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Gala day - amelia

                         Awesome gala day !!              

  Reremoana school  held a gala for Manuwera at 15 scotsmore drive, on the 22nd of march .A gala is almost the same as a carvel.   It has bouncy castle ,candyfloss ,food also a dunking machine.I'm   pretty sure everyone enjoyed it! It was on from 3-7 pm and had   lots of  money spent to make it as awesome as it was.

 The awesome gala day had something  for everyone , even the people who were  just a little bit older then everyone els .Reremoana school sure were ready, nothing had to wait then or was opening at a later time . It all started at 3pm and was waiting for someone to come .at first you swap money into gala dollars  and start  buying . But it wasn't all just gala dollars that needed to be done .The next step was  having fun. the two auctions were keeping all the adults busy and the bouncy castle , candyfloss,water walkers and train and soft toy through were keeping all the kids busy , also some older kids were helping by watching a game ,painting nails or holding the chocolate tumbler . seeing your friends working is kinda cool.

The food there was amazing comparing to earlier galas , the schools held before . they were selling drinks there were a range of drinks , lol's , spring water,juice and plan fizzy drink. Not only were there a rage of drinks there were a range of food , cookies,sherbet,cupcakes,hotdogs,pizza,hot chips,nachos,jelly and ice-cream , snow cones and candyfloss. You could win chocolate treats (e.g cookies , chocolate bars and blocks ) and jolly jars , you could also win a lolly packet  by playing some games.

At the end of the day at about 6.30 pm everything started finessing off, everyone started to leave and stop arriving. The candyfloss was all gone, and the food was starting to go as well.The chocolate at the tumbler was disappearing ,the baking stand had become smaller,there were only the ugly teddies left , no one wanted their nails painted or wanted to play a game ether , everyone seemed to be gone . But the few that were left ; the fun hadn't stopped for them yet. people still wanted to smash plates and go on games and it was still quite fun .

The gala was an awesome time for everyone in Manuwera  (and the other people) I think everyone enjoyed it, I sure did. can't wait for next years awesome gala day , it problem won't be as amazing as this one though !

Thanks Mrs Fothergill for taking amazing photo's for the gala and Reremoana school !

The Zombie

The thing was on me, chasing me down the road with its hands out, and bones sticking out of its body. It groaned continuously, almost as if it were a whinning baby. But no, this wasn't a whinning baby, it was a living rotten corpse chasing me further from my home with every step. " blarghhh " it groaned. I kept running, swet dripping from what felt like every part of my body. Plus, to add on to my problems, my neighbours would hate me tomorrow for the commotion im causing with these crazy screams for help, if I even survived long enough to be there tomorrow. By now I was really freaking out. I was running out of options, and breath. Then I saw a long alley way. I could loose the Zomie in there. I sharply turned into the alley and ran. Then I realized. This was a dead end, not an alley way. How could I have mistaken a dark corner for a long alley way?! The Zombie crept twords me, making a noise that sounded similar to an evil laugh. I had one coice left. I pulled back a shakey fist, then lunged forwards, punching it in its right arm. It fell off. The Zombie looked from me, to its self, to its arm lyeing on the floor. It seemed un concerned by its missing arm and kept moving forwards. So I punched it again, but this time in its face. Its face flew off, and the remainders of the corpse seemed to turn around. It ran in circles for a bit before smacking into a wall, and falling over. I looked at it for awhile, shrugged and walked back home.


Time for supper!!!!!!

It was an aordinary day. The birds were chirping and cars were driving down the busy street. But there was one odd thing: the drivers of the cars looked like mannequins . I mean sure, they were going at like 60km/h and it is pretty hard to see them, but still it was very mysterious.

I decided to head home because after all I came out of the library.  I was walking down Elliot Terrace and passed an alleyway.  I decided to walk through it, because it would be quicker to get home.  In the corner of my eye, I saw an 8-feet-tall man with three legs ( that happened to be broken ) and a half a face. And he couldn't walk, he had to drag himself backwards. He was bleeding out of his one, it was swollen and burnt.  I COULDN'T EVEN IMAGINE WHAT TYPE OF PAIN HE WAS IN.

