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Joeys life part 6 - By Tristan and Gabe - Harry Potter

PREVIOUSLY on Joeys life ......... Joey found out how bad simulators can be if they come to life.

So after all of that crazy chaos I made the courageous decision to turn off my dead brother's Ipod. It was a big flash and when I could see properly again, everything was gone. Also $576 worth of baby food was gone from my wallet. Looks like i'll never buy that bicycle ( because at the moment I used my baby sisters push bike )

Thinking about it where is she? Anyway I'll find her eventually, so I  turned off my (dead) brothers Ipod and I got bored and turned on my PS3 hoping that zombies won't come out and completely eradicate me. I watched as the loading screen popped up. But this wasn't black ops. THIS WAS HARRY POTTER. Why was harry potter in my PS3? Then I saw my sister, sitting on the floor and laughing, pointing at the funny picture of Dolby that shows up on the front screen. " Merry " I said to my baby sister. You've just possibly brought terror into his wold. Of course she didn't care. But too my surprise nothing bad happened. So I figured i'd just play for awhile.


It was then when lightning struck my house. I looked around to see what had caused it when I heard a knock on my door. I opened it and there standing before me was.......... DumbleDoor. " Please let me in " He said. " No can do old man " I said. A few seconds later I was literally flying down my hall, smacked into the wall, face first, and the whole wall cracked and fell to the ground. The old guy from harry potter followed me down the hall. " Go away" I shouted at him. I will now summon the most horrifying creature in the world he said. I screamed as he worked his magic. Then I stopped mid scream as I saw Dolby standing over me. " You've got problems " I said to the wizard. " Medical condition " he replied simply. " So when is the part when a terrifying dragon from harry potter attacks" ? Joey asked. "Eh, around 7.25 seconds " .  I heard an earth shaking screech.. literally my baby sister screamed out eawth qwake!!! ( She said it just like that ) Then before I knew it I was being dragged towards the back door, my leg clamped in the jaws of a dragon....

Thursday, 26 June 2014

What I would like to change about Reremoana School

Many students have been at Reremoana School for over more than 4 years, but with that comes new students, and more little kids. Many of the year 7&8 students have a few good ideas about what the school could change, such as … The year 7&8’s getting their own toilets/court, everyone getting better sports opportunities and an athletics track, along with bringing your own learning devices.

The toilets and courts at our school at the moment are very crowded. It would be better for the seniors to have their own toilets so the younger kids won’t pee all over the floor and make the bathrooms messy. Also I think that the seniors should also get their own court so they have more space, and also so the younger children don’t get hurt/run into.

Sport is also a big thing in Reremoana School, but I think there should be more out of school weekend sports teams, even though we have the netball I think we should have either a  soccer or cricket weekend team out of school. Also during fitness time the running track is all bumpy so we should get an athletics track around the outside of the main field.

A device option has came up to buy google chrome books, but many people think that if we have our own devices we should bring them in instead of buying new ones, which in my opinion is true so families can save money, it’s also easier for the students because they already know how to use the device.

So in my opinion these are the things that we should change at Reremoana school, so then everybody will be happy, so the older kids can bring in their own devices as well as having a school athletics track and so the year 7&8’s can have their own toilet area away from all of the younger school children. I hope these ideas get put into consideration for the future.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

My Photography Trial - Chloe-Mary

My Photography Trial

Well ok photography sounds boring ha…... well only when you look at it this taking photos of boring plants , people , pets etc …. but to me photography is art its a passion , a talent .To me photography is looking at for example nature for instance nature has a side that may look boring but when a good photographer ( Miss Fothergill ) looks at nature in a different perspective it becomes amazing you see a side of nature that you probably havent seen with your own eyes but because a good photographer has seen an image in there mind of the different angles it completely changes your view of the image.

My photography experience started last year at photography technology. Miss Fothergill taught us ( Year 7 & 8 students ) about taking photos on different angles  and looking at an object with a different perspective. Firstly i picked a bush / plant at school i tried to see the different ways i could take the photos of the plant and this is what it came out like …..

