Thursday, 29 May 2014

Soccer World Cup-David

Hey Guys! I hope all of you know that the fifa soccer world cup is starting and room 8 has a poster where you can come and make your picks on the games for the world cup.
So come into room 8 and see if you can win.
Also you will have to make your picks by the end of friday 30 may.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Multiplication and division word problems - Amelia

                      Multiplication problems : 

1. Grace had 62 shops in her mall, in each shop there were 24 items . How many items were there altogether ? 

2. Viki had 368 pictures in her picture gallery , she owned  52 art galleries . How many pictures dose she have ? 

3. Joshua has 23 glasses of water , each glass contains 1.2L of water . How many L's are there altogether ?

4. Jayde has 144 marbles in a bag , there are 28 bags . How many marbles does she have ?

          Division problems :       

1. Sarah had 6 boxes of shoes, there were 142 shoes altogether . How many shoes are in each box .

2. Ben had 164 drinks in boxes, there are 8 boxes . How many drinks are in each box

3. If there are  8 boxes of chocolate and there are 148 boxes altogether. How many chocolates are in each box ?

4. Sally has 7 bowls of fruit , there are 136 pieces of fruit altogether how many pieces of fruit are there in each bowl?



Series Of Arguments - Victoria ™

Firstly, competing against friends is extremely fun, specially when your winning and your component is getting angry. You can also play with friends in games, complete objectives and at the finale, explore what else xbox has to offer. (Youtube as such.)

Secondly, You can communicate to your friends and also make new ones. You can create parties then have convocations about what to play next. 

Thirdly, xbox is a electronic device that you can play, rain or shine your xbox is there for you to play on it. (When sports are cancelled.)

Word Problems - Multiplication & Division - Tristan


1. Bob owns an animal shelter with 6 cats. Each cat is a girl, and has 13 kittens. How many cats are there now? ( Adding on the 6 cats that were already there -_- )

2. Lucy has a collection of 26 teddy bears. Each teddy bear has 15 little bears that came in their package. How many little bears are there?

3. There is 30 coke cans. Each can has 7.295 Litres in it. How many Litres all together?

4. There is a bunch of mice in the wild life park. There are also 107 cats that wander around. If each cat catches 43 mice, and then there is none left, how many mice were there?


1. There is 252 Meters of wire. Builders need 6 Meters to make a low electric fence. How many fences can they make?

2. There is a box of chocolate that has 146 pieces of chocolate in it. It needs to be shared between 73 people. How many pieces of chocolate does each person get?

3. A wallet thief has stolen $120.40. Each person he stole from had $30.10. How many people has he stole from?

4. 2.1 million dollars is earned by selling a company's new game BOB. 210,000 people buy it. How much does the game cost? ( PS: The game is a horror game - Thats why its called BOB )

State Of Origin Game 1 - Max

Wednesday 28th May held an epic encounter between the New South Wales Blues and the Queensland  Maroons. Both epic state's a playing for everything Queensland on the serge to 9 series straight. And New South Wales looking to end the mighty streak. And last night they had a convincing performance beating the Maroons 12-8. Game two will be held in three weeks in ANZ Stadium...


Multiplication And Division Word Problems-BJ

1) If there are 68 boxes of coke and there is 340 cans of coke. How many cans of coke is in each box?
2)Bob the builder has 56 planks of wood and all of the planks of wood added together measures up to 123 metres. How long is each plank of wood?
3)Whini the pooh has 36 cans of honey and in each can there is 6 cans. How many cans are there altogether?
4)There are 300 powerades and there is 56 boxes. How many powerades is in each box?
5)There are 350 chairs in a box and the school gets 9 boxes. How many chairs do they have now?
6)The school has 36 laptops in a box and they get 36 boxes. How many laptops do they have now?
7)The company has made 45 whiteboards in a box and they order another 4 boxes. How many whiteboards do they have now?
8)Eden has 56 bottles of water and then shares them between 26 of her friends. How many does she have now?

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

series of arguments- Olivia

                                       ~Series Of Arguments~

Hanging out with your friends. The best part is you can do anything together. When ever you are bored and you have spare time on your hands, just text or call some of your friends to meet up with you. Because friends will keep you company no matter what. It's much better than staying inside all day and doing nothing. 

When also hanging out with your friends you can talk a lot. You can ramble on about something you wanted to say. You can complain about things with each other.

One of the things you can do is always go places with your friends. Go out for lunch, mall or even just relax at your house with them.

.Topic sentences 

persuasive writing series of arguments- Luke

Xbox360 is a game console played all around the world. On xbox live you can play online with friends and family there could be one person on one side of the world and another person on the other side and you could still play with each other online. On xbox you can play any game that is a xbox360 game. 