I aked him if he was okay, he just said, ''time for supper''. Then he launched himself at me, and bit into my scalp, '' ahhhhhhh!''. I was shaking and sweating profusely .  I thought my life was fading away.  I though it was over

BAAAAANG! BAAAANG!  I saw a shadowy  figure was standing over me '' it's alright son ''. I looked up '' Daddy! ''. I said. He took me home, everything was alright.  I was in the kitchen.  When suddenly my Dad collapsed on the floor ''I think my legs are broken '' said my Dad in a worrieng tone.  '' Dad you look a lot taller today '' ''' heh heh heh, time for SUPPER!

time for supper

The Last One (Part One)- The ESCAPE

When you wake up to a blood curling scream at 3am you know something is wrong. But when you hear gun shots and your parents screams are cut short you go into a state of panic. It took me five seconds to realize that the thumping of feat on the stairs are the killers coming for me...

I looked around for somewhere to hide. Under the bed? no too obvious same with the closet. Then I looked at the window it was only now I realized it was pouring with rain outside. I considered jumping out the window. The only thing below me was Dad's garden shed and it should be strong enough to hold me. It was now I herd the "click" as a gun reloaded. I didn't think twice I jumped out the window. I was wrong about the strength of the shed with a loud CRASH I smashed through the roof followed by a CRACK as my body smashed into the concrete floor.

I was on the verge of blacking out but I knew the killers would now be sprinting down the stairs to find me. It was now I looked around and right in front of me was a Honda 600cc dirt bike. I tried to get up but the pain in my ribs keeped me down I had probably broken them. I pulled my self up and heaved myself up onto the bike. Right in the middle of the handle bars are four buttons that are not on other bikes but I ignored them. I twisted the throttle and the bike thundered ford. I smashed through the shed door and headed for the gate. But then I saw them dressed in black and in there gloved hands were two AK-47s. Then they fired I could feel the bullets pass me. With the gate getting closer and closer every second and the bullets not hitting me I felt a serge of hope. But then a bullet hit the back of my shoulder  I felt the blood flowing down my back. I had to keep on going. I zoomed through the gate and gassed it down the street and into the darkness.

"Have you seen it?"

It was about 3am and my friend was knocking on the door. I open the door, and instead of the usual "Hey" or "Hello" all he says is
"Have you seen it?"
"What?" I say "And hello"
"Oh yeah,hi" he says, kind of rushed "Well I... I have to go". What the heck was going on he just comes over and says "Have you seen it?" What does that mean? I let it pass as just a random TV show he'd seen or something.
The next day he calls me. This was weird, he usually comes over, we both are allowed to barge in to each others houses.
"Have you seen it now?"
Back to this again huh.
"I don't ca..." 
He'd hung up.
A couple of minutes later I went to check my emails and saw my friend had sent me an email, I opened it to check what the fuss was now.

                                                                 From: Jack Walker
                                                            Subject: Have you seen it?

He'd left the rest of the email blank except for the one and only sentence at the bottom of the page. 
Have you seen it? He had a problem.
I walked to his house, a bit annoyed, and knocked on the door. His mum comes to the door looking surprised that I'd actually knocked.
"Hey Tom" she said looking a bit worried "What are you doing here?"
"Wheres Jack?"
"I thought he was with you Tom". Now I was worried.
Later that day I was studying late at night, I closed my laptop and headed for bed, I lay down and closed my eyes. I heard my door slam, I slightly open my eyes, I see a figure in the corner of the room, it slowly inches closer, I reach for my phone as he gets closer and closer, I put my phone up and took a picture, his face was pale, he looked like a shadow with a mask, he had nothing, no ears, no mouth, no eyes NO EYES NO EYES NO EYES NO EYES!

                                                                         I have seen it.

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NRL Weekly Week 4

Once again it was a weekend of surprises. Because the whole weekend was full of close intense games of Rugby League. The Warriors picked up there first win in Wellington in club history. Also The Manly Sea Eagles got redemption from last years grand final Beating The Sydney Roosters on there home ground.

Around the grounds.
Sydney Roosters 0 Sea Eagles 8. St George Dragons 20 Brisbane Broncos 36.
New Zealand Warriors 42 West Tigers 18. Parramata Eels 32 Penrith Panthers 16.
Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs 40 Melbourne Storm 12. South Sydney Rabbitohs 18 Canberra Raiders 30. Newcastle Knights 30 Cronulla Sharks 0. Gold Coast Titans 13 North Queensland Cowboys 12

If your team won this week congratulations. Also Alex Mckinnion the guy who broke his neck rumours are going around saying he will be in a wheel chair for the rest of his life. :( :( :(
(Check back every week for more news)

Special thanks to Max, Teia and Fala

Amazing gala day

Reremoana school held a gala on the 22nd of march 2014. A gala is like a school fair that people go to have fun and some people have gala's (fair's) to raise money for funds like starship hospital or different things. Our school did a gala so we could raise money for us to have we can learn from like library books,school trips computers and much more.

