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The Asylum by Jahmiah - Narrative Story

They weren't kidding when they said this place was scary. The big asylum built around a medieval castle, although the castle stuck out like a sore thumb. I was taller than most of the guards, but only by an inch or two. The guards escorted me into the asylum, there was a doctor there as well. He was in a white lab coat, taking notes.

I had been brought in for a case about a murder in one of the cell blocks. They took me to the cell block and gave me some clothes that looked like the prisoners clothes. They were probably for me to blend in. "Put these on Mr. Upshur, you can get changed over there" the doctor said pointing to the bathroom. I got changed and followed the guards to the cell where the murder happened. On the cell-door it said C-2187812 and, for some reason, it looked familiar. I pushed those feelings aside and decided to investigate to find anything interesting, the doctor and guards looking in and observing. The whole cell was covered in blood. From top to bottom. It was all over the walls. I searched under the bed and found a knife. I reached for it and then, a rush of pain went through my head. Then... everything went black. I awoke and shakily stood up and wobbled over to the door.
"Doctor, Doc..." I looked down in horror as the doctor and the two guards lay in a pool of blood... dead.
"Who... wh... WHO DID THIS!". I ran for the door as fast as I could, I could see guards in the distance.
"Guards! Guards!, THERE WAS A MUR..der". A rush of pain went through my head again. This time, worse than before. I blacked out again. As I woke up I found myself in a pool of blood... and then... I saw... the GUARDS... WERE DEAD! I ran for the castle outside, the door was still open. I ran in and got lost. I didn't know where I was. I crouched in a corner and started to cry. I sat and rocked back and forth... and cried, and cried.

                                                                    The Next Day

"Sir, we have an escaped patient from the Castle Belmont asylum".
"What was his name?"
"He goes by the name of Miles Upshur" the police man said, "He's a murderer, he killed a lot of people last night" he said, looking at the ground.
"Well, where is he now?"
"We've spotted him inside of the castle in the middle of the asylum, sir" the police man said. "We sent some of our guys down there, They told us over walkie-talkie that he is... crying, sir" the police man looked up "They're dead now sir".
"Oh, i'm so sorry... um... what was your name again, son?"
The police man creepily smiled.
"It's Miles, Miles Upshur".

Reaching Hong Kong!!!!- Griffin

Finally reached Hong Kong after a long trip in the plane and took a crazy taxi to our hotel. The weather is boiling  and hard to breath but is still amazing to see the city's that we drove through.
Having lots of fun. :)

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Death by Misadventure


As her dark raven hair brushed against her cold pale skin, Mia Turner slowly strolled down the wet and shadowy streets of Scotland before quickly scanning her empty surroundings. It was the middle of autumn and the harsh weather was slowly  progressing to overcast winds.

Mia a keen detective lived in the old scottish town of Glen Chapel famous for its Extreme Sports competitions. Today Mia was delighted after winning an Extreme Sports competition with 5 other contestants and 2 olympic gold medallists in water rafting. The competition was called the adventure of a lifetime which included hiking, water rafting classes with the gold medallists and mountain climbing.

The next day Mia excitedly placed her bag in the trunk of her oversized ebony black van before heading of towards her destination. Arriving she looked at the scenery that lay around the tall grey building with the Extreme Sports logo, that was covered with a musty greenery of trees and bushes that were all worn from the grim scottish weather. Gathering her belongings out of her car, she and the other contestants heard and ear piercing scream come from the cliff at the edge of the mountain. 

Bewildered with confusion, Mia hurriedly ran towards the edge and saw a man leaping into the treacherous waters below before pointing at the water rafting area and hearing his last words "It wasn't Brian" then seeing his pool of blood twirling and twisting in the dark, murky waters of the ocean.

Back at the camp Mia, the other contestants and the Guides were all quite shaken with the suicide of the man apart from the gold medallists who seemed quite smug. Before one of the guides assured them that it was merely suicide and it was purely death by misadventure. But Mia wasn't so sure about that as she has so many questions swarming in her head "Why did he kill himself" "Who's Brian" and "How come he pointed at the water rafting area before he died" these questions all needed to be answered yet no one cared it was all simply a suicide.