Every person that has a xbox360 has fun and if you get one I bet you will to. If a friend or someone you know has a xbox360 go try it out you'll have fun.

Xbox360 first came out on may the 12th two thousand and five it is a 7th generation game console developed by Microsoft corporation     
and is the successor of the original xbox, the original xbox was released on November the 

Series of events - Amelia

                                   Series of events

First, when hanging with your friends you always have company . It's nice to have someone by your side no mater what mood your in  (happy,sad,angry,disappointed).When hanging with your friends their always there no mater witch mood your in,they comfit you  when your sad and be happy with you when your happy.Its always nice to have company and never be alone , even at hard times . Lets face most of us talk a lot and its nice to have company to listen but its also nice to have someone to reply . Having a long chat and being the only one talking can be hard you have to constantly find something new to talk about ., when your friends are with you they'll finish the sentence  off for you .

Second,when hanging with your friends you don't have any rules. Yes i'll admit sports is fun but playing  and listening to rules isn't . When theres no rules your free to run wild (not literately) .You and your friends can do whatever you feel ,be free . to most kids and adults listening isn't very fun and is very annoying , Hanging with your friends doesn't in vole any listening to rules.

Last, When hanging with your friends you can be any age or person . an activity witch any person can play is good because the hole family can in vole in it . Heres what I mean , your friend can have a younger sister or brother that can be your younger sister or brothers friend . Your friend could have an older brother who could be your older brothers friend, He\she could have an older sister witch could be your older sisters friend . Of course your friend has parents that could be your parents friends. Two or three familys could connect like this witch is kinda cool. 


topic sentences 
 advanced punctuation

Persuasive Writing - Series Of Arguments - Tristan

On devices like tablets, you can install, or buy heaps of games, or easily communicate with people. Devices like these allow you to use the internet, or even e-mail, so you can talk to your friends. If you have an I-Pod/ I-Pad you can use face time ( sort of like Skype ) or messages ( texting ) to communicate with people. Some games you can download even have local and global chat menus. Allot of the time, in games where you can join a group, there will be a group chat menu. When it comes to getting apps, you can download free apps from different app stores. Although some apps cost money, usually 1-2 dollars, the occasional 4-5 dollars and rarely 10.

These type of devices also allow you to use youtube, and listen to music. You can plug in headphones, and listen to a song or watch a youtube video. You can also get apps that allow you to download songs and youtube videos, and watch them offline ( once you've downloaded the video you want ) You can also delete videos off apps like these, so you don't need to waste space every time you download a video. If you were going to go on a long car trip, download a bunch of videos to watch, plug in some headphones, then delete them after.

Finally, certain games that are available can be beneficial for your learning. You can get maths games, puzzles, crosswords, or games where you have to spell out a word, or fill in the missing gaps to make a word. Therefore, you can easily download free apps that can help with your learning.


Topic Sentences.

Advanced Puntuation.

Statement of opinion-Fala

Rugby is a great game to play because you will learn lots of skills and get fit.You can play it with your family that's why I like to play rugby in my free time.

Rugby is a great game to play with your friends because you will find new skills by playing rugby and you can get fit .

Rugby has always been the best sport for me because I had lots of fun and that I learn new skills and one day I might be the new best NRL player.

Persuasive Writing Series Of Arguments-BJ

Firstly, everyone who plays capture the flag will be able to have fun. Also anyone who want to play and does not know how to play or know the rules will be able to pick them up easily. The whole family can play this game. 

Secondly, you do not need much stuff to be able to play capture the flag because all you need is a few cones and as any friends and family that you think would like to play. Even someone that has never played before will be able to play this game.

Thirdly, capture the flag is good for people that do not like to run or even get really tired easily.

Blue: Topic Sentence
Red: Body

Series of arguments - Max

First of all Xbox is filled with billions of online gamers. You can do what ever you want if it's
playing first person shooters or racing car games. One of those billion people could be your friends and family who a looking to play with you. You will also make new friends online cause the world of Xbox is filled with a lot of weird people who a looking to be your friend. I play Xbox in my free time when it is raining or when I have free time

Secondly Xbox is really addictive. You could be spending hours upon hours looking at a screen. Once you pick up the controller you a basically sucked into a world filled of action packed fun and awesomeness. For me I can never seem to put the controller down the only way for me to put the controller down is to get
 a grolling from my dad.

Thirdly Xbox is amazing when it comes to free time its full of non stop action. Play with friends and family when it comes to long distance. Its addictive in many ways and fun to play on a rainy day or when you have spare time.