As a beginner photographer i personally look up to Miss Fothergill ( Deputy principal at Reremoana School ) Miss Fothergill taught me to see the other side of things ( which is a skill you need to succeed in photography )

I have started to take passion in photography and i have chosen my baby brother as the main figure of my photos. One morning before school i was mucking around on our family ipad taking photos of Jayden ( my baby brother ) i took a really good photo that my Mum got printed onto a few canvas and now hangs in Mums room and has been sent out as a gift. And i take alot of other photos of Jayden.

On Friday the 13 was a full moon but not just any full moon the next time there will be a full moon on friday the 13 is in 49 years woah thats pretty amazing so i decided to take some photos. My favourite one had the full moon stars and a blue orb i was so proud i have listed some of my photography below ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓

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7000 VIEWS AREADY !!!!!!! :)

Over 6900 page views!! - Brooke :)

Over 6900 views!!! Almost 7000!!!!!!! :)

The weekend in Papamoa- Gemma

The Weekend In Papamoa

We left at night, travelling through wind and rain for 2 hours and 30 minutes to get the beautiful Papamoa. My friends (Shalee and Katelyn) and their Mum and Dad (Kathy and Lloyd) decided to take me along to stay at their Poppas place for the long weekend. When we arrived, we set up our mattresses and went to sleep straight away.

It was a cold morning and Kathy asked for us to go down to the dairy to get things for breakfast. The sun was out, there were hardly and clouds in the sky but we were all freezing! For breakfast we had toast with various spreads to choose from. Our day was planned out. We decided we would: go to a shop called Bin Inn to get some ingredients for their Poppa's bread machine, walk up Mount Maunganui, go to the best ice cream shop in town and go to the wave pools. Binn Inn is now officially my favourite shop. In the shop they had a miscellany of delicious sweets and we didn't back-off on the amount we bought. Next we walked up Mount Maunganui. Looking up at the mountain you could see it was towering above anything else in Papamoa. It was tiring, but worth the walk when we reached the  summit. It was a beautiful sight! You could see for miles! After the walk up and down the Mount we certainly deserved an ice cream. They were definitely right; the ice creams at this store were top of the range. Your ice cream came in a waffle cone and you could choose 1 1/2 scoops of your choice. Following the tasty ice creams, we headed for the local wave pools. It was great to relax our bodies from the walk and have some fun in the water. Once the waves started I was very taken back on how humungous they were. That night Shalee, Katelyn and I cooked dinner. We made macaroni and cheese with a ceaser salad followed by a chocolate steamed pudding. It was mouth watering! Sleep didn't come as easily as the first night because we kept eating the lollies we got from Binn Inn!

The next day the twins and I got the chance to spend some time down at the beach. We weren't planning on swimming but we were very close to it! Running away from the waves turned into us splashing eachother. Our shorts were drenched and the water was bitterly cold but we were laughing and having a great time. When our lips turned blue, we decided that it was time to head back to the house. We packed our backs and got ready to head back to Auckland. 

It was hard to leave Papamoa but I'm sure we'll go back again. I had an awesome time with the Robinsons and it is a long weekend not to forget!

Joeys life part 5 - Tristan & Gabe - SIMULATORS

Previously on Joeys life, Joeys mum biked down the road like a psychopath............................................................................................

