness we go to morning tea .

after morning  tea we read again a for 5-10 minuites .sometimes we do a SRA or writing (reading ) .Then we go to lunch

After lunch we read once more for 5-10 minutes . sometimes we finesh off our work but mostly we do P.E (fittness involed games ). on Thursdays after lunch we go to Mrs Bailey's  class to learn Maori.At 3:00 we go home .

I think we have a great class and teacher and i hope we'll have a great year!

A Day In The Life Of Room 8 :)

Welcome to Room 8 of Reremoana School. We have a teacher named Mr Fourie and are a class if 29 with year 7 and 8 students, and are obviously a mix of boys and girls. We are a class who learns a lot and starts fresh to a new day.

Normally in the first block we all come inside and sit down at our desks and do some reading. Then sit down after 5-10 minutes after, we all join together on the mat while Mr Fourie calls the roll and we share our news. Shortly after finishing news we all head off to our desks and start with our maths. Usually we have brainfood (which is a small snack during work time.) For maths we normally have some maintenance tasks then some questions. After we have finished those questions Mr Fourie tells us to get out hats and line up outside ready to start fitness. We have two fitness groups. One for the normal     fitness and another trial group for the more advanced. After about half an hour (30 min) of fitness, everyone in the school goes out for morning tea.

Normally after morning tea our class lines up outside the classroom and waits to be let inside. After coming inside we all sit at our desks and read, as done in the first block. Then we usually go onto our reading tasks e.c.t SRA or other worksheets form the teacher, also on Mondays we go to the library. Then soon after that we go onto writing. Our writing normally consists of work from another writing task or something new form Mr Fourie. Also sometimes in the middle block we go out for some P.E  or go to Maori with Mrs Bailey, and then we go to lunch, at lunch we normally have Ripper Rugby on Wednesdays.

And finally again the same as the first and second block we do some reading in the third. In the third block is normally mixed up of everything. We sometimes play Kingball with the rest of the Kereru team, finish work, or go out for some sort of game. Then it reaches three o'clock. Hometime ! After being released after notices on Thursday we get to go home. So far I am having so much fun I am staring to wonder what comes next.

A Day In Reremoana School Room 8

In Reremoana school there is a class called room 8 and in that class there are 29 of my friends. Our teachers name is Mr Fourie and he loves to play sport which appeals to me because I love sport as well.

When we come into class in the morning we sit at our desks and read for 10-15 minutes before we go down to the mat and do the roll well we are doing the roll we have to get into a sharing circle so that we can share what is on our mind and what is going to happen durning the weekend. After we have finished sharing we go to our desks and get our math books out ready to start our math for the morning. We normally do math for an hour and twenty minutes. Then at 10:30 we go out to fitness and at the moment we are able to take part in a gifted and talented sporting program. At 11:00 it is morning tea time so we all go.

When we come in from morning tea time we read for another 10-15 minutes just to settle down. After we have done that we normally do a reading task or an SRA task of our level. When we have done that we carry on with a writing task that we have been working on or have started.

When it comes to 1:00 we all go to lunch. Lunch goes for 45 minutes. When we come back from lunch we all get to read for another 10-15 minutes to settle down. Once we have done that Mr Fourie gives us an extra task to do then at 2:30 we go to play king ball or celebration on Fridays.

So far room 8 has been a pretty cool class and I'm looking forward to the coming year.

MY ART-Shayle

                       MY ART!

Hi, room 8 has been doing their art, we have spent about two weeks on it to try make it look 3D, this is my finished product

My Unique Art

Self Portrait - Max

In room 8 our first art project was a self portrait of ourselves using paper and card. We select a colour for our background for mine I chose green because I really like green. Next we cut out our body's I chose a dark blue color as my shirt. As you can see in the picture I put a tie that is the color pink then it gave me a cool look. Next we done our border I done red around it. An orange paper with bumps in them. We done our eyebrows and eyelashes. They were very hard. Next up was our nose and our eyes doing our nose was kinda tricky because you had to fold it up. To give it nosey feel. The eyes were easy as. Lastly was the hair that was the hardest part. You had to make it fit with your head. I got really fustrated doing my hair. But I had a lot of fun doing this. At the end I think I got a really cool looking dude out of.