Persuasive writing - Series of Arguments - Callahan

(It would be a good idea to read my introduction before you read this)

Board games

Firstly board games teach resilience. Which is a very big part in any kids life. In many board games the winner is the person who comes back from behind. This is normally caused by extreme luck or people not being careful what cards they through out. With resilience any player can win. This will teach kids how staying resilient is an important thing.

Another great thing about board games is everyone has the same chance of Wining. Nobody likes losing, it stinks. Board games give everyone the same chance of winning no matter how old so even a person as good as e can lose to an eight year old.

Lastly board games are healthy. Study's have revealed that laughing is good for you. Believe me board games will make you laugh. As if you get the right game, some spaces can make you or your character do some really stupid and funny things. Which of course will make everyone laugh.

Topic Sentence

Division-Doubling and Doubling-Jaylen-Ben-Max

Hi guys, this is our video to solve a division problem with decimals. We discovered a new strategy called d and d ( doubling and doubling ).  Hope you found this useful and interesting and feel free to use it whenever you want to. PS: Even though Max wasn't in this video, he helped us create this question, so here's a big shout out and a thank you for Max

Persuasive writing - Series of argument - Winiata

First of all You can express your feelings ; Anger, sadness,  love,  and happiness. When angry art can clam you down. For example, splash different colours of paints on a canvas, or mess around with clay and make a stature.

Further more, art can be relaxing. Whether it is ; drawing, painting, or photography, art is something where you can relax. For painting,  image yourself  painting different coloured swirls, with a paint brush, and going with the movement.

Lastly, art is great to do in your spare time.  Art is something when you can do anything, NO RULES. Think about, art is best to do in your spare time ; you don't have a time limit, theres different kinds of art, and nothing is holding you back.

Series of arguments-David

Firstly, soccer is a more tactical and skill full game. You get great skills with your feet and playing makes you able to change direction quicker to get away from a defender.

Aswell as being quicker on your feet. Soccer gains you yet another skill, and thats reflexes. You gain great reflexes in soccer especially if your goalkeeper. Having to dive and block the ball from going in the goal give's you remarkibly good reflexes (reactions).

Thirdly, playing soccer is great for fitness. 90 minutes of pure running and sprinting gives you great exercise and makes you able to sprint harder for longer.

Lastly, soccer has a great enviroment for making friend's. Wether on the pitch or off, wether their in your team or not you are always guaranteed to find a new mate.

= Topic sentences

Statement of opinion-David

Soccer is the most played sport world around the world and has over 206 people playing around the globe, and I think it is the best game ever because not only do you get good skills with your feet, you get exercise and make new friends

Multiplication Problem Using Splitting factors - BJ, Ttristan

How To Solve A Whole Number Division Problem Using Known Facts - BJ, Gabe

Persuasive - Statement of opinion - Winiata

Art is good activity to do in your spare time. Art can be expressed in many different ways ; Painting, photography, or drawing. Some people expressed their feelings though art. Art is something you can relax.

Monday, 26 May 2014

[Statement of Position]~ Katie

Hanging out with your friends is always a great thing to do in your spare time. You'll make some very cherished memories with your best friends. The good thing is that if it rains, you can sit inside and have a movie marathon with loads of popcorn and lollies. Hanging out with your friends is a must-do for kids of all ages. So heres why you should ALWAYS hang out with your mates when you're bored!

Persuasive writing - Statement of position - Brooke:)

Netball is the best sport to play when you have the free time. Netball makes your brain work, makes it fun for everybody, can help you with other sports.

Statement of position ( Chloe mary )

! Hanging out with friends !

Socializing everyone needs to socialize 
, and by hanging out with your friends you pick up a good influence
 and you can have heaps of fun as well
 as getting to know each other better thats why 
my favorite thing to do is hang out with my friends.

Introduction (Statement of opinion) - Hannah

Netball is a good sport to participate in.

Netball is a great sport to participate in during the weekends.When you start playing netball or any type of sport it helps you make new friends, make your exercise level fly through the roof and studies have proven that is you play a sport you become smarter during school hours than you had before you played a sport like; Netball, soccer, cricket, rugby anything it will make your brain smarter.

Series Of Arguments

* This is your points of evidence.
* Each argument is stated and described in the order of importance.
* The arguments are ordered in paragraphs.
* Time and sequence connectives must be used.( First of all, furthermore, a further reason, last but not    least ect )
*Each paragraph include supporting information. ( Use words like because, therefore, as a result of, however, this shows)

Statement of opinion -Teia

World of tanks is the best game that you could ever play. Because it's easy to download And it only takes 1 hour and for it to download and you can have it for ever thats amazing you can also get loads of different tanks and you can get credits to buy you new tanks and gold thats the most important if you want to do well in world of tanks you will have hours and hours of fun fun fun and then you'll never go back.