 That night Mia dreamt through the night of the dead man calling to her, asking for her to help him yet she could not. Waking up the next morning Mia hadn't gotten any sleep and she didn't wake up on time for the groups hiking trip and was asked to a cleaning job until the others came back: Cleaning the staff room.

Stepping inside the glamorous suite Mia thought that it was reasonably clean but taking her chance she went into the old newspaper article office in the back room. Opening up the piles of boxes she found various newspaper articles on a car crash that occurred 10 years ago involving the gold medallists on their way home - On Tuesday 13, Rising gold medallists Shane Smith and Nathan Wilson with their manager Graham Canning were in a very serious car crash and got badly injured the driver Brian James was said to be the blame for the car crash after being drunk when police found an empty bottle of beer on the floor of his seat.

"Brian"! Mia thought, "This might have something to do with the dying man, I definitely have to go to that water rafting lesson tomorrow" when she heard someone stepping inside one of the gold medallists.
"What are you doing here aren't you supposed to go to the hike" he asked 
"I slept in, I was just cleaning up" she said before walking out. 

The next day Mia arrived at the water rafting area with the other contestants, hopping onto the wobbly raft she and the others unsteadily ascended on to the water. Afterwards the others got off the raft, Mia unevenly was stepping off the floating piece of equipment when she felt a push as she fell back onto the raft and wavered down the waves beneath. 

Confused Mia grabbed onto a rock and mustered up all her strength to hold onto the slippery substance when she suddenly realised someone had pushed her! Maybe it was the gold medallists but why?

Mia then realised her current situation grasping the solid land beside her she pulled her body up before collapsing on the ground. Going back to camp soaking and covered in dirt, Mia toppled onto the park bench beside her before taking a well earned shower and sleep.

The next day Mia acted like she was sick in an attempt to find more answers about the gold medallists and who the dead man was. Looking into the newspapers again she found new piece of information as she read the text again. It says that the manager was  in the car crash maybe he was the dead man and he came to the camp to contact the gold medallists about something was it to do with the driver Brian. 

Then BOOM a thought of electricity hit her brain "Thats it"! Rushing towards the campground she went to the car park in search of the dead man's car before spotting a blue abandoned car. Looking inside she saw what she was looking for a tape recorder and just her luck the car was open rushing into the building she grabbed the phone and dialled the police when she felt a hand violently clamp across her mouth, turning she was face-to-face with the gold medalists.

Fighting them off she saw someone rush in "Hey what are you two doing" a guide called at them before calling back-up and the police. Clutching the tape recorder Mia sighed in relief as she explained her story to the police

"So what do they have to with Brian, the car crash, the tape recorder and the dead man" the policeman asked
"Well" Mia described "The car crash wasn't caused by Brian, it was because of Shane"
"Huh" the police screeched in shock
"He was driving and Brian was killed instantly while Shane was only seriously injured, Shane and Nathan were on drugs and if people found out it would be the end of their careers so they concocted a plan to make it seem like Brian was driving drunk and they placed the bottle on the ground beside them but Graham had to do it as it would be the end of his career too" she answered proudly.
"One more question" the police said "What's with the tape and why was Graham killed"
"Because Graham wanted to tell the world about the crash and recorded a tape of Shane and Nathan admitting it without even knowing" Mia said

That was the end of the story Mia got a reward, Shane and Nathan got locked up and everyone found out it wasn't just death by misadventure, it can be more gruesome, it can be murder.

What happened - by Eden

Okay are you guys all pack? said mum.
Yes replied everyone.
So they jumped into the car and off they went to the beautiful camp site called the Dump. The Dump may sound like It is a grows place but it is a acarly is a lovely place but may have up's and down's but it is still a cool place to go on a holiday. The Alexandra family went over to the holiday because they herd there was a chela nag going on and they thought they were up to it.
The Alexandra family had a mum(Laura ) a dad(Nick) and two children (Bella and Taylor).