A day in room8 Luke.

Room 8 is the best class in the world Mr fourie is a
great teacher he's funny he cares about us and he
cares about our future and he's  just great.

Were friendly we look out for each other when were competing
and we work together as a team. Every morning we get into
a circle and we share what were feeling for example 
if I was happy I would say I feel happy because I played the week end.

At 10.30 we go out for fitness. Then at 11.00 we go out for morning tea. After morning tea we come in and read for some time after we read we carry on with our learning till 1.00 

witch is lunch time then after lunch we read again. 
After we read we carry on with our work till 3.00 and then
it's home time if you visit I know that you will                    

leave with a smile on your face.                  This is a photo of me and my self portrait that I made.

Amelia's self portrait

           This is my art piece of the self portraits we've been doing in room 8 

The hole artwork was made out of paper .witch is a bit different than others things if've done before
I like mostly like my face because it turned out better than I expected it would be .
It was challenging and sometime frustrating doing this art but I think it turned out well
The hardest part for me was doing the hair and the nose because I couldn't get the nose out correctly and I couldn't make my in to strips . But with a little help I completed it .
I'm really proud of how my artwork turned out, if I was to do it again I would do  somethings driphently though. i really enjoy art because you can draw,paint(work) in your own way.

A day in room 8 - Shayle

                                 A day in room 8
Welcome to room 8... the great. We have a teacher named Mr.Fourie. Our class is a class of 29 students filled with year 7/8's, Mr.Fourie loves sport and the best part is we have a lovely view of the rugby field. Our class is a huge learning environment , we are all about learning! Room 8 is a great class for any year 7/8 at Reremoana.

For our first block we usually start the day off with sharing circle. Sharing circle is a time when we all sit down in a circle and express our feelings, or about something that happened during the week. Next we get our brain food and get ready for maths. Mr.fourie helps us a lot, anyone that struggles in maths, will find it easy with a bit of help! then we line up for fitness and grab our hats, Mr.fourie trains us hard core to make sure our bodies are fit and healthy enough for anything. Then luckily we get to go out to morning tea.

Now for our second block, we usually do writing, we do quite advanced writing. Mr.Fourie makes sure everyone gets at or above for writing, he wants everyone to pass, writing is very fun in room 8 I love it! Next we usually do an SRA task or go to our split up classes, it is fun because we complete unfinished work or sometimes we do maori with Mrs.Bailey. Then we have P.E with our teacher, and now is lunch.

After lunch during the last block we chillax from all that hard working, and read , go out for a game, do a bit of art, or and SRA and then finally after a long day of learning we go home!

Room 8 is buzzing with learning,  making sure you are ready for high school, were sure, were great, were room 8!

self portrait-jaylen

Our self portraits

Room 8 has been working on our self portraits.It was cool working on them some parts of the face was quite difficult but everyone managed to keep up.So this is what my finishing product is.

The One, The only, ROOM 8!!! ™

Every morning (8:30 am) when we arrive at school we put our chairs down and grab our stationery for a great days learning. When the music goes it signals us to take our novels and read, just to catch up on  our reading log. We do this every morning, morning tea and also lunch.

Every day after morning tea we have literacy and also reading, SRA tasks etc. We, every thursday, go over to Mrs Baileys class and learn Maori while her class is outside with Mr Fourie doing some hardcore fitness (Just kidding).

After lunch, every tuesday we have kereru team sports, im in the "Birdies" and were gonna win this year, every team sports game we play, its on everyone. We also have a cooling down read in our books like what i said earlier.

My class by far is the best, i have a great teacher and he helps us to reach all our goals. I also have kind, nice and friendly diverse classmates. We all are great learners and have fun every block we meet.

