Thursday, 31 July 2014

Link for country information- Shayal

I found a link while doing my Inquiry. It tells you about different countries. If you want to check it out click here :)

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Technology writing - Brooke:)

Why I think you should choose food technology.

Food technology was so fun! I thought it was going to hard as, but really I had to wait and see. Choosing food technology was a great choice and Of course i’m going to do it again. You don’t need any skill to cook, but during the time we had  to cook you learn a few things , such as what you'll need to do before you start, What you do before you start.  As well as learning, you also have so much fun. Working with a buddie is so cool too. I worked with Jani! After having the class you could cook for mum and dad? Well thats what I did.

So you think to yourself ‘ now I need skills to be in this cooking class’. Well really you don’t, YOU NEED NO SKILLS!!! You learn all your skills on the journey cooking with Mrs Bailey. I really don’t want to spoil it … Oh who cares i’ll tell ya!
  • You all obviously you now that you should always clean your hands before you start cooking
  • Girls to have your hair tie up .. But actually you need your hair in a hair net.
  • If you have a cut on your finger you need to have a different colour plaster to the food such as BLUE!
  • If you have a cough you need to Put your arm over you're mouth and turn away from the food.

Do you know what the best part of cooking is? Well I get you're all to dumb to know only Jani and I know (HEHE) It’s to eat the food! YUMMY IN MY TUMMY! As well as eating the food you bake you also have fun making the food too! Working in buddies.

At the end of cooking and cleaning up we have a little quiz that’s quite fun and you learn new things. And yes I know we do have to clean up, but to be honest it is pretty fun! After the quiz has finished we do our evaluation and I guess thats the end of the day and also it’s the end of the food technology too!

So I think you should choose food technology as one of your choices for next year. You will learn a lot, and also have so much fun! So choose FOOD TECH!!! Ps. I really want to do it next year! :)

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Why You Should Choose Electronics Next Year?

Next year when you get to choose what you are going to do for technology  you should choose electronics. And these three reasons are why I think that you should pick electronics next year, 1) One reason you should pick electronics is that it could be your carrier”, 2) You should pick electronics because you will be able to fix electronic thing that break at home, 3) If you pick this you might even be able run your own business when you are older and grown up”.

1)One reason you should pick electronics is that it could be your carrier”
If you were to take up electronics you could end up having a job when you are grown up or you could even have your own business if you can afford.

2) You should pick electronics because you will be able to fix electronic thing that break at home. Normally at your house whether it is a heater, computer, ipad, ipod toaster, clock. or even a TV most of them run on electricity. So that means that if you take electronics up you will be able to maybe have a go at fixing them instead of having to go out a buy a brand new item because sometimes they can be quite expensive.

3) If you pick this you might even be able run your own business when you are older and grown up”. When you are older and you can fix all these things as well as teach electronics you might even be able to run your own business. Or if you cannot do that you can maybe teach at university for people that want to know how electronics works.

So when you do electronics next year think of these three questions: 1) One reason you should pick electronics is that it could be your carrier”, 2) You should pick electronics because you will be able to fix electronic thing that break at home, 3) If you pick this you might even be able run your own business when you are older and grown up”.

Cooking! ™


      In week 7 of term 2, Around 12-14 students took place in the technology cooking with Mrs Bailey, And I was one of those students who experience what cooking has to offer.I mostly chose cooking because I could make free food, (And who wouldn’t want free food!?) but after the actual cooking session i’m now inlove with cooking and I would love to do it again!
We learnt a lot of important things while cooking, Like never wash chicken in a sink therefore it would make the produce with more bacteria attach, Wear blue plasters therefore if it comes off you will find it (There is no food that is blue.) And a lot more useful things.
We made three delicious meals ;Potato bake; Rissoles and chocolate self-saucing pudding. I never knew how yummy these meals could’ve been until I took a spoonful and felt it melt in my mouth.

I would like to thank Mrs Harland for letting us cook, (And use all the supplies) My partner Natalie Eng (Main chef), And Mrs Bailey for teaching us from washing our hands all the way to helping us when putting our dishes in the dishwasher.