Where here kids said mum.
But no response mum looked back and they were asleep. While the kids was asleep in the car mum and dad was setting up the tent to sleep in. Finally the kids woke up and found they were at the holiday so Bella go out with her teddy and choose the first bed.
Bella I want that bed said Taylor
No said Bella.
So Taylor choose the author bed he liked,
Are you happy now said dad.
Latter on that day they cooked there diner in a camping stove. They had cooked chicken that they shot then self. 
Time to go to bed said mum we have a big day tomorrow with the race. So of they went to bed. The next day came fast so they had breakfast and and got dressed and of they went to the race......when they got there they saw lost of  challenging  people so they got wired.
Next please.
Kids don't forget to but your life jackets on propyl said mum 
Yes mum said Bella.
Of we go said mum 
Look mum said Bella dolphins 
Can we go and swim with then said Bella 
Sure but stay with your father said mum
Ok said Bella 
Of Bella went with dad 
Look dad I'm on a dolphins 
But then something went wrong the dolphin swam down and Bella want down as well 
BELLA said Dad , dad tried to grab her but the dolphin was to fast. Hellas life jacket was flitting in the water.

Nick Nick said mum don't worry there is no use.
So they went on with the race felling emotional we can win this race said Taylor  lets do this for Bella. So every time they saw a dolphin they would think of Bella which would make them more emotional. They would  have to fish for there food and cook it them self Bella would always be the one that is noise said Taylor. 
Don't talk about her said dad.

52k to go said on the speaker in the bout. We almost there and we have experienced lost of heartbreaking stuff and cool stuff like......sharks.that night something bad happened that herd waves and rain so they got up a there was a storm 
What do we do said Taylor I don't know said mum 
I think we are all going to die as soon as they new it a big wave came right over them and they were in the water and getting cut buy coral and blood every where. They all had there life jackets on and and swam to the nearest shore and looked up to the sky and said What is happening .

The rafting ascendent

On the country side, where no sounds can be heard, but only the water fall's and rushing water. Over grown grass every where, shoe prints found in the mud, leaving tracks up to the river rafts. But only one man was there. His name was Dan , he thought he was the best at everything ( even though he's not ), and always over  confident . His long blond hair alway get in the way of his eye's and alway takes credit.

Two expert rafters, Philip and clairssa, warned Dan to put on gear on. But he didn't listen and act liked he knows what he's doing. Dan waited till they were gone. Then he quickly ran into the raft with an ore , without any gear on, or a life jacket. Dan went down the fast currant losing control. he went down the first water fall, and was pushed off by the water.

Dan was panicking , splashing, struggling to breath. Dan yelled HELP, HELP ! But no one was there to hear him. Luckily Philip and Clairssa, the rescue rafter, heard screaming.

Philip and clairssa strapped up into gear, and rushed to where ever the screaming came from. The currant was even worst and faster. They both almost lost control. Both of them were shaking about, searching for screaming.

Dan was screaming in fear,almost giving up. Dan past out,fortunately Philip and clairssa showed up in time. Philip jumped out of th
e raft, grabbing dan and throw him into the raft. Clairssa was pushing his chest, hoping he will wake up. Dan ju
mped up, spiting out water. Still as usual, Dan said " I MADE IT ! all thanks to me " Philip and Clairssa just rolled their eyes. But on the inside Dan was terrified .  


Survival 365™ Episode 2 - Chillin In Boxes

 Lola looked around, in the dark enclosed space. " Hello "? She called out fearfully. " Is anyone there "? She heard some faint groaning and realised the usually irritating, now life saving tone of Joey's voice. " Joey "! She called. "JOEY CAN YOU HEAR ME " She screamed. " Yeah " came a faint reply. " Where are we she called ". "Ill just take a look ", Joeys voice echoed through the space. " Theres a hole in the sides of whatever i'm in " There was silence before Joey screamed and said " *Censored* We are on a ship in chained up crates "! "WHAT"? Lola screamed. "Where are the others "? Once again it was awhile before Joey called " I can see three boxes like ours on the other side of the.... ship " "Why did you pause " Lola asked, not wanting to know. " Our's and their crates are on the edge of the ship.. " He said. " If the chains break, we fall down.... " Lola face went absolutely pale, and she puked, just at the thought. " Why are we here "? Lola screamed once again. " Why didn't they just kid nap us or kill us, HOW COULD THEY GET AWAY WITH LOADING US ON A SHIP "? " I don't know " Joey murmured. " I guess we just wait and see what happens ". " So what do we do meanwhile "? Lola whimpered. " We're just gonna be.........Chillin in boxes ".