Firstly everyone has to go get funny money (gala money) to play games, buy food, buy things from the tents or buy raffles. There was lots of things you could do like go on the terminator its a huge bounce castle with obstacles and two big slides you could also go on the kids bounce castle, the water walkers,the little train,  you could also go and duel some one and hit them of the stithies. You could also go to the plat smashing soft toy throwing chocolate tombola the duck pond you could also go to the mystery envelope, get a jolly jar, snow cone or shaver ice, candy floss, you could go paint a chicken get you nails painted and much more.

Every where had a long line like the terminator, dueling the duck pond, the water walks, the candy floss, snow cons and more places. Lots of people went on the water walks and the terminator the water walks there could be three people going at a time and every time you fall and try to get up you fall again. On the terminator there where three places you could start and you cold race people to. At the duck pond you got a stick with a string connected to a circle and on the ducks head was a little hook you had to try to pick up the duck with the stick then you gotta a bag of lollies there was lots more  thing to do to.

It was fun the hole school did art work that was to be displayed at the gala. The year 1 did texture art, the year 2 did radical robots, the year 3 did decorated frames, the year 4 did card bored creatures, the year 5 did paper mashie creatures, the year 6 did grass cans, the year 7 did quiling and the year 8 tile art 

It was great fun to go to the gala and most of the people would like to come again. You should come again.

Goodtime gala!

On Saturday 22nd of March 2014, from 3-8 pm,was the annual Reremoana School gala!  The reason for this gala was to fundraise for School supplies to better the school. And to promote awareness for uor school as well.

At the gala there are a wide variety of attractions that might appeal to your way of thought!  These include; plate smashing, little train rides, chocolate tombala, the terminator, raffles, food stands, drink stands and even a mosaic art competition, that I competed in.  But unfortunately I didn't get a placing. What a shame!  Beter luck next time.

I brought my friend Cole to the gala with me and we had so much fun!  We went on the terminator 3-times, but the third time, I grazed my knee on the last slide.

I even had dinner there.  It was delicious, over all I think the gala was awesome!

Gala day

On the 22nd of march 2014 it was reremoana schools gala. the gala was suppose  to be on the 15th of march but postpone because of cyclone luci . this gala rasies money for the school, so they can have better equipment and other important things for the school

The gala didn't have much parent helped, because of that some activity's might be cancel . So year 7/8's volinteerd to help one hour.
Many activity's were happing in the gala. There was duck pound, stature painting, plate smash, toy throw, and a lot more.

When I finished my shift at the stature painting, my friend was next. He was confused at first , but eventually he knew what he was doing.
At first I didn't know what to do. There was a lot of events happening. First I did the dunking meichine. First person I dunked was Mr. Munro (teacher) twice and another teacher.
Then I went to the raffles, but sadly I was not a winner.

At six o'clock i left the gala and went home.

The gala day was fun and amazing. Every student was there, even people not involved with the school. I had a good time there and I'm sure everyone else did too.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

This is my life


 I'm a very artistic 12 year old boy. My name is Winiata. me and my family are maori. In my family we are not vary tall, beside me and one of my brothers. Its only me and my parents in my house. My brothers live in Australia or Nelson. Which is great because I get to vist them in the holidays.             
In the weekends my parents always go to work. So I have to wake up early in the morning and go to one of my parents jobs and do nothing. Both of my parents work is boring .

Me and my brother are both scared of heights and  kinds of insects, even butterflies. But we know some insects are harmless but it's a fouse of habit.

A few years ago I learned how to play the ukulele and a bit of gartiur.
I was also in the cross country team and orinteening.

I'm the only artistic person in my family and almost as tall then everyone.
I have a weird family but I still love them.


Reremoana school basket-ball team Rovers & Rockets

Reremoana school basket-ball teams Rovers & Rockets have had success.During this exciting term of basket-ball the Rovers have found them selves in a exciting position in the finals of the year 5&6 basket-ball tournament,this is exciting for the whole team including the coach and the manager we all hope they do well in the finals.

