Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Advanced Food Technology Term 1- Gemma


It was a huge upset when the warriors lost to the bulldogs by 1 point.To see some highlights of the game go to this website 


Yesterday the Year 7/8's had our cupcake sale to fundraise for our camp at the end of the year at Lakewood Lodge. The most earned was $107.50 ; Gemma and Jorien, well done girls! The most popular sold was the ice cream sodas, rainbow jelly and fudge. We ended up raising over $800! I think it was very successful this year and I can't wait for our next sale!

Electronic's Technology 2014-Tristan


Blog Posts Rising-BJ

We now have had 3 594 blog views on our blog

super rugby update - Teia

This week in the super rugby round 9 they were all obvious picks and no major upsets at all. The Chiefs have moved up to third on the table and crusaders are slowly moving up the ladder.

Highlanders vs bulls 27 - 22 to Highlanders
Reds vs Brumbies 20 - 23 to Brumbies
Chiefs vs Rebels 22 - 16 to Chiefs
Force vs Waratahs 28 - 16 to Force
Cheetahs vs Crusaders 31 - 52 to Crusaders
Lions vs Sharks 12 - 25 to Sharks

Hard Materials-BJ
On Monday and Tuesday of week 9 a few students from rooms 6, 7 and 8 got the chance to be able to do technology. There where a few choices which were hard materials, soft materials, food technology and electronics.

First we got a booklet from Mr Munro and had to read through it. Once we read through that we had to read through all of the rule so that we did not have any body getting hurt. Once we had read through that we had to make up 4 more rules that we thought would be good. Then Mr Munro gave us 30 minutes to come up with 4 ideas and pick one of those to make.

After morning tea we had to have a go with the jig so that when we did our real thing we would not reck it. Once we had done that we had to get Mr Munro to print our stuff out then glue it onto the piece of MDF then cut the most of it out with the jig saw.

When you had finished cut the jig saw part of you use the scroll saw to get into the smaller cracks and parts of your picture.
At the end of he day this type of wood work is great fun to do during the school holidays if you have nothing to do.

Thanks to Mr Munro for these Pics!!!

How to use prezi as a presentation

Have you heard of prezi? If you haven't I will explain to you what prezi is and how to use it.

The first step is simple all you have to do is sign up. PP

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Cup Cake Sale

Tomorrow on Tuesday the 15th of April the kereru team are having a cupcake sale to raise money for our camp in term 4. There will be lots of different thing there like cupcakes, Ice cream cupcakes, Ginger bread men,Oreo cupcake, water malone cupcakes, lollipop cupcakes and much more so we encourage you to give your kid a few dollars so that we can pay of our camp fee.

My achievement - Amelia

      My achievement !!

 Today I achieved my goal of finishing the outside of school Orienteering  
I was quite happy because I had gotten much further then last year 
 (Last year I hadn't actually finished the course ) although it took me an 
 hour and a half  i had done it completed my goal with all the answers 
there not all correct but having the answers there was a goal complete !

I celebrated this with my teacher Mr Fourie and also Miss Fothergill 
They both were really proud of Me and that made me even more happy 
I would like to thank all the parent helpers out there to help me stay on the
 right track , I would also like to Thank Mr Fourie and Miss Fothergill .  
Thanks everyone :)

How to use Prezi - Amelia

        How to use Prezi as a presentation tool

Prezi is an internet site witch you are able to present your work on. All you need to sign up is your email (if you don't have one you can use someone else's with their permission ) and a password . When you first set up your prezi , you have to choose a template witch is the picture\back round  behind your prezi .  You are able to have more then one presentation on your account , Your  able  add photo's
\screen shots into your presentation as well . Unfortunately you have to be logged in to some sort of wifi or internet connection to work on prezi .

First of all when your setting up your prezi , you need to go to the website (an easy way to find find it is to search up prezi on google) . Once you've got onto the website you press make account to make a new account or if you've already got an account you sign in .To make an account you must have an email or use someone else's email with their permission, you also need to make a password for your account (Don't make it to hard for you to remember or to easy for someone els to guess) . After logging in you must press the box with writing inside saying -add new prezi- , then your prezi will come up ready for you to start  . Setting up is easy to do, I'm sure you won't find it too hard .

Once you've set up your prezi you need to you need to pick a back round or a template (as they like to call it) to show your work , something like world map,human cells, book trees, etc or you can search up your template . After picking the template you need to write in the squares (circles,boxes,etc) usually it already has writing there you just have to replace it, but if you want writing somewhere els you  just click on the spot you want the writing to be and it will come up . Also if you need another box or circle you need to click on the small plus (+) figure at the bottom of the page on the left hand side and you will get to pick the new piece of your prezi yourself . 

To add photos to your prezi you click the button at the top of the page saying -add image- Once it pops up  you find your USB (whatever your using) and drag the photo to wherever you want it to put it then let go if you want to edit the picture(make it bigger or smaller) you just click it also when you want  to move it you click it and drag it where it needs to be then let go of course 

That's how you use prezi for a presentation tool I hope it will help you when it's needed have fun using prezi i certainly do ! :)                                         

How to use Prezi as a presentation tool Jani :)


Prezi is a website everybody uses I'm our class. It is a website to present and do presentations on and we use it for our learning most of the time.

First of all there is one big thing Prezi needs INTERNET!!! When you want to start you need a account if you don't have one. If you login you press new Prezi then it will come up with all the different templates. When you have pressed on the template that you want you will be able to start your first Prezi.

When you have written what you wanted you press save in the top left corner. The you press exit and if you want to make any changes you just press edit and then just make the changes you want.                                                                                                                        .

If you want a subtitle just double click where you want to start writing. If you want to make your writing smaller or  bigger or you want to change the colour just highlight it and it will come up with this little bar and you change it the way you want to.

So Prezi can help you with any presentation it will be really easy to use once you get a account and done more thing go to www. Prezi. com.

how to use Prezi as a presentation tool - Teia

Prezi is a tool that helps you learn about technology and how to present your work in a whole new way  and make your very own work look extraordinary you'll be blown away at how awesome your work is and you will never use another tool again.

To get to prezi you will need to have access to a computer and to get a computer you need to go to noel leaming Then you look up then you will get this when you have got this click prezi presentation software.                                                                                                                  
                                       After it loads you will summon this

Then you click get started there you will find the pricing if you want you can pay for it with money or you can get it for free.
 then you start to put in you details your name, sir name, email and a password it doesn't necessarily have to be your real name or a real email it can just be made up.

This is one that is not real but still works. When you put in your details be sure to click term and conditions that you agree. Press sign up and then you can start your world of creativity and it all starts here.