My mums baby simulator had come to life. ( At the end of last chapter ) The black ops thingers had taken their fight else were *cough* I lead them to my neighbours house *cough* But now I had a baby simulator COME TO LIFE. Along with train simulator, T-rex simulator, dragon simulator, but worst of all... GOAT SIMULATOR. Lately ( In the last 10 minutes ) Babies had been crying their eyes off, the T-rex had gotten rid of our rat problem, the dragon...... Well lets just say my house was nothing but a flaming fortress right now. And as for the goat... There were holes in about 30 of the houses walls along my street. Also, I had around three broken ribs. Also a fractured arm, three broken fingers, and I had a sore head. I also felt all dizzy, but my mum said if anything hurt my head id be absolutely fine due to my thick skull. She is so nice to me. ( His mum wasn't saying it just to tease him ) Finally, the streets had turned into a railroad. TRAINS EVERYWHERE. Luckily only 27 had crashed in the la - 28 had crashed in the last 2 minutes. Which isn't too bad, whenever I play it all 50 trains are gone in 30 seconds. I even liginimently timed myself. And just to clarify why my mum has a baby simulator.... She made many mistakes with me... If she ever has another child she doesn't want to be the countries most wanted fugitive on a run for an entire year again, all because she let me use a lighter in the bush, and was accused for an entire forest burning down. Yet again when she proved her innocence I spent my baby - toddler hood in prison. But thats another story that I like to think didn't happen. MOVING ON FROM THE FLASH BACK PLEASE. So basically I spent hours avoiding crazed goats, dinosaurs and dragons, feeding babies, and watching trains de-rail themselves. Plus the noise from my neighbour's house was horrifying. Hey why are you still here? Come on move along.

Jani and Victoria's Maths Poster - Perimeter ™

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Joeys life part 4 - Tristan & Gabe - This is why you should never do violent video games kids!!!

Previously on Joeys life, A high spped police pursuit has taken play after the minecraft character comes to life and steals their car. The police eventually catch him but the minecraft character turns to creative mode and flys away peacefully and majestically.      

Joey went to play on his PS3. He wanted to distract himself, think that the minecraft character was all a dream. The screen was unusually glowing. He reached for his remote to un pause the game ( Black-Ops Zombies ) When something horrifying happened. THE ZOMBIES AND SOLDIORS WERE REAL.
The television exploded into green and black light, and zombies started climbing - yes climbing out of the screen, like it was the top of a hatch. Soldiors barrel rolled through the screen within seconds. Instantly the house erupted into chaos. Gunshots rang out through the ouse, and screechs echoed from the zombies. Plus, these guys aiming was terrible. Flower pots smashed, the TV was turned into scrap metal, and the wall paper had so many rips and tears that it was falling off the walls. I didn't know what to do, so I grabbed a panic safety guid id drawn when I was a little younger. It was just a picture of me and my family screaming. So I did what was right...... " AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH " I screamed at the top of my voice. I was about to call for my mum when I looked out the window. My mum was peddalling down the street on my BMX like a pyscopath. Around 3 zombies were chasing her, and a fat over weight soldior lumbered, panting behind. I also noticed a giant lump on my mums forhead. Oops, I thought. So now I had one choice. My house was totalled, I was backed up in a corner, with soldiors and zombies, and finally I was hypervenalating. So I grabbed a pillow, stood up and charged through the kitchen and - SPLAT!!! DARN IT I SLIPPED ON BABY FOOD. Wait... theres no baby's in this house...

Joeys life Chapter 3 - Gabe & Tristan - The chase (also why you shouldn't play minecraft)

Previously on Joeys life he was last seen with his mouth gaping wide open when a minecraft character sang to him ...."when you wish upon a star.....LOOK OVER THERE WHILE I STEAL YOUR CAR! With that the minecraft character went speeding down the road.

"just in breaking news there is a high speed police chase going down the main road there are twelve police cars in pursuit.Now over to Arnold swhchngger with the weather","thank you Jonathan it's going to rain.

Back at the police pursuit "ah captain what is that" "ah I don't know just shoot at it" KAPOW PEW PEW PEW,PEW,PEW "WAIT don't shoot it has something in its hand it's a block shape thing" sorry sir what wa BOOOOOOOOOOOM It turns out some doofis cop shot the strange block that happened to be TNT and yes it was all in capital letters so you think it would be visible.It just so  happened that BATMAN! was near by so he cornered him then he was just about like I mean just about like 3 millimeters away then he majestically changed into creative mode and flew away majestically.

                   THE END (only for this chapter any way)  

Joeys life part 2 - Tristan & Gabe - Minecraft

Previously on Joeys life.... Jefry died, and Joey dreamed about a muffin that wanted to die, and Joey thinks the muffin was an omen. 