Also the year 7&8 basket-ball team the Rockets are also in a exciting position in the semi finals this very exciting for the team and me this has started as a rough season for them and has started to look like a good rest of the season I hope that they do well in the next game in the semi finals.

Liverpool Update-David

Hey guys on the 30 march 2014 Liverpool played Tottenham spurs in a crucial game to stay in the running for winning the barclays premier league. After 2 minutes an own goal was conceded when tottenham's Kaboul knocked the ball into his own net. 3 more goals were scored by Lucas, Moses and Allen to make liverpool finish the game 4-0. They then went to first on the tables of the englsih premier league. This proves liverpool are still in the running for the title

Explanation writing gala art- Olivia

                                                                          Gala art

Art is one of my favourite subjects in school, but one of my favourites are tile mosaics. Tile mosaics is a pattern/picture made of crushed coloured tile. You rearrange your crushed tiles onto another plain tile tile for your background. This you can do in the most easiest steps.

All you will need is: a plain tile to glue your design onto, different coloured tiles for you to crush up, tile glue to stick down your design and grout to complete your design. There are so many ideas to choose from, so make sure you plan your design first. So you know what you are doing with your art, I looked on google images for my idea.

Start by getting your coloured tile that you have chose to use for your design. Place the colours  into a box , and smash with a chizzle or hammer. While you are doing this place your finger on the tile and smash from the corner. Make sure your pieces  are small so that it does not look like you rushed your art work. After you have got all your tiles start placing them on your tile so you know where they all go.

When all your pieces are placed onto your tile you can start glueing them on. When you are glueing make sure that you paste the glue on your background tile first, so that you don't have to put the glue on your tiles one at a time. Also make sure you draw your design on the rough side of your background tile and not the smooth side. The glue may not stick well with a smooth surface, or your tile may not stick properly and when you go to grout your pieces will start falling off. While you are glueing try not to use to much, or else the glue will fill up between the gaps in your mosaics, where the grout needs to go. So make sure you use the right amount of glue.

After glueing on all your tiles wait for the glue to dry, and harden before you start grouting your art work.

Now that your glueing is finished you can start grouting your art, make sure the grout does not dry on your work during this process. Place your grout in a plastic container, and fill with a small amount of water. By doing this it should become more of the thick paste, now you have finished making your grout. Now pour some of the grout over your tile mosaic, then use your hands and spread it around on your tile. You may need to do this quickly so that your grout does not dry all over your work. Once your grout has dried, run it under a tap or hose and wash some of the grout that has been left on your mosaic. All you need to do now is wait for it to dry.

Now your mosaic is finally complete! these were the easy steps to making a tile mosaic.

Netball Grading Day 2014

On the 29th of March 2014 Reremoana netball club had their intermediate netball grading day. All the girls who participated played their hearts out during their 5 games. Including the 6th (the crossover games). The Mystics graded in section 4 (D Grade), then played a crossover, moving them up to section 2 (B Grade). The Steel graded in section 5/6 (Grades E & F), then played a crossover, securing a space in the same section as they started in ( Grade F).

The Mystics played; Papatoe Rangers 7, Conifer Grove Ivory, St Marys Diamonds, Hunua Red and in the crossover they played Strathallan Gold. They won all these games. Well done Reremoana Mystics!

The Steel played; Alfriston Pink, Karaka Gems, Conifer Grove Zircon, Papatoe Rangers 8 and they played Clayton Park in their crossover game. It's good to see the new players in the team getting involved and enjoying themselves!

On behalf of the intermediate teams of Reremoana Netball Club, we would like to thank the: coaches, managers, umpires and supporters who came on the day. Can't wait to see what the season brings!

Also thank you to Mr Fourie for these photos! :)

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Explanation - Hannah

Why we need exercise

Phisical exercise is an activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall heath and wellness.It preformes foe verious reasons including strengthening and reuthing muscles.

When doing running, walking, cycling and swimming the control process(such as working memory or planing) are more positively affected incomparison to other regions of the brain.Fitness/exercise are to of the same things, they both make your muscles strong and healthy for your body.

The reason we need exercise/fitness is easy because it has and gives you the smarts to get threw a rough  day and it builds you up to be lighter,faster and stronger than you average weight.