Self Portrait Art

Lately, we have been working on our self portraits. To make them, first we had to make the border. We could use coloured paper, cord board or corrigated card borad for this. Some of us also decorated them. Once we'd glued them to our backgrounds, we made the clothes. We cut out the shape that we wanted, and glued it on, leaving a gap for out necks to slide in. We also decorated our clothes with various materials. Next we slid in the neck, with the head. To do so, we cut out the right sized neck and head, then glued it on. We also put on moths, ears, hair, eyes, eye brows, eye lashes and a nose. Some parts were made to pop out, like border and clothes decorations, the nose, eye lashes and some peoples hair.
Here is my portrait:

Portrait-By Eden


For this year 2014 portrait we did something different.To start of we did a border to make it stand out . Then we did the shoulder, the neck and the head. The aim is to make the art  pop out. Then we did  the noses, eye brows,eyes and eyes lashes. Then the mouth and the ears. Now we have to do the coolest part of it all we do the hair.What we had to do with our hair is to make it pop out .That was the cool bit. I did a blond plat with a green bow in my hair for accessories.And there it is all done. It will look really cool in the end.

Self portraits -Teia

In room 8 we have been doing our self portraits first we got our picture taken and then we had to make our border for the paper and stuff go in it after we did that we had to look at the picture and draw our shirt then we cut it out and glued it on we could add little pockets or ties if we wanted to then we could do the neck and the head once we had done that we were able to add facial features like a nose that had to be sticking out and eyes with eye lashes that also had to be sticking out along with a mouth and ears
and hair then we gave it to Mr Fourie to put up on the wall  and that was how we did our art

Monday, 24 February 2014


A Basic Day In Room 8!

First thing in the morning, and its time to go to school. Im in room 8, from Reremoana School. Im in a year 7-8 class, and my teacher is Mr. Fourie. This is a basic day in room 8.

Its the first block, and we have sharing circle. We are not allowed to say pass, or skip our turn. Sharing circle is when you share a short piece of news about something that recently happened, or something thats coming up. Next we do maths, which normally will go up until we go out for fitness. Then, after half an hour of fitness, its time for morning tea.

When we get back from morning tea, we do allot of things. We mostly do Writing, Reading Or spelling, but we also do SRA tasks, Te Reo, PE/Sport, art, or unfinished tasks from the morning, or another day. In this block we do a wide variety of work and activities. Then its lunch.

Finally the last block. We usually do our unfinished work, or start any other work we didn't manage in the middle block. On Fridays, we have Celebration every afternoon. Other days, we might read, go out for a game, PE or orienteering.

I think room 8 is a great learning space. We have a class treaty ( that if we don't follow we write out )
We also have SRR in the mornings, after morning tea, and after lunch. This helps us to keep reading. Some mornings we also get given free milk, for the Fontera milk for schools program. ( And milks just good to have ) In total, I think room 8's a good class, where we learn lots, and get a good about of fitness. Thats a basic day in room 8!


                          This is my self portrait. I enjoyed making this and I
                         Thought of lots of different ideas to try and make my
                         boarder different from everyone else, and I also made
                         my self portrait to look like me, as you can see my hair.
                         My favorite things about this piece of artwork is as I     said 
                         My hair and my boarder also my earrings and my shirt.
                         Next time I would like to take more time and put more
                         Detail into my work. And not take so long with it. :)

ROOM 8 is COOL - Teia

A day in room 8 is simple you come to school and have morning lunch in the middle of them you do tasks in the middle of them then you go home and repeat on the next day. Room 8 is also a very fun good learning environment plus a good teacher Mr Fourie.

When you come in on the morning  you can  go outside to play a game or play mathletics on the computer. But when the music goes your inside and ready to go learn and do your usually (super silent reading). Then we go down to the carpet and have sharing  and the roll  sharing is when you share something that has been going on in your life. On mondays we get homework and milk on Wednesdays and fridays along with mondays then we go our maths desks and do maths for about one hour then we go do fitness for G&T (gifted and talented group) then at 11 o'Clock  we have morning tea.

When we finish morning tea we line up and wait for Mr Fourie to unlock the class then we do more Ssr and then go down to the carpet to get new tasks or finish uncompleted tasks then we get straight into reading or writing for writing we use a concept map to plan and write a story and for reading we usually get a cloze activity and then its lunch at 1 o'Clock.