Persausive writing - winiata

Video photography

Video photograph is a fun, and great subject to do in technology. Video photography or videography is basically making movies that contains a large range of different shots and angles of perspective. In this activity I learned the different shots and angles, Tracking and panning, and editing.

First of all, We learned the different shots; close , medium, wide, extreme close up, and extreme wide.  Medium shots is when the character is talking or doing something. Wide and extreme wide is when to set the scene. Close up and extreme close up is when the character showing expressions or emotions.
Angles from different perspective is very important. It’s better than taking a large amount of shots for one scene, than one long shot.

Next, We learned about tracking and panning. Tracking is when the camera is following the character or actor. In movies they use tracks, so it will be smooth and not shaky. Panning is when the camera is following the actor, but the camera is in the same place.

Lastly, After filming we needed the edit. When editing make sure about trimming the video, effects, colour, sound effects, and music. By using imovie same film is in slow motion, sound effects, and different colours.

When doing video photography always use different shots, Tracking and panning, and editing. Video photography is fun, and a great technology subject. If you do video photography you will gain skills and have fun along the way.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Technology Writing- Videography Term 2- Gemma

Choose Videography, It’s Awesome!

This term, I took Videography (Video Photography) for technology. Videography is basically the art of making movies. I learnt a numerous amount of skills such as: filming techniques, acting skills and editing processes. Learning videography can lead to: hobbies, occupations and extreme fun!

To start off, if you choose Videography you will learn an abundance of camera techniques. These all can lead to jobs in the future. There are various camera shots and scenes, in particular the: pan (keeping the camera in the same spot but turning it left and right), track (either following something/someone or moving in a 360 turn around something/someone), tilt (tilting up/down to show power or fear), medium shot (used for information and conversation), wide shot (used for setting the scene), close shot (used to show expression and emotion), extreme wide shot (used for setting extreme situations) and extreme close up shot (used for showing extreme emotion or drama). We also learnt about: the use of lighting, position of the camera, how to set our camera and then start filming and how we should take many films (takes or shots) in one scene. All these skills are just the tip of the iceberg!

Along with camera techniques, Videography will teach you how to: act, produce and direct (which are all substantial occupations). We took turns to film, therefore we had to direct the scene and the actors, giving authority which promotes leadership. While filming we had to express emotion. We did this by showing facial expression and body language. You can correlate with the fun we had while filming only if you choose to partake in Videography!

Last step in the process of Videography is the editing. It's exceedingly easy to get the hang of being a movie editor. Adding sound effects, cutting and watching your movie gives you a dignified feeling. Using IMovie is something different that teaches you: organisation, how to use unique editing tools, creativity and a little bit of patience. As well  as everything else in Videography, editing can also lead to a job as a movie editor in the time to come.

Overall, you should choose Videography as one of your technology subjects because it: teaches you a profusion of skills, can lead to future jobs, can give you a distinctive hobby and Videography will induce you with extreme fun! I learnt a great amount about how life works being in the filming industry and you can too. Construct a new skill and bring about a new hobby. Take videography.

    Food Technology

I think Food Technology is one of the options you should choose to do. Food technology is one of the five subjects you can participate in. During food technology you get to make three to four different dishes of food. Food technology helps you learn how to cook and learn other things part of food technology.
There is so many things you can make we made rissoles, potato bake
and chocolate self saucing pudding. We need to always wash our hands the simple rule everyone should know. You need all types of equipment to make all these different foods.

You need skills like knowing how to fry and cut things and all skills that we had to learn. You always have to be careful with hot elements and sharp things because you don’t want any blood in the food but always put a bandage you can see clearly becauseyou don’t want to cut your finger again

At the end you get to eat the food you made and if you want to you can take it home or eat everything and share it with the teachers. most people share with the teachers and we give some to our friends and we love hearing its  nice and they want more. Its so fun making it and its so fun.
When we almost had to go home we had to do a little quiz about what everything stands for and what everything means. Food technology is the best thing I’ve done so far. I am so going to do it again next year and I can’t wait.      