Joey was having the same dream again. But this time, he kicked the muffin ten yards away with his hands behind his back lumbering miserably. I could still remember the day when Jefry was struck by lightning, stumbled onto the road and got hit by a school bus."JOEY WAKE UP" Joey screamed and reached out, ending out punching his mum in the head. "Sorry mum" he said. Its that darn muffin again. "Remember honey" she said "If you ever see that muffin again, dream that your holding an AK-47". "Your the best mum ever" Joey said gratefully. "Oh and your grounded for two months for punching me in the head, now if you'll excuse me i'm about to pass out as this is excrutiatingly painful". And with that she was out cold.

Around two hours later Joey was strolling along thinking about his brother when he saw Jefrys I-Pod lyeing on the ground. He picked it up and turned it on. The game minecraft was on the screen. Tears went down my face when I thought about how much my brother liked minecraft. I clicked play then something amazing happened. Standing before me was a minecraft character, holding a nether star. He threw the star beside me and sang in a high pitched opera voice. "When you wish upon a star... look over there while I STEAL OUR CAR." And with that it picked up the star, and ran to the garage. I stood there, mouth gaping as I heard the cars engine reving, and the motor zooming off. My mouth was wide open and I stood there in shock. Not just from the living game character, but that singing was HORRID.

Joeys life part one - Gabe and Tristan mister muffin

"Hey Joey you want to eat me?" "no thanks mister muffin"
"I want to die" Joey wake up Joey wake up JOEY WAKE UP!  "what hey Jefry you woke me up on my very scary intimidating muffin dream","yah your welcome come on we are late.This was Joeys life he and his brother were just ordinary 14 year olds,when it......happened Jefry was just walking home from the Cossey club in a storm I might add he pulls out his umbrella and puts it up high then lighting strikes then he stumbles on to the road and gets killed by a speeding school bus and that was the end of him.


Me ( Tristan ) and Gabe will be working on a new series ' Joeys life ' Without giving away to much we will be releasing different parts/ chapters under each other labels. We hope to make this series reasonably long PS: This series will be the coolest; wierdest series ever. Low level violance will be included totally not lightning strikes and getting hit by a high speed school bus or the simple punch to the face ' hint hint '

NOTE: We are not crazy we just like comedy themed writing :D

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Over 6 700 views - Brooke

We have over 6 700 views on our blog YAY! :)

Everythings getting technical


google docs-jaylen

We now have access to the blog under our names and now writing on the blog will be a whole lot easier


Every member of the class is super excited about new e-mails. Now we won't be posting under 'student', we will post using our own e-mails. ( Check where it says who posted and it should say Tristan not Student ) :D
The evidence!!!

The formula for Volume By Gabriel and Jaylen

Area Of A Trepezium

Area of a parallelogram

Finding the area of a triangle- Jorien and Gemma :)

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Reremoana school anthem

Our school began in two thousand six
Together we all made quite a mix
Our name means waters to the sea
And so begins our history

We are Reremoana School
Doing good is good to do
We give our all in all we do
We also help outside the school
We love to learn and love to play
And have great fun along the way

Stop, think act is the traffic light
A learning model  the shape of a kite
Pushing ourselves to amazing heights
We do it 'cause we know it's right

Opportunities come our way
We basically have one in every day
Leading, learning and sporting too
I learn from them so do you.