When the last block comes around we do ssr and the we finish the sra  if we didn't finish it sometimes we will play a little game but theres only about a 42% chance of that happening.

I was in Mr Fourie's class last year and i really enjoyed it so think that this year it will be even better and i hope that everyone to be in Mr Fourie's will have lots of fun too so thats how a day in room 8 works.   


In Room 8 we have a fantabulous teacher ( Mr Fourie ) and 29 students. We are a mixed year 7&8 class.We always try hard in everything we do.

In block one we ( room 8 ) will firstly enter the class (when the music) ( we have music instead of a bell ) finishes and immadietely sit at our desks and read our books silently. When Mr Fourie calls us ( room 8 ) to the mat. We would do roll call and then share our  feelings. Then we get into learning. Firstly we start of with maths normally we will start off with maintenance and answer some questions then we ALWAYS learn something new !!!!!! Just before morning tea we go out to fitness then its morning tea :-) 

After morning tea we will all line up outside of our class until Mr Fourie lets us inside then we will read for five minutes then we will do a writing or reading task or even sometimes or go to room 6 with Mrs Bailey to do te reo maori then its lunch.

so now you know you know how a day in a life works in room 8 at Reremoana school. Im looking forward to this year and all the great memories to come :-) !!!!

   # Cant Wait !!!!

A day in a life of Room8 :p

A day in a life of Room8 is great.First of all there is mr.Fourie,Mr.Fourie is a great teacher he's funny and  smart (personally I like him)Our class is full of different nationality's.

The area our class is located in is at the very back of the school closest to the middle of the rugby field.In the first block we would read for five to ten minuets ,then we would silently walk over to the mat and sit in a circle and share something we did in the weekend or during the week But on a Friday we would mark our homework.Next we would do math maintenance task then we do the proper math,then it's morning tea for 30-40 minuets.

In the second block after morning tea we would read for another 5-10 minuets then we would majestically do writing for half of the block or so,then for the rest of the block we would do reading activity or an S.R.A I guess you could say for the second block we do literacy for the block.

In the last blockYAAA! for the last five to ten minuets yup you guessed it it reading,you would think we would get bored reading But No because after that we do P.E (or physical education)or we would do orentering or on a tuesday we would do team sports or one of my favourite games of all time king-ball.

really hope I enjoy this year!!!

A wonderful day in room 8- Max

Room 8 her in Reremoana is funny and hard working class There teacher is the one and only Mr Fourie  he pushes us to do the right stuff for us when we turn into young men and woman.

To start of the morning we all come down to  the mat for roll call. As a class we all sit together in a circle and share about what is going on in our lives. We make sure we a quiet when it is someone else's turn. Once we a done we all go to our maths desk. We start maths we our maintenance to reflect on our learning. Next up he teaches us a new maths strategy so when we do test we can always use his strategy's to make the questions a lot easier for us. Next we have a program called fitness we put our hats then its time to do two laps. Once your done. The we start the good stuff we always start it of slow and then we build it up so we a fit to do our weekend sports or other events coming up. Then it is morning tea.

Middle block half way thru a wonderful day. We come back and then we read for five minutes in a thing we call SSR. we keep quiet and we read. We have to keep quiet so we can all keep up with our reading it is really important we keep up and don't fall behind. When five minutes is up we do a reading  task called an SRA we were read a small book then the book has a questions and you have to answer them we get them all right your doing a wonderful job. Next we move on to writing were do something diferriant every day

Last block a wonderful day has almost come to an end. We go out for PE and I really like PE because we hang out as one class we relax and have fun. Then it is finally home time after a day of hard work its finally time to go home.

A wonderful day has finally come to an end. Mr Fourie is an awesome teacher this is my second year with him and i'm looking to enjoy my second year.

Self Portraits

In room 8 we have made our self portraits, with some card and colored paper we sketched our bodies and faces. But first we had to make our background and boarder, when we finished that we moved on to making our bodies we glued them Mr.Fourie said that we had to leave the top of our shirts loose so we could slip our head into the shirt. then we put are heads on we had to make a mouth, nose eyes, eye lashes, eye brows and hair. Once we had finished all that we could do any extras Eg.(logo's, buttons, ect). When we had finished we gave our art work to Mr. Fourie and he stapled them onto the wall.