When doing anough exercise your body muscles become weker and this will turn affect on your bodys capacity to work efficently. The hart and lungs also gets weaker without exercise because the stronger they are the more blood will circulate though the body witch is a good thing.

Without exercise so many kiwis an  other people all over the world get a semtim called diabetes. Diabetes is a desease that you come across when you have a high leveled blood cirulation called blood suger. When people have to much sugar and don't do anything about it thy eat and eat and eat until their tummy is bigger than an elephant.To prevent this decease people need to do exercise whether its running,walking, cycling or swimming it helps make a difference.

When i'm at school, outside i hear people say"why do we have to do this" and "why do we have to that" and the answer is because your body needs exercise every day for as long as you live.

Technology Inquiry 2014 - Links To Prezi

Hannah - Desk/Storage building
BJ and Katie Scooter stand project 
Tristan - Cat feeder project
Olivia and Ashleigh - Laundry Basket project
Teia, Max and Fala - Book shelf project
Callahan - Garden repairing
David - X box storage
Ben - 
Zayne and Jahmiah -Book Shelf divider
Shannyn, Chloe and Shayal - Storage shelf
Eden - Room storage project
Viki - Storage unit for X Box
Gemma - Desk attached to storage cube
Gabe and Jaylen - Storage for clothes and books
Jani and Brooke - Under bed storage boxes
Amelia - Laundry basket project
Luke and Griffin - X box storage
Winiata - Storage for kids belongings

Tuesday, 25 March 2014



Exercise is a great way to meet people like you. Exercise keeps your heart beating and your blood pumping. There are a lot of different types of exercise such as: physical fitness, cardiovascular, stamina, etc.

Exercise helps refresh your brain. It clears all of your stress about work/school. It also let’s you work hard to achieve your goals. It is essential to go for a walk or a run each and every day. Biking is also a form of fitness [Along with skating, scootering, etc]. If you have a dog, take them for a walk at least every day. [It also helps you forget about how much homework you have to do].
It can also keep you healthier and happier. After a long workout, you’ll be happy about how much you’ve progressed.You will also be more relaxed  and you’ll have a long and peaceful sleep; you’ll also wake up feeling more refreshed and ready to start the day.

Being fit helps you live a longer life. You will find it easier to breathe, and you’ll be able to move around longer and all of the other people who didn’t exercise, will wish they did.

Exercise will not only increase your life expectancy, but will help you live a happy, fit life. Exercise is a great way to stay fit and meet new people!

Why we need exercise-Luke

Oh  he runs through the gap oh  he steps he tries.
Hi I'm here to talked to you about why we need exercise.

We need exercise to keep our body moving instead of just sitting on the couch watching TV. If you do exercise you'll be more active  then you were sitting on the couch.

If you repeat to do exercise every day you'll become fitter and fitter and fitter and you'll go a long way with your future you can be a rugby player you can be a athlete you can be anything you want.

here's five steps for keeping fit. Step one do ten to twenty pushups a day step two do ten to twenty sit ups a day step three do the plank for thirty seconds to one minute a day step four do ten to twenty super mans a day step five go for a jog every day.

Heres three steps of keeping healthy step one eat at least one piece of fruit every day step two eat your vegetables step three eat some protein\meat.

This should tell you to DO EXERCISE.

Gala 2014-Jahmiah

In 2014, more specifically March 22nd Reremoana school held the school Gala. The Galas raise money for school and the school supplies and/or trips. Last year we raised enough to get drainage for the soccer field since it was muddy and wet because of the rain.

My mum and I arrived at the gate and walked in. We got some funny money and headed straight for the   bake sale. There were a lot of attractions like the terminator, the cars that drive around the block, the raffle, the food stalls and all the others. When the gala started the first people I saw Callahan and Jaylen, drinking Coca-cola. There were a lot of people there that I pretty much knew and there were also people from the years before, the teachers and random strangers. (Which were probably families from students in the school).

People were helping out with thee stalls and rides. But there weren't enough parents to help so the year 7&8 students had to help with the gala because the parents (especially my parents) were not able to help with the gala.The galas are very fun and I have a lot of fun with the things there. You should really go to the next gala that is on.


 Here are some pictures of the junior school having fun if you want to come tomorrow ask your teacher!