Hannah and Chloes the Circumference of a Circle

Speech - Hannah

Why Competitive Sports should be Beneficial For Children?
If someone asked you if putting your child in a competitive sport beneficial for them? what would you do? would you agree or choose not to well Some people believe competitive sports to have a negative impact on children. It’s hard on their bodies, they tend to put sports before education, and it puts a great deal of pressure on the child to win and if not it can lower the child’s self- esteem. Yes, like everything in life, it has its negatives, but its positives outweigh its negatives by a numerous amount. Competitive sports help children not only physically but mentally and emotionally. Sports can have a great impact on a child’s life and can help them grow not only as an athlete, but as a person.
Growing up playing sports you meet many new and different people, which helps you learn how to adapt and get to know new people more quickly. Playing competitive sports, you meet people with the same interests and you can develop long lasting friendships. Children learn to participate as a team not just as an individual; this will be needed throughout someone’s life through jobs, relationships, and much more. Character and integrity are associated with competitive sports. These two characteristics are not built through competitive sports, but are revealed in a competition. The hope is that you learn to do the right thing and make the right choices, which is character and integrity at its finest.
“Competitive athletes are consistently involved in situations where they are challenged. This not only occurs on the competitive field of play but in the practice gym as well. When this happens, their level of perseverance and determination will be tested. The hope is that they become stronger within over time” . They also learn discipline, how to set goals and how to achieve those goals. “Kids involved in sports are less likes to take drugs or smoke because they realize the impacts that these destructive activities can have upon their performance.
To complete letting children play competitive sports will increase their learning, people skills and can help them become a great athlete and if you where to start remember to start with a smile on you face and a skip in your walk.

Eden & Brooke's area of a square :)

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Over 6,500 Page Views

In room 8 we have had over 6,500 pages views which pretty good because we are only half way through the year!!!

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Why you should live in wattle downs - Griffin

Why you should live in wattle downs

I think that people should live in wattle downs because there are a whole variety of fun things to do.Like playgrounds,nice people and a nice school called reremoana.

First:I think that more people should live in wattle downs because we have two awesome playgrounds for kids and families to play on.Both of these awesome playgrounds have a hole lot of fun things to climb and run on during the weekends. This will keep kids and families
entertained also there is a playground next to the beach with a inspiring view of the water.

second:I think that more people should live in wattle downs because we have nice friendly people that will help when you are lost or having trouble with something. Without the kind and helpful people wattle downs would not be a nice place. That is why I think that more people should live or visit wattle downs.

last:I think that more people should live in wattle downs because we our community provides a perfect school for all the children that live in wattle downs. Our school name is reremoana I enjoy the learning that our school provides and think that everyone will enjoy learning at reremoana school.

I hope that I have persuaded you that more people should live in wattle downs.  

What I would like to change in Reremoana ™

Reremoana School is a great school, but with every great school there is still space to improve. We will improve by adding new things that students will take advantage of and make significant use of it .Senior toilets, as such, Seniors like their own clean toilets, away from little youngsters peaking under the doors. Different games, Us seniors despise hurting minors by banging into them while we’re sprinting with the ball. Last but not least, BYOD (I think its ridiculous how we have to buy a google chrome book, but thats just my perspective).

To start off, Drenched floors, Unpleasant nastys left in the toilet, soap EVERYWHERE! Little kids do not know how to treat toilets! Us seniors should have our own neat, clean, private toilets. (Little kids believe its hilarious looking under the doors while we doing our occupation.)

Futher more, Big seniors playing rugby, netball, soccer running at full speed then... BANG! A minor goes flying to the other side of the field. Us seniors don’t mean any harm to little youngsters but when they run in our way theres not much we can do. Im not asking for something big i’m just asking for different sides of the field, one for us seniors to play on then the other for the littler ones.

Finally, BOYD. When I heard the staff were going to add BOYD to our school program, I got extremely excited, but when they broke the news to me that instead of actually bringing our own device we had to buy new chromebooks my mind went blank! My parents brought me an Ipad and i’m not expecting them to buy me a chromebook too! We definitely need to improve that!

Overall, Thinking about this not only will it improve our school, we will take advantage of it mentally and physically. It will put our tiny students out of harms way and help our older students by not feeling horrible after hurting the kids.  

What to change at Reremoana school - Hannah

What I would  like to see differently at Reremoana school.

To me Reremoana is the best primary and intermediate i have ever been or heard of. Every

morning when i wake up i enjoy going to school because in my eyes Its the best school in the entire world.This year Reremoana started the idea of bringing your own devices and when they mean devices they mean chromebooks. For people who are soon leaving the school its not fair, students should be able to bring more than just crone books but things like; iPads, iPods, Laptops etc. but instead this is what we're meant to bring instead.