How We Made Our Art

When we started to make our art pieces we all had to draw what we wanted it to look like and then pick what colours we wanted to have in our background. Then we where able to take a piece of card to start our background. We could not make the border to big other wise we would not be able to fit our shirt onto the piece of paper. 

Once we had glued our shirt on we where able to make our neck and head, getting ready to make everything for our face like the eyes, nose, mouth, and eyebrows. When we made the nose we were trying to make it stick out from the paper so that it looked little bit 3D. We had to do the same thing with the eyebrows and eyelashes. 

At the same time we had to be thinking about how we wanted our hair to look so that it looked good as well as 3D. Mr Fourie showed the girls how to twirl the paper around the scissors which will make it curly but I don't think it will work for me or any of the other boys in our class. Here are some of the art pieces that we had made.

My portrait- Gemma

My Portrait

This year for our portraits we did something different. We had an A4 piece of paper in the colour of our choice.  We then added a border with any decorations we wanted to make it stand out. I went for the simple look: blue background, with pink corrugated card as the border and I finished it off with a nice green bow (thank you Jani for showing us how to make them). With different coloured card we cut out the; shirt, collar, head and neck, ears, eyes, eyelashes, lips, nose and eyebrows. We cut them out all separately. Some things we cut out (such as the nose, collar and eyebrows and eyelashes) could stick out off our paper to give it more of the stand out factor. We then moved ono the hair. we cut out paper to match the style of our hair. We added features (like; plaits, fringes and hair that sticks out the side of your head) that stuck out from the paper once again. The end results looked really cool.
What could I do next time to make my portrait better?- When I glued my shirt on I think I could've left the top bit unglued so I could slide in my neck and head. 
What challenges did I face while doing the art?- I think m hair was the hardest part. I had to try and shape it properly to match and fit my head. I found the eyelashes difficult too because they wouldn't stay glued to my paper. 
This is my finishing product:

Day In A Life of Awesome Room 8 - Gemma

Day in a Life of Awesome Room 8!

Room 8, an awesome class filled with year 7 & 8 students. With Mr Fourie as our teacher, everyone's looking forward to great learning and success for 2014. We have an excellent structure for everyday to make sure we benefit from everything.

To start off, we gather everything that is needed for the day; pencil case, our book we are reading and brainfood. We then take a role call. Doing a sharing circle after the role lets people express whats happening in their life lives. Therefore students can either support or congratulate them on something thats happened. We then move onto maths, having our brainfood during that times as well. We learn at least one new thing in math each lesson and also cover things that we already know to refresh our memories. Fitness is a big pert of Room 8. Each morning after maths we go out to fitness. Some students participate in the Gifted and Talented Sports Programme (also known as G&T) which pushes us to our full potential. Others do a less intense programme that develops their fitness at their own pace. After fitness, it's morning tea (a period of 30 minutes). Once everyones refreshed and had something to eat they get ready to start the middle block.

The middle block is where we do a lot of our literacy learning. First, we normally read for approximately 5-15 minutes from our book to settle back into learning mode. We do writing, which each term we focus on main genres; information report, descriptive writing, explanation writing, etc. Also, we have reading. SRA tasks help us to develop our reading and understanding of books or articles. Sometimes we have art projects which we usually work on at this time to complete our masterpieces. On Tuesdays we have a spelling test. We also have spelling level tests that we do which is a more independent test. Mondays is our library time. This time gives us the opportunity to; relax, read, issue and renew books and to browse to find specific books we take interest in. After the library it's another break (lunch break which is around 45 minutes long). This is another time to eat and play until the music goes. Then there's one more block until the end of the day.

The afternoon block is shorter than the others. Again, we start the block with 5-15 minutes of reading to settle in. If we have any bits or pieces of work this is unfinished this where we finish it. If our work is up to standard and everyones finished we sometimes have a game. Fridays are celebration days. The celebration could be; buddy reading ( our buddy class is Room 18), a team celebration (we are the Kereru team) or a games celebration. We have teams sports once a week. At 3 o'clock school finishes and everyone goes their separate ways until the next school day.