It had been hours before Joey and Lola heard a loud CLAMP. " WHAT THE CENSORED WAS THAT "! Lola screamed. " A guy just walked by and attached ours and Rebbecas, Trent's, and Olivers boxes together with huge metal chains....... Wait what the, the crew are pushing the crates off the ship. This isn't a normal cargo ship, the guys who put us here hijacked it "! 13 people, wearing masks and hoods all began to push on Lola's box ( Joey was on the top ) The chain started to stretch a bit, and the other three boxes, containing their friends dragged along. And within seconds.... Lola's box fell. The chain pulled, and down came Joey's box, followed by three, falling, screaming boxes. The ship toppled as the extra weight pushed down on the side, and the driver started to spin the wheel rapidly. With a final, massive lean, the ship rattled back into place, and the ship sped off. And within minutes, all the was left was five boxes, all chained together, with faint screaming coming from them.

It didn't happen -Jani

"Mum, Dad wake up"
Joise called. Joise was excited because it was her first holiday she's ever been on. Her Mum and Dad had bought to go on a raft in Spain but they lived in Brazil. Caleb is Joise's brother he didn't like spending time with his family he enjoyed to listen to music and do things by himself . When they all got their bags packed Mum called
 "get in the car we don't want to be late for our flight ".
 They all were ready for the flight but Caleb was still asleep so Dad dragged him out of bed and told him to get in the car so he has to get changed on the aeroplane. When they got off the plane they had to get in a taxi that was waiting for him and it was about five Km's from the airport to the rafting place called Rafting Adventure. When they got there they had to get dressed in their swimsuits.

When they got in the raft Joise wanted to to tell her Mum that her life jacket was to loose but she didn't listen because she was to excited to listen to anybody. When the crew member started to paddle  he said
" it's going to be a calm ride and then it will get rough when we get to the rapids"
Everybody was so excited to get to the rapids but Joise was scared to go through the rapids she was looking over the side of the raft when the water started to foam up and it went bonkers it was going so fast when the crew member bumped her out of the raft and Joise fell into the water and her lifejacket slipped right off her and the worst part was no one realised she was gone. When they were at dry land the brother asked
" where is Joise".
Everybody was searching around for Joise when the crew member saw the lifejacket floating to them so Mum and Dad asked if  they could go n the raft trip again to go look for Joise  but the crew member said 
" if you want to go on the raft trip you have to pay full prise and that is $ 80.00 dollars per person and the Mum and Dad didn't have enough money so they knew it wouldn't be right but they just sat there and waited and waited and waited but nothing happened.

When the other family went the same path as the Turner family they saw a object in the distance that looked like a dead animal but something bigger so one of the adults asked if they can go see what it was and when they got closer they realised it was a little girl hanging on a branch trying to stay alive so the Dad grabbed her leg and put her in the raft. They asked if they could go faster so the crew member paddled as fast as he could but the Mum started to help him. When they finally reached the dry land the other family took her to the hospital. 

When the other family got to the hospital the doctor took Joise to a special room and the other family waited out side the room for about five hours when the doctor came out and said 
" sorry she won't make it But she will have to stay here until she dies " 
That's when the other family went in to say goodbye  and then her heart beat dropped and she died so they all walked out of the room and closed the door. That's when her heart beat came up again and she ... 

Bad Experiences

It is 12:00 PM and Mark wakes up tired from all of the travelling in the car the day before. He walks into the kitchen and soon finds his parents running around trying to find all of the things for their trip today as well as having to coup with finding all of the things ( Food ) in the new hotel. So they have everything that they need. So they go down the elevator down the stairs and then head out to there car when Marks Mum says"Oh No I Forgot To Get The Towels". So she runs into the the hotel again, runs up to their room and finds the towels then goes back down to the car where the boys are waiting so patiently.

So once she has got the towels they hit the gas station fuel up then start to drive there. So they get there towards the end of the day and find that they have missed there time, but not just that, the actual place has closed because they where late and the time was pretty late as well.