How To Complete A Tile Mosaic Art Piece - (Gala Art

A tile mosaic is an easy 4-3 step by step process using tiles,glue, grout and careful planing to turn it into an art piece.

Planing- When planing you need to choose a design that you will use for your mosaic; then turn the tile over and draw/ trace the design you chose in pencil.After you draw in pencil  it is a good idea to go over it in vivid so when you place your tiles or glass on the board/ bigger tile you will be able to see when you have placed a tile to far.Practice drawing your patten on a refill and choose what colour tiles you would like to use.

Tiling- tiling is so much fun when you have some friends next to you because you always need some company weather its your friends of family.Tiling is a mix between smashing and sorting into little pieces because if the tiles are small the greater the art work looks.Another thing about tiling is that when you smash a tile always hold it down with your finger no matter how small or big it is you have to do it so you wont fling the tile everywhere.

Gluing- as i was sticking tiles on the board/ bigger tile my fingers started crackling and pealing because the glue was do hard that it dried in the next 10 mins.When you stick on a tile be sure to push hard on the tile so the glue will sick down and it will stay on for a longer period of time.

Grouting- After the glue has dried and the whole tile is covered you may then start grouting.Grouting is a tick paste that tilers use to cover gaps in between each tile to give the art a better felling and a better look.After the grout has dried witch would be in 10 mins or more you may then start washing the top layer of the tile. At the end you should start to see the bright colourful tiles.

When you have finished your tile art it would be ready to take home or on the wall next to your bedd but be careful because its heavy.

Why we need exercise

Do you know why we need exercise?Well instead of searching on the internet for hours I've written this explanation to help you save time, I have 3 reasons why everyone needs exercise. Did you know that exercise helps you loose weight, helps you get and stay fit and finally it is good for your health.

The first reason is why most people exercise. It helps you loose weight it is a proven fact that if you exercise 2 times everyday for a week you will loose at lease 0.5 kilos. I also believe this fact because 2 of my uncle both lost a lot of weight just from going to the gym. So if you want to loose a couple pounds hit the gym.

Do you want to get or stay fit? It is simple all you need to do to get or stay fit is go walking or running, but if you feel confident enough try doing a marathon, I have an aunty who goes on walks, runs and participates in marathons all the time. My Mum and Dad go for walks, even if you have a dog take the dog for a walk he/she    will have a lot of fun and so will you.

Exercise is very, very good for your health. When you exercise tend not to get as sick or become sick as often as the people that do exercise it is a common fact that exercise is good for your health.
So in conclusion exercise helps you if you have any weight problem, it helps you get or stay fit and it is really good for your health so exercise and it will help you have a happier life.

quilling artwork - amelia

                         how to do a quilling artwork

Quilling is a piece of artwork made only from paper the round  paper  is made form a tool sharp on one side ,the other with a small space to slip the paper in . some  artwork is full with quilling piece's with all shapes 'n' sizes  or isn't completely full,ether way its  a stylish piece of art .

to complete this artwork you need a quilling tool.A quilling tool is the shape of a pencil (but not as long and you don't draw with it) it comes in different coulers and has two point's on ether side . One  sharp very similar to a needle ,with the other point the same length  to the needle point but no way as sharp. To take place of that , there is a tiny space between the sides of metal (only small enough to fit a thin piece of cardboard in)  to slip the paper in (any coulor) and twirl it into a quilling piece .

to make a quilling circle you must have a quilling tool , also you must have  thin ,not to thick strips of paper you've cut or bought ,that you slip  into the non-sharp side of the quilling tool.Hold  the paper at one end and twirl the tool to make it into a round type figure. If you find ,you want he shape a little bigger ,you tap the top to loosen it.You need PVA glue (any glue will do) to stick down the shape to the design you picked 

the round circle shape isn't the only thing you can use in you art , your also able to quill a heart ,by getting a strip ,cutting about 1-2 cm of (depending on the length)  and folding  it in half, quilling  only the top bits on the sides facing each other  and shaping i into a heart . you can also make a swirly thing by doing only half the heart thing. Not all designs have to be done with plain round bits and it dosen't all have to be quilling .you can look at pictures on google 

hopefully  this helps you to make your quilling peice , this is a very nice peice of rt in my opinion and i think you should try it! 