Rom 8 is and outstanding class. Mr Fourie has high expectations which we all reach. We are hard workers, great learners and we all have a great attitude towards Reremoana School. I'm looking forward to the rest of the year with Room 8.

A day in room 8

Our class is by far the best class in Reremoana school. Our teacher is called Mr Fourie We are year seven and eight students, and this is life in room 8.

In the first block(9:00am to 11:00) we do math fitness math in our class is done fast so we can learn as much as possible. In the second block (11:20 to 1:00) we do writing or reading. for writing we are learning to write information reports (thats why I am writing this).We haven't started our reading program yet. In the last block (1;45 to 3:00) we do art or sports. For art we have just finished our self portraits but thats another story.

At Reremoana we are given lots of opportunities. As we are only a small school we get to go to lots if not all of the sports days . If you are selected for a sports team you have to do hard training so that the team is really good on the day. We also do a school camp every year these are fun because we get to spend he whole week with friends.

 For fitness we have a option to join the gifted and Talented fitness group, the gifted and Talented group is a group which makes more fitter students work harder and help them get to where they want to be.

So thats what life's like in room 8. Personally I like being in room 8 and I think this year is going to work out fine.

By Callahan.

A day in room 8- By Eden:)

A day in room 8 :)

As I get up at 7:30am and get ready for school and by there at 8:30 I say "Hi" to mr fourie and my class mates as I walk into the class.The music plays at 9:00am for 5mins.

In the morning block we have maths fitness and shearing circle. To start of the day we start of with the roll and shearing circle that mostly takes 30 mins. Then after we do maths witch tack us to 10:30 for fitness.Then it is morning tea.

after morning  tea we do SRA task (which is a reading tack , or finish of work a. when we get inside we do SSR fir 5 to 10 mins. After we finish of our work or do our test.Sometimes we finish of our art. Then it is lunch time at 1:00pm.

In the last block we do SSR for 5 to 10mins to settle down after lunch. Then on tuesdays we have team sport which is some teams from each class and play against each other. Then it is home time.

Best In School!-David

Room 8 is a class made up of year 7's and 8's. The teacher in room 8 is Mr Fourie. On a normal day of school after the music goes everybody comes to class. After Mr Fourie does the role we have a sharing circle . A sharing circle is a time to tell your classmates about whats happening in your life.

After sharing we get straight into maths. In this class we have something class maintenance which is a 10-15 minute time to recap on what we learnt last week. This is important to us because it makes sure we don't forget what we learnt the week before. After about an hour of maths its time to go to fitness. Fitness in this class is no fun and games like in some other classes. We work hard to keep fit.

After fitness its morning tea. Everytime we come in after morning tea or lunch we have 5-10 minutes to read and settledown. After that we usually have writing or reading until lunch. After lunch and 5-10 minutes reading. We usually have a reading task or something which takes about an hour. Sometimes if were lucky we get to have a game for the last half an hour of the day.

All in all room 8 is a cool fun class full of learning and I know that this is going to be one of the best years I've had.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

The awesome me!!!

He goes for a three pointer and He..He scores !Hi my names Gabriel or Gabe Neels

This is me

My family is fun my brother Zac isn't very active but otherwise he's alright.My Mum is a complete loon when it com es to chocolate and christmas but she's still the best Mum.My Dad is very quiet most of the time but he enjoys playing games with the family and he's awesome.There is also my cat's Indy and Bolt,indy is a very broad cat and boffy,Bolt well he's called Bolt for a reason Bolt's basically lightning fast and pretty stupid as well and don't forget lazy.

 Now let's talk about me I have hazel eye's that apparently change colour in different light's.I'm also always smiling ,I have freckles but not a whole face full.My friends think I'm funny at times and a great friend.

YOUR OUT!!.This is a game called handball it is so fun but there is other games I love playing like King-ball and Basketball,I play for my school.

I also like fruit unlike my parents it's yum.
That's me I hope you know all about me.