So Mark, Mum and his Dad go back to the white water rafting centre the next day and it is actually open this time so they drive up the drive way, pay, get there tickets, then start to get there wetsuits on so as to get ready to go down the white wash. ( The white water )

They jump into the boat with the person on the back so as to help them along the way. The man on the back of the boat says" start paddling so they start paddling down the white water path. The man says it is a bit rug but it will be OK so they go down and start to head into the white wash and is more Ruff than they expected and the boat Nealy tip and they just about all fall out. In the end they get there and out of the white water and get to the end get out then say to each other" Now we can say that we have been white water rafting.

So the next day when Mark wake up at midday Marks Mum and Dad are not rushing around but are sleeping in and not making alot of noise in the kitchen.

Bailey Brown - climax and revelosion

The man quickly put granny's hat on and slipped into bed just in time to hear Bailey's soft knock at the door 'bang bang bang
"Who is it"said the man in granny's voice
"Just me granny ,Bailey Brown" said Bailey 
"Oh come in dear I've been expecting you"said the man again in granny's voice
granny didn't use such advanced Language though Bailey was pleased she'd learnt maybe she'd ben practising . she walked into the house and put the basket of food onto the table and walked into grannies room she was resting in bed she said 
"Hello come closer please I can't see you" 
"Okay" Bailey replied as she took a small step closer almost nose to nose with 'granny'
"Hello"said the man again "can we eat " he asked 
"Not yet" replied bailey brown sensing something wrong 
"Oh why I'm hungry" said the man accidentally changing his voice 
"who are you" said Bailey with a cry 
"AHAHAHA GOTTCHA " screamed the man jumping out of bed 
"you'll never catch me now " he said running away with the food 
"My food " screamed granny eventually  succeeding crashing the door down 
"Little Bailey lets get 'em"
"Lets go" 
and they went 

"AHAHAHA, they'll never catch me now " screamed the man 
making it incredibly easy for them to find him . 
They finally got the man and reported and the local milk man reported him to the police granny,bailey and their new friend the milk man went inside granny's house and enjoy the feast .

Wild Water Championship-Narrative-Callahan

As team NZ walked into the restricted area. They looked past the T.V teams, other teams and straight to the start line. Of the World White Water Rafting Championship. Or now more commonly known as Wild Water Championship. John thought of all of the 3 meter drops, big rocks and sharp corners down the 15 mile stretch of intense white water.A sigh above him read "Welcome to Salmon River". Then John smiled he was finally here.

He looked around the nervous faces of his team mates and suddenly the nervousness came back. To keep his mind of the race he thought about his team mates. Dave, team co-captain and easily the bravest of all of them. Steve, big and heavy they put him in the front to keep them going faster. Bob, the muscle in the group, and then he thought about himself. Team captain he can not be nervous the team looks up to him.

John decided to think about the American team. Them losing in general is rare but losing in America is almost imposable. they had set the time of the day. With 3:47:12 a very hard time to beat down a 15 mile stretch. They are just to good to be true we can never beat them John thought. But then he shook his head take those thoughts out is head said. Think of lifting the trophy instead. John smiled at that thought.

10 Minutes later

"Bang" the gun went of and they all heaved on there oars right to the rapids. They then shot down rocks seamed to come flying at them from all directions. John struggled to avoid them. Then the 3 Meter drops came. john suddenly realised that they could no longer control the raft so yelled at his men to stop trying to control is and just pull ford.

Then they shot past the finish line it took them 25 meters to slow down so that they could control it and bring it around. John looked up at the time 3:47:09 they had won! John only had the energy to smile.

Little Rd Riding Hood

Once upon a time, a little, devious girl lived in a cottage near the woods
where wild beasts lived. She loved the colour red because it looks like BLOOD.
Her name was Alicia but she preferred to be called Red Riding Hood, because
she loves red and always wore cloaks with a hood.
She has a kind-hearted, caring grandmother who loved everything even
her little devil, Alicia. She has a secret friend, Wolf, who she had met on a walk to
a secret garden. They were really good friends. As you can tell Wolf is a wild