At the start i was excited to have a new change but that soon changed when i heard that the only device we were allowed to bring was a chromebook that was created by Google.Although students have already brought new IPads for this year they choose stay to their plan of chromebooks. No one expects the parents to buy new devices now that they brought new IPads for their children.  For students in the 8th grade its not fair, we have worked hard and wanted this for years but this is the year that we have chosen to start. Imagine that its your last year then all of a sudden we’re no longer allowed to bring in other devices except the dull, old chromebooks.

In Room 8 all students agree with me that we should be allowed to bring either an iPad, iPod or Laptop to school for our work during class and lunch times. At high school students aren't meant to have chromebooks so its just another waste of money down the drain my parents say.

After the last meeting the school had, my mother decided not to let me participate with the other kids due to the amount of money that we have to spend this year. As i said earlier Reremoana school is the greatest but by adding only chromebooks to the programme is just too much money when we have already brought an fresh new IPad that was intended for that purpose.

what we need to change-persuasive-Ben

What we should change at Reremoana School

Reremoana most of the time is a brilliant school, but there is still flaws and here is 3 things that i’d like to change.  A lot of my changes are about space for the Kereru team at our school, because at our age we need privacy and to be left alone. And also not be bugged by little kids all the time.

First off, the toilets.  The toilets are a serious problem because little kids are always using our one’s, when they’ve got perfectly good toilets themselves.  In fact they’ve probably got the most cleanest and best toilets in the whole school, so I honestly have no idea ( whatsoever ) why they would be interested in out toilets.  Of course I understand if you’ve got to go you’ve got to go, but seriously can’t they just hold it in for another 20 steps.

Another issue that I have is our eating spaces, when we’re eating we just want to sit down eat, eat and chat.  Not be disturbed by little kids all the time, running around, screaming their heads off.  

My last complaint is the courts, whenever my friends and I play Basketball, one of us always ends up knocking someone over and they will get hurt.  Now this isn’t our fault, we are playing a game, they should watch where they’re going.  So this is obviously bad for the big kids, because we might get in trouble for injuring the little kids.

So all of these reasons might sound like i’m picking on the little kids, but it’s not like that.  I’m just saying big kids and little kids, should have separate areas in the school for safety.

Persaude writing-Shayal

What I would change at reremoana school!!!!!
Some people have been here at reremoana school for about 2 to 8 years for most of the time that some of us have been here we have be promised by teacher that they were going to go talk to the other teachers or principal about something that we would like to change at school. We always hope that a change will happen but it never does. We ask and ask teachers about it but it never happens. Well in my opinion i think that there should be something done about students suggestions and a way to do that is by having a place where only year 7 and 8’s can go ,having a high school at reremoana school (reremoana high school) and changing the bring your own device.

Letting the year 7 and 8’s have there own part of the school like their own bathrooms and part of the school like the court and other parts because the little kids always get hurt because some older students play sport that can get a little ruff. Sometimes the older student hurt the little kids because they are always running around the courts or the soccer field. And when the older students hurt the younger students they starts to be problems.

Next if there was a high school at reremoana school it would be better there will be more students coming to this school and if there is high school it would be easier to go to school for the kids that have been coming to this school for a some time now. And it will be good for the kids that live around the area. It will also have students that have already gone to this school and know all the rules and things about the school.

Lastly if the bring your own device changes so that you can bring more then just bring  google chromebook because some of the students do not have a google chromebook but they have ipads, ipods, tablets and many other thing and if it the last year for the year 8 students most student will not want to buy new google chromebook and then at their next school (high school) they might not have to take that device to there new school (high school). And for the kids that already have google chromebooks they could bring that in as well.

In conclusion if we change the things have told you that most of the students will be relieved that things are getting changed. Again the reasons year 7 and 8 students should have there own space, reremoana should have a high school and we should be able to bring in more than just google chromebooks.

Persaude what we should change about reremoana - Teia

What we should change about Reremoana school

At Reremoana school there are problems that room 8 would like to make to make life easier and more fun for us but nothing ever gets done about it so we are going to try again until something is done like the toilets we want them to be clean and we want to bring contact sports in to our school and want to be able to bring our own devices to school.

