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Novel study-Ben

Here is my Novel Study on prezi !

NZ Euopean Inquiry - LATE :(

Sorry I forgot to post this earlier I COMPLETELY forgot.A little earlier in the term, we had a diversity task, about our cultures. For me, I am just a straight up NZ European. ( Also 1/8th Scottish ) Here is my Prezi ( ICT presentation ) link to learn about my culture! :D

Max - Novel Study

Novel study 2014 -Teia

For my novel study this year I chose the 39 clues one false note
My novel study awwwwwww yeah

City DownFall - Narrative - Tristan

The television screen blured as the urgent news report popped up onto the screen. Ein was slumped back on his couch, slurping noisily at a fanta, with a half eaten big - mac beside him.

" A meteorite has crashed into the middle of 'DarkWood Pine' holiday park" came the news reporters voice. " Witness' said the last thing they saw was a shadow rising into the sky. Some say it could be a UFO, but scientests believe----" the television blacked out. "Seriously" Ein yelled into the darkness. A power cut was just what he needed now. He stumbled blindly down the hallway, toward the door. But just as he was about to leave, a screeh echoed through the air, and a pile of brick and smoke crashed through the door way. Ein was pushed back by the force, and scrambled to his feet. His face was black with grit and smoke, and he ran screaming to the pile of ciment. It was a chimney. He could see te remains of a fire, and the last bits of smoke coming through, straight into his house. He could hear flapping, and a deep groan. 'Its probably a plane or helicopter' Ein thought in frustration and terror. He crawled down the chimney. From all sides, screeching and smashing echoed through the brick tunnel. He lept through a gaping hole in the bricks, right into a leaning house, directly on its side. It was his neighbours house, torn clean out of the ground, and tossed into his home. Shouting, he crawled out another hole, and out into the open. A massive shadow loomed before him.

The beast was massive. It was a very dark shade of dark blue scales, and spread out on its back, four huge wings, two per side. Four legs, three spiked tails, and two long necks, leading up to massive heads. The mouths themselves were bigger than your average house, and was probably what it used to throw his neighbours house through his doorway. Unless of course it used its 3 broad tails. They each had a giant horse - shoe shaped spike on the end. Its eyes were as big as a taxi, 8 big, glowing red orbs. They almost looked like giant pools of blood held behind a pointed, ovel, glass wall. And just to top it off, it breathed fire, Pure, continuous, orange, red and yellow splashes of fire.

Jets and helicopters seared over head, shooting missiles at the creature. By now, Ein had given up. He knew he was the only citizen left alive. Every house was either steaming, black with scorch marks, or still burning. They were all leaning on their own angle, and Ein's half destroyed house was the only one still standing, not that it meant much when it was 62.465% destroyed. " Help " Eins choked scream echoed into the smoke. Nothing happened. Ein let his head hang in defeat. But surprisingly, a helicopter swooped swiftly by, and hoisted him up.

" Your the only survivor " the pilot commented, after moments of silence. " No kidding " Ein muttered darkly. " Whys the monster here anyway?" Ein asked questioningly. " Its an alien " the pilot corrected him. " We call him Megalodon. " " We? " Ein asked. " Him? " " Im from area 51 " the pilot stated, sounding like a loonitic. " And yes, it does exist " He snapped, beore Ein had the chance to call him an idiot. " Any way" The pilot said "Hes after the meteorite, and will do anything to get it." " So we do what " Ein asked. " Give it to him " the pilot said, like it was no big deal. " And if he gets it? " Ein questioned. " He leaves " the pilot, once again, smartly stated. " Well why does he wan't it " Ein yelled, frustrated by the 'know - it - all' pilot. " Him, and hi species were born on a planet, that later on exploded " The pilot said smirking, and enjoying Eins easily, annoyed temper. " Its like his..... teddy bear. " With that, the pilot switched on his spot light, and aimed it directly at the meteor. The Megalodon instantly realized, and roared in its drection. Slowly, its golliath figure lumbered towards it, literally destroying anything in its path. Its two heads bnt slowly down, and together, they lifted the giant rock out of the ground. The moment it did so, it seemed to burst with energy. Its four wings spred out, and started pounding the air. The impact nearly flipped the chopper. So the giant alien rose into the sky, and took off into space. " Wheres he going? " Ein asked the pilot in awe. " Thats the core of the planet " The pilot said. " If he puts it where his planet used to be, the planet will re generate itself. " The Megalodons roar echoed from the skies.

So Ein got a succesful job, researching the Megalodon, and a few other aliens for area 51, though the Megalodon fascinated him most. As for the Megalodon, he re created his planet, which was a big blue orb, bigger than Jupiter. More of the rare, ancient species ' Moved in ', coming from across the galaxy, and within a year, 3 of them roamed happily on their planet, although Ein, whislt researching, found out that it counts as 6 being that each head has a brain of its own.

Novel study presentation - Winiata

This is my novel study presentation on prezi. My novel is titled Wild boy, and it is a amazing book. Please watch my presentation if you have time.