beast, a wolf, he has very sensitive ears and a sharp eye that is like an eagle’s
On one lovely day for mayhem, Little Red Riding hood decided to go to her 
grandma’s house with a special
surprise. She baked some strawberry cupcakes
with red icing, and added a special ingredient: Poison. As she waited it to bake,
she went to her garden and packed some gorgeous poisonous flowers
cautiously. The Flowers all looked harmless but had a layer of poison on them.
When everything was ready she dresses up in dark red. She began on the
path towards the cottage of her grandmother’s/ She skipped happily and
started singing. The song was about her and her evil plan to kill her grandma.
As Wolf passed by, going back to his dear wife, he passed Red Riding Hood
and noticed her sweet voice with a glint of evil. He listened for a while and
heard what it was all about. She was going to kill his best friend. HE ran as fast as
he can to grandma’s house.

When wolf finally arrived, he was panting really hard. Grandma opened the
door to find Wolf out of breath. He drank water and explained what he had
heard and grandma had a very good plan.
As little red riding hood arrived at her grandma’s cottage, she knocked on
the front door. Grandma opened the door and greeted her. Little Red Riding
Hood hand her the poisonous things to grandma.
As grandma set is out to set, she put more un-poisonous cupcake with the
ones that are. Grandma marked her ones carefully; they all had a little red dot
on it.

Waka Waka Dance

If you are struggling to do the dance to Waka Waka please click on the link down bellow

Waka Waka Dance

Maori with Mrs Bailey

We are learning all the body parts in Maori

I use my Karu to see
I use my Taringa to hear 
I use my Ihu to smell
I use my waha to eat 

Kanohi = Face
Makawe = Hair
Karu = Eye 
Taringa = Ear
Whaha = Mouth
Niho = Teeth
Paparinga = cheeks 
Mshunga = Head
Pakahiwi = shoulders
Puku = stomach
Kaki = neck
hope = hips 
matimati = fingers
matiwae = toes 
waewae = leg
ringaringa = arm/hand 

my karu are blue.
my makawe is blonde .

my paparinga are red .

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

The lost raft-jaylen narritive

It was a beautiful spring morning and 4 friends Billy, Tom, Cam and Dan were out water rafting. The sun was beautiful and the water had a shimmer if shine and it was really crisp and fresh. Billy was one of the friends and he liked to be a bit of a leader he had hazelnut eyes fair black hair and tanned skin he could sometimes be bit of a boss and the other friends would feel a little bit disappointed but that wasn't all the time. So the four friends carried on going down the water and rowing without much talk.

The four friends were getting excited as they were coming up to the waves they shouted in loud voices (it was so loud that it made the birds all flap out of the trees) They all counted down 3 2 1 and SPLASH they were in the waves. It was an amazing experience they were all screaming like little girls, but then Billy noticed something in the distance but ignored it to join the others in cheer and laughter Cam and dan pulled out the bubbles as they celebrated their first ride billy noticed something again and this time it was getting close '' stop'' Billy shouted and they all realised that there was a water fall coming up in less than 10 seconds.As soon as billy could think of anything they all fell down and down again it was not looking good then splash boom and all Billy could see was blackness.

After 2 whole hrs billy and his friends woke up and scratched their heads as they were in pain and it felt like they had been hit by a huge hammer and it was done 10 times . Billy got up and searched for the raft and pulled it out of the water then got out some water for his friends they had a few sips then lay in the raft.''I need to go find a phone or some type of communication'' Tom said, so he went off.After a while the boys were very hungry and that was not a good thing it had probably been a few days and no food Billy started to show symptoms of craziness of no food he started to see mc'donalds and burger king and all these different food stalls but they weren't actually there.They had all woken up from a short rest when Billy heard something ''Guys, guys shut up be quiet'' Billy heard a strange noise it was getting louder and louder and louder ''RUN'' Billy shouted it was a grizzly bear and it had just eaten something they didn't know if it was their friend Tom or something else they were hoping it was the second thing.The bear had chased them down through the river and through the strange forest until finally they stopped and realised that they had lost the bear as you could hear the short sharp puffs from running really fast.Then they heard a another noise but their friend Tom popped out of nowhere and just said ''What a coincidence I had my phone in my pocket the whole time and I called a chopper we will be RESCUED''.