First of all, We want to be able to bring our own devices in school so we don’t have to by chrome books when our mum and dad don’t have any money so we should be able to to bring our own devices to school and why should we have to buy a chrome book our devices will work just as well.

Secondly, I would also like to change the rule about no contact sports in Reremoana i think that we should have contact sport for only the year 7 & 8's but to play we will have to bring a mouth guard and spare clothes so we don’t ruin our school uniform and no high tackles. And it will be supervised by a teacher and we will have lots of fun because i know a lot of people that want contact sports in this school.

Finale, I would like there to be a change in the toilets because we are disgusted about how much urine is on the ground when we go to the toilet and we would like all the teams to have toilets for each team and we don’t want the little kids coming in to to our toilets and peeing all over the floor and us having to step in it.

In conclusion i think that we should make a change in this school and make life easier for everyone in the Kereru team so can you please make a change in this school.

What I Would like Changed at Reremoana School

This writing piece shows what I would like changed at reremoana school. There are many things I want. But I am only going to write the three best. These are the three, we need a; cricket  pitch, an assigned place that only year 7 and 8s can go and finally be able to bring in Ipads.

Reremoana school needs a cricket pitch. We have a big gap in between our rugby field and courts in which a cricket pitch would easily fit in. having a cricket pitch would help us with our sports that our school is so well known for.

Another thing we need is a place that only year 7 and 8s can go into. There are a lot of complaints about bigger kids running into little kids as when the big kids are playing little kids are walking straight through there game and getting into the way. The year 7 and 8 only place would end all of these types of accidents.

We also need to be able to bring in Ipads as our school is moving towards a technology reliant school. But we are only aloud to bring in google chromes. But there is a problem as they are expensive and not all people have them. So being able to bring in Ipads will help as most people already have them.

So thats it we need a cricket pitch, a place only year 7 and 8s can go and last of all we should be able to bring in our Ipads. I hope you consider our ideas.
 A change in Reremoana school

In Reremoana School there should be a separate area for little children and one area where the big kids can hang out.

One of the reasons why children should be separated is because when the older kids are playing sports, one of the little kids get in the way and guess what happens to that little kid?  Slam!  They get knocked over and the person that’s on the ground starts crying.  Tears brings teachers to the scene and the person that accidently knocked them over get’s into trouble when it wasn’t that person’s fault in the first place.

My second reason why we should have a separate area for senior children is we are getting to the high school age.  We need to get comfortable hanging out with children our age.  

If we have our own area we can carry on with our work at lunch time if we want to.  We can find our friends easily if we needed their help, instead of searching the whole school.

Conclusion: In Reremoana school they should have a building where they can be separate so we can feel that we are the older kids instead of blending in with the younger kids.

What I would like to change or improve at Reremoana school

Here in Reremoana school we have a few things some of us would like to change or improve just for example the seniors would like a area just for the year 6 - 8. There are a few things we would like to change or improve and I would like to change the canteen food, improve the walkway by the gates on the fields and improve the hall by having a bigger one.

Including myself I would personally try and change or improve the canteen food because it is a bit unhealthy and most people have lunch orders in our school most of the time and all they gain is fat and that doesn’t sound that good. It is a big problem to some of us if you’re in the fitness group and you will probably struggle until you’re fit again.

From my point of view I would make a big change by the gates. Its a big problem when it rains because then it gets all muddy and theres always a big puddle of water and little kids that walk home they usually play in the puddle and mud. The change I would make is by putting a cement walkway so its never that muddy again and so its a easier way to get to school and home.

When I was at my old we always had a production at another school because our hall was too small. I think we should have the same at our school . The improvement I would like to make is the hall I would like a bigger hall and better sound equipment/ spot lights and things like that. Thats really what I want to improve in our school I want to do a production in our school for once.

Here in Reremoana school there are a couple things I  would like to change or improve and as you can see I have listed them on top and I hope they will be changed or improved in our school.              

Fifa world cup Day 1 - Callahan, David and Max

Fifa World cup 2014 day one

The Fifa World cup kicked of this morning as host and favourites Brazil hosted Croatia winning 3-1 sending a message to the other teams.