Defeating a Villian- By Tina

Defeating a Villian 
You can call me the Good Guy for now as i tell my story. He was standing right in front of me, his curly dark hair swaying side to side in the harsh winds of this particular night as i stared hypnotized by his glimmering eyes that produced a mischievous twinkle as he grinned at me before i looked down at the deep empty hole metres below me and i felt his hands push me as i fell perilously.              

 Waking up it was tormenting as i tried to stand up, the raging pain that came through my leg was severe. Broken. As i expected it to be but as the hours passed i soon heard a voice echo down the walls of this strange place, it was a voice that sounded very familiar, a voice i heard the night before.

His voice had a creepy tone and sounded content with the fact that i couldn't destroy him and his wicked army of villians anymore, my powers gone never to be awaken again. I realized my situation, i needed a plan i needed to escape. But how?

When he spoke to me, he wanted to know the secret that i had kept for such a long time, but i could also hear something in the background of his voice. SNAKES!. "Tell me where to find the power of the animal kingdom or i will throw these snakes down this hole where people will look down to find human bones covered in an battered suit" he stated

When you heard him say suit did you believe that he meant i worked in sometime kind office building or i'm a lawyer for some firm, well i'm not i'm any of them i'm a Superhero but not for long because if i can't defeat the evil Count Snakeula and before when i said he had an army of 
villians i meant snakes.

Enough chit-chat i need to get out of here without getting snakes thrown of me as i try to escape, touching the walls i felt something. A SECRET PASSAGE. Opening it, it revealed a dusty hollow passage with my broken leg i had to crawl slowly and carefully before he threw the snakes down to consume me.

Crawling as fast as i could i could hear the Snakes travelling fast i only had a few seconds left when i found the end to the passage opening the small door i sighed in relief i had made it when suddenly i looked in the room i was in and thats when i saw it a room full of snakes, ready to have me as their dinner.


Eden's novel study :)
The book that I read was Conspiracy  365 July it was the BEST book I have read.

Novel Study-Luke

Here is the link to my Prezi if you want to have a look at it:
Click here if you want to have a look

Novel Study ICT - Callahan

This is a link to my ICT presentation for the novel study.

Two Wolves

My Novel Study - Prezi Presentation - Tristan

For my novel study, I read the ater babies, a book that at minimum is 139 years old. The author, Charles kingsley, was born in the 1800's. View my prezi to learn more about my book!

Go and look at my prezi for my novel study!

The maze runner!

Novel Study - Amelia

This term our main reading has been our novel study we had to present a presentation on a dispaly board and do an ICT presentation as well . The book that I read was After Eden by Helen Douglas click the link to see my prezi .

Prezi Link- Gabe

Here is a link to my Prezi which has the title of:

Novel Study- BJ

For this years novel study I read the book StormBreaker by Anthony Horowitz. Here is the link to my Prezi if you want to have a look at it:
Click Here To View My Prezi

* Novel Study * Prezi Link * Katie *

~Click the link to view my Novel Study Prezi for Looking For Alaska By John Green~

My Novel Study- Jani:)

Please watch my prezi about my novel study FISH!!!

Novel Study-Zayne

So for my novel study this year I read The wund singer a book writen by William Nicholson. I would recommend this book to anyone that likes a good book filled with action and comedy, so here is a link to my prezi prezintation

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Novel Study- Gemma

For my Novel Study this year I read Insurgent by Veronica Roth.
I really enjoyed reading it and I recommend it for people who love action, romance, adventure, mystery and who are either 12 years of age or older. I rate it a 4 out of 5 (because of some mature scenes).
Click here to view my Prezi :)

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Hannah's Trip / Belfast Ireland

Hey everyone having a great time in Belfast Ireland but wish i was at school taking tests ... YEAH RIGHT.
We have just recently posted some new stuff on my families travelling blog and here is a link just incase you didnt see the other one i left. 

Link to families blog

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Gloss Revision- Eden and Jani :)

Add/Sub with whole numbers 
    -310     +310
1. 2649+1690=

     -532       +532
2. 6294+2468=

    +42   +42
  1. 3158-1041=

   +31   +31

 Add/Sub with decimal fractions problems 

-0.81   +0.81
1. 28.62+16.19=

   -0.574  +0.574
2. 3.567+6.326=
   +0.181 +0.189
  1. 5.437-2.811=

  +0.169 +0.169

Mult/Div with whole numbers 

1. 4x250
  800   +  200  +  0  =1,000

  1. 16x70=
    700   +  420 =1,120


  1. 64/4=16

Mult problems with decimal fractions

  1. 7x1.262=
  7 +  1.4 +   0.42 +0.014 =8.834

  1. 16x6.24=
  96 +  3.2  +  0.64 =99.84

  1. 16.2/2=8.1

2. 14.4/4=3.6

Fractions with a number

5/4 of 44=

2/4 of 24=

Fractions of a percentage of an number/compare

  1. 20% of 60=12
1/5 of 60=12

2.16% of 48= 7.68
48/100= 0.48x16=7.68 

  1. 6:8 as 15:20

  1. 4:8 as 10:20

Maths word problems- Gemma

Addition problems with decimals:

A) Jorien drinks 3.28 liters of water on Friday and 5.99 liters on Saturday. How much water did Jorien drink altogether?