So the chopper came and the four friends were rescued but billy was not happy that Tom hadn't pulled his phone out but they were rescued in the end so it was better than arguing.But Tom started to grunt like a bear ''Whoa Tom whats with the grunt''. ''Oh nothing'' 
The four friends were back in their homely homes and enjoyed coming back a lot.Back at the water fall that the fouer friends got rescued by a hand came slowly out of the dirt AND........................


If you would like to do the gumboot dance!

If you would like to sign up for the gumboot dance, click on the link below and start practising!!

Trials will be in week 8!!


Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Survival 365™ Episode 1 - The taking

PREVIOUSLY ON JOEYS LIFE......oops wrong series.

*After reading the script*

The sun set beyond the distant sea. It was halloween night, kids walking around in batman suits, knocking on doors, and either getting candy of a wet costume to walk around in. 5 kids, who were walking in a group approached a house. A large wooden prop said DO NOT ENTER. The 5 kids, Joey ( It was un negotiable, we couldn't just leave him ) Rebecca, Lola, Trent, and Oliver, looked at each other. "Do we go in" said Oliver, who's voice was muffled from his false vampire teeth. " Yeah, that candy bowl in the window is FULL of stuff " Joey said, who's voice was even more muffled from his toilet paper mummy suit. " Things like these make you wonder why props are made" Trent muttered through his night suit, while holding the long, false sword. " I know " Rebecca said slowly. "What if they don't want any one there? " She screwed up her face trying to decide, her cat tail swinging around as she paced on the spot." Well I vote we go " Lola said out of no where. "That sign is in the position where it looks broken down like a zombie warning prop " Her little fairy wings swung around in the breeze. They had a vote, and all decided it was most likely a prop. " Last house " said Oliver " Before we go home ". So they strolled cautiously up the gravel path, looking at the pumpkins scattered on the yard. " There decorations are awesome " Joey said. " That body looks like a real dead guy " Joey said laughing, and pointing at the figure on the floor. " Joey " Rebecca murmured frightfully. " That IS a dead body " Then suddenly all their visions went hazy, as a massive smoke bomb erupted around them. Then they all fell down. Lola, the first to start to wake up heard a loud horn, and the sound of a cargo ship leaving the docks. She tried to take a look, but couldn't see a thing, or move.

Auckland netball tournament!
On Thursday the 21st of August we had our FIRST EVER team at our school to go through to the Auckland Champs netball tournament. We started of by playing against Henderson 12-10 to us, then we played against Somerville intermediate 14-9 to us, then we played against Carmel 14-9 to us, then we lost our first game of the day in the semi finals against Kedgley intermediate and lastly we lost our second game of the day against North Cross intermediate in the 3rd and 4th play offs. Overall we came fourth being the FIRST TEAM at our school to WIN COUNTIES AND BE IN THE TOP 4 FOR THE AUCKLAND CHAMPS!!!!!!! A HUGE THANK YOU to the parents that helped out and also to Heather for umpiring every single game that we played and lastly but not least another VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU TO Mr Fourie for coaching us! Without all of theses special people none of this would have been possible.

Credit to Jorien who wrote this piece of writing

Monday, 25 August 2014

Proportions and Ratios Word Problems- Callahan

Try and solve these word problems!

1) There are 32 students in a class. 3/4 have blue eyes how much is that?

2) The cat eats 3/4 of a 900gr bag of cat food
 and the dog eats 4/5
of a l KG bag of dog food. Which animal ate the most?

3) Peter can buy 4 cheese blocks with $6. How many can he buy with $8?

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Proportions and Ratios Word Problems - Zayne, Jahmiah & Luke™

1) Tom buys 12 cheese blocks for $20. How much can he get for $25?

12:20 as ___:25
12 blocks of cheese for $20

Answer: 15:25

2) Sam eats 8/20 of a 70 pack of lollies and Luke eats 5/7 of a 42 pack of jellybeans. Who ate the most?



Answer: 5/7 

3) There are 108 people in a crowd. 2/9 of them have blonde hair. How many of them have blonde hair?


Answer: 24

proportions and ratios - Amelia and Tina

Word Problems:

1. There were 565 chocolate chip cookies, a  hungry kid ate 1/4 of the cookies. How many cookies did he eat?

2. In my friend's family she has 16 brothers and 25 sisters, for dinner her mother bought 12 pizza's for the brother's and 15 pizza's for the sisters , the sisters ate 3/5 of their pizza's and the brothers ate 2/4 of their pizza's. Who ate the most pizza?