Super rugby finial - Teia & Max

This satarday on the 2nd of august the super rugby finial will be held in new south wales. The waratahs   
vs the crusaders what a game this will be, recently the crusaders bet the sharks 38 - 6 and the waratahs bet the brumbies 26 - 8 which let the waratahs get the home game they wanted so now is the time to make your picks for the finial game on
Good luck 

Why you should do Hard Materials - Callahan

Hard materials is what I decided to do in term 2. This writing piece is going to persuade you why you should do hard materials.  Hard materials gives you the chance to use new tools, Find the perfect design you want and you get to find your painting side

In hard materials you will be taught how to use new tools. The tools you will use is the jigsaw and the skill saw. These machines will be fun to use but also challenging as with the skill saw you will need to steer it in the opposite direction you will want to go. But with the jigsaw you simply move the jigsaw the way you want to go.

What also makes hard materials awsome is that you will get to choose the design you want. This will give you the ability to do a art piece on whatever you want. I personally liked this as I don’t like being told to do something in a certain way. But this will give you the freedom to do whatever design you want. So the finished piece felt more like you did it,and not you feeling liked you copied someone else’s design.

Hard materials will also pull out creative painting side. After you have made your wooden piece you will have to paint it. This was the hard part for me but if you like painting you will find this easy. before you look at what colour you are going to use you will have to put two coats of paint prep on (you put the next coat on after the first one has dried). After this you can put whatever colour you choose on. When you do this remember, the more coats of paint you put on the better it looks.  Don’t  worry about having to wait ages for the paint to dry as while you are waiting you can start on your second one.

Hard materials will challenge you but it will still be fun. As you get to use new tools, choose your design and paint it any way you want. So next year when it is your turn don’t wait a second to sign up for technology.

Why you should chose soft Materials for technology - Amelia

Why You  Should Chose Soft Materials For One OF Your Technology Options .

I think that soft materials should be one of the technology options that you chose . It has  great and needed skill for girls and even boys could learn something to help them with their life’s later in my opinion everyone thats anyone can do sewing  I’m sure even Santa claus needs that skill to make toys for you and me . Life long skills , Fun while working , Coming home with an awesome ugly doll - these are just 3 of the many qualities you get when doing soft materials if you firstly said NO! think again .

Firstly, I think that you should chose soft materials for technology because it can give you skills that can help later on in life . I know what you're thinking skills?  what  am going to learn there seriously  learn how to sew hows that going to help me when I’m older well before you say that you might want to listen to this can also give you the skill to This doesn't just give you the skills to sew it can also give you the skills to cut, design, match ,concentrate and multitask . These skills you will need throughout your life to help you get through the obstacles in your way it will be a useful variety of skills to have ! So no it is not just sewing you will learn it is much more , this sure will have to change your mind !
secondly, I think that you should chose soft materials for technology because you will have a lot of fun . When making your not so ugly doll you will come across a lot of fun activities that you could easily do at home they look challenging and they all are a bit challenging (but who doesn't like a bit of a challenge ?) but all are fun and useful later on in life. Yes , I’ve said this before but no I won’t stop saying it - It can give you a lot of useful skills that can help you along the journey of your life but they are challenging and fun and I think it’s the perfect opportunity for children to learn some fun activities that are easy to do at home and it’s not too  inexpensive .
Thirdly , I think that you should chose soft materials for technology because you will be able to come home with beautiful cuddly ugly doll. coming home with a nice not so ugly doll is cool ,sometimes I get a bit jealous when my siblings bring home cool pieces of art , well now its your turn the best thing is it’s not only a cool thing to make it can keep you warm and cold when its hot or cold at night and during the day these not so ugly dolls aren't always the only thing you make you sometimes can make other things with the skills that you get shown .
To sum it all up I would say that I really enjoyed soft materials you can learn lots of lifelong skills have a lot of fun learning them and best of all take home a not so ugly ugly doll. Soft materials is a good technology option I hope you enjoy it as much as I have .

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Manukau Youth Orchestra Link

Joseph from the manukau Youth Orchestra asked me to place a link, do yourself a favour and have a look. If you are interested negotiate to Reremoana School etc.

Manukau Youth Orchestra