Information report-jaylen

The Gala 2014

On the 22nd of march 2014 it was the amazing gala.There were heaps of fun things to do there thatwould be great for the whole family to enjoy.The gala was happening cause there was some funds that needed to be raised for the school and that could'nt happen strait away so thats why the gala happens every once a year.

In the first two hrs and a  half everyone was storming in through to get their gala money and man the lines were packed(Even old people were running in).After everyone got their gala money the kids just started to spend thair money on rides like they always do and the people went to the auction and the raffles and the middle aged people probably forgot to have lunch so they used their gala money for that.After about an hour a few families started to leave but there was still alot of people at the gala and the waft of food was going around and laughter aswell.That was the first 2 hrs and a half now for the second.

After the first 2hrs and a half everyone got a bit hungry so the food stalls were getting really packed with hungry customers .When everyone was eating there was the raffles being sold and one boys family kept getting prize after prize.That was the second 2hrs and a half now for the tidy up.

After the gala was finished me and Callahan were tidying up around the school just picking up rubbish.After we both got a box of american sausages and a can of coke and it was nice.After I finished me and my freind luke m was swimming in the water walkers pool and that really cooled me down.After that me and my mum went strait home after a fun and busy long day.

The gala in my opinian was fun and enjoyable for people and I hope that other people enjoyed it too espically families. 


Explanation writing - gala mosaics - Winiata

On the 22 ND of March 2014 was Reremoana school's gala. All year eight were making tile mosaics. They all ready finished their art work.

First step.
Choosing your size tile. There are only three choses to pick, small, middim, and large. After choosing your tile its time for your design. Th design can be anything of your chose. It can rather be something very detail, something you like, or something that describes you. when finish deciding a design draw the design with pencil on the tile.

Second step
Choosing your colour tiles. For the design choose what colours you need for you mosaic. when you done choosing Mr. Fourie (our teacher) will smash the tiles for you to use. Next Glue your tiles on  using enough glue so your tiles won't fall off. After that Mr Frouri made a special pasted called grout. Grout is used for the gaps after gluing all your tiles. Scoop some grout in the gaps but don't mind if its on the tiles. Because when finished wipe the tiles and it dry.

Final step
After its dry wipe it again  to make it clean. And its ready for the gala.

To make mosaics select your size tile and design. Draw design and glue on the tiles. Cover gaps withe grout and wipe it twice.

Quilling - By Victoria ™

Quilling- Gala art piece By Victoria

Quilling is an art piece that takes a long time to complete, it is also very annoying at times when everything sticks to your fingers. The tool that we use to quill is called a quilling tool, it has a very sharp side that we have to be careful not hurting anyone with, and a blunt side that we use to quill.

We only use the blunt side to quill. It has a little slit that we slide our piece of paper in to quill. When the paper is in, to quill  you twirl the quilling tool around and around till there is no more paper left to quill with.

To make this art, you have to come up with a design, perhaps maybe your name or your favourite hobby. I picked a quote off of google images, use it to find ideas.

You can make your twirling pieces different shapes and sizes, not all dull and circle. Pinching is the key to get all different types of unique twirls. Make some stand and fill in the back round for the effect.

When you finish, its should look very colourful and have the 3D effect. I would recommend you try quilling, and it doesn't cost much either. Quilling is really fun, but use P.V.A glue because normal glue sticks to much. Goodluck and may the fun quilling commence. 

The fun gala-By Eden

The fun gala

What a fun day.The 22 march 2014 was the Reremoana school.It started at 3:00 and finished at 7:00.There was raffles, Games, Bouncy castles and lots more.One thing that I wanted to know is how much money did they raise.

At the gala there was lots of store and games.There was the duck pound,plat smash,Chocolate tombola and lots more.At the gala me and Shannyn help out at the chocolate tombola. Here is a photo of me and Shannyn helping out.... When we were working at the chocolate tombola we filled up 2 hole ice cream containers. So I think that  the school has made lots of money.

By looking at the gala I think the chocolate tombola,water walkers,terminator,candy floss,sone cone was the most popular.The laster tag looked really cool but I didn't go on it.I think that the train was a good idea for the little kids they really enjoyed that what I saw.

After when I stopped working at the gala. I went for a wonder with Shannyn.And I said to Shannyn "wow this is really cool".So we had a turn at the terminated that was really funny.

So the end of the day it was really cool gala and I think that they are going to make a lot of money.I would like to thank the support team for making this day possible.