3. Poppy went to the pet shop to buy a family of bunnies for her brother. She found one bunny who she liked she bought his family, in the bunny's family their were 47 family members, For one bunny it costs $15. She found out he had 23 more family members. How much would it cost altogether?

4. Jennifer went to the market to buy some bread rolls she bought 5, 6 pack's for $30. How many 6 pack's can Jennifer buy with $75?

5. Marmaduke was at the mall shopping for shoes. He found one pair of Jimmy Choo's and another of Converses. He had $135 altogether and the 2 pairs of shoes coast 3/5 of his money . How much did he spend?

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Word Problems - Tristan

There are 81 sheep in a farm. In one year, 3/4 of them have babies. How many had babies?

3:4 as __:81

1/4 of 81 = 20.25

20.25 x 3 = 60.75

= 3:4 as 60.75:81

( The point 75 represents a handy cap lamb )

Jimmy has 396 marbles. 1/3 of them are blue. How many of the are NOT blue?

1:3 as 132:396

396 - 132

= 264

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Complication & What now - Amelia

Little Bailey Brown

 Little Bailey Brown's Mother was inside cooking a stew just as granny rang 
"Hello may I please speak to the Brown residents " she mumbled  and  spluttered as she spoke .  
Little Bailey had run to the phone as she was waiting for a call from granny .
"Yes, its Bailey Brown" replied Bailey brown .
"oh hello dear may I talk to your mother" said granny recovering slightly 
"Uh yes granny " said Bailey disappointed .                                  this is Granny
Bailey had just realized what she'd done , she had gotten mud all over the phone from the garden. She quickly cleaned her mess and obediently  went to her Mother .
"Mother" she said 
" Its Granny " she followed .
"Oh dear, okay just hold on a minute please darling " she replied  concerned and she stirred the stew .
"Hello Meredith I've just been wondering if you have any spare food that Bailey could quickly run over for me ?" 
"Yes she'll be there soon "
this is the man (unknown man ..)
And that was that , Bailey set of on her trail to Granny's house a 150 miles away from her own.

Little Bailey Brown got dressed, packed a bag full of breads , cakes and fruit  , filled a bottle full of homemade lemonade and Mother gave her a few jam sandwiches as well , Granny had a feast on her way . Mother put a couple of coins in her pocket for framers and food stops . It was now final Bailey had no choice but to bring Granny her feast . THe plan was that Mother would give her a horse that she would ride to the end of the paddock , she would give some money to the farmers for a tractor ride to ~BAYS BEACH CAFE~ and she would walk the next 50  miles until she arrived at the forest and carry on walking to granny house .
"Don't talk to any strangers " said mother                 Granny's house
"Okay" she said with a pause "bye" .
"Hello Mr.farmer she said with a pleading smile 
"Please can I get a tractor ride" ? 
"Sure jump in said the farmer 
"Thank you Mr.framer" said Bailey Brown relieved .
After a slow bumpy ride they were soon at ~BAYS BEACH CAFE~ , finally after the long drive of silence bailey said 
This is my stop thank you Mr.framer"
"My pleasure he said enjoy your day"    

Little Bailey was soon on her way after a piece of cake and an apple , she had also bought a bottle of water for her 50 mile walk through the Forrest . She was further than half way when she  felt someone touch her 
"HELLO"said a voice 
"Hi" said bailey brown brown ignoring her Mothers waring 
the forest 
"Is anybody there" she said 
"It's just me ,I was wondering where you were going in such a hurry" said the man 
"Oh just to my granny's house down the lane" said Bailey .
"Why don't you pick some flowers for your granny" said the man .
"Sure why not " said Bailey thinking that was a good idea .
"Bye Mr man"said Bailey Brown and off she went.
While she was gone the man went to granny's house  and he knocked on the door and said 
"Granny it's me Bailey Brown" in Baileys voice 
"Oh come in darling" said Granny
"ah hu got you now I can eat your food" said the man locking her up in the bathroom .