B) Callahan has 22.72m of timber. He then buys 18.59m more. How muc himber does Callahan have now?

Subtraction problems with decimals:

A) David has 3.45m of string. He uses 2.66m to tie to his balloons. How much string does he have left?

B) Ben went to the mall with $146.68 on his credit card. He goes home with only $78.29 on it. How much money did Ben spend?

Multiplication problems with whole numbers:

A) Jaylen has 126 boxes. Each box is filled with 9 cans of coke. How many cans of coke does Jaylen have altogether?

B) Jimmy has 249 small containers for his party. Each container has 5 pineapple lumps. How many pineapple lumps does Jimmy have for his party altogether?

Multiplication problems with decimals:

A) Winata has 5 boxes. Each box has five 3.75 liter pots of honey. How many liters of honey does Winiata have altogether?

B) Olivia has 103 jars. Each jar is filled with 1355ml of water. How many liters of water does Olivia have altogether?

Division problems with whole numbers:

A) Victoria has 323 lollies. She shares it out between her 4 friends (she doesn't want any for herself). How many lollies will each of her friends get?

B) Katie has a swan plant in her backyard. She wants to make it look more pretty for a picture. She has 56 fake butterflies to evenly put on each leaf. If her swan plant only has 8 leaves on it, how many fake butterflies will go on each of the leaves?

Division problems with decimals:

A) BJ ran 4.75km each day for a period of time. During that time, he ran 121km. How many days did it take him to run that 121km?

B) Jani has 55.2 liters of water. She has 16 bottles with the capactiy of 4 liters. How many liters of water will go into each bottle if she wants to pour the water into the bottles evenly?

Proportions and ratios:

A) If you can make 6 supreme pizzas in 8 hours, how many pizzas can you make in one day?

B) If Jillcan make 4 Waka Waka skirts with 5 meters of fabric, how many can she make out of 20 meters of fabric?

Tie-dye tutorial

Heres a tie-dye tutorial video... Watch to learn how to tie-dye!!

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Hannahs Trip

Hey Room 8
Be shure to look at my crazy families blog when im away and i will try my hardest to post everyday but that all depends on how good the wifi is at these places so click the link and see what happens and just saying my parents chose the name of the blog nt ot me:-)

Family blog for trip

Im so exited

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Long jump - Amelia

Long Jump is my  favorite event from Athletics. I am not very good at long jump but I enjoy it the most .
If you are trying to find a site for 800m Just click on the link below and it will say 3 tip to get better.
3 tip to get better at 800m sprinting


Please take time to complete the following health and PE survey!!!


How to improve you long jump technique!!!!!

Athletics season is coming up here is some thing to help you with long jump!! click here!!!!


Here is a video of Usain Bolt, giving helpful tips on sprinting in 100m and 200m

Discus thorwing

High Jump Records

Watch the Top 10 High Jumpers of all time!

Long Jump- Jani

Watch this clip

100 metre sprint-David

Here is a great way to train for a 100 metre sprint.

High jump techniques - Winiata

High jump is one of the filed event I really like. Click here for some

Shot put technique - How hard can it be?

Here is a guy, Trying to use different techniques to throw a shot put. Watch and enjoy!
Click here!

Long Jump Technique - Max

Basic Discus Throw - Tristan

The school athletics day is coming up soon, so we all need to learn long jump, high jump, discus, and shot put. My favorite is discus, mainly because it doesn't require endurance such as sprints do, so I, and many others can run fast, but I lack endurance, and can get over taken. Discus is a sport based around throwing a disc shaped object weighing around 500 grams - 1.5 kg ( for us anyway ) Here is a link to learn a BASIC discus technique.

Usain Bolt Wins Olympic 100m Gold - London 2012 Olympics

Her is the video of where Usain Bolt Wins Olympic 100m Gold at the 2012 London Olympics:
Usain Bolt 100m Sprint

High Jump technique

I'm not good at High jump but it's one of my favourite events so here is a link to a high jump technique for anyone that is like me and wants to learn.


Here is a tutorial on how to inprove you in long jump


Shot Put Valerie Adams

Shot put Valerie Adams
Heres a link to Valerie Adams medal winning Shot put event.

Sprint Start Improvement Video :3

Sprint Start Improvement :3

Sprinting is my favourite event, but I never knew how to start. This video is...well it's in the title. Watch It!

courtesy: Teach PE youtube channel

High Jump Technique

Here link to a video the shows you the technique of high jump:
High Jump Technique

Everyone Wins

It was the start of a big day for Jamie but an even bigger day for James because there is one thing that men don’t like doing at all and that is going out shopping for a day when they could be at home doing other things like jobs around the house.

So Jamie gets up all excited well James just takes as long as he wants to get out of bed get dressed and have breakfast. For once Jamie is waiting for him. So James decides that he is going to drive so that without Jamie knowing he will take the long way to the mall so as not to get there and have to walk around all day long.

But eventually James can't think of anywhere else to drive around so he starts to head for the mall and soon finds that there is roadworks down that road so,m 1. His car gets all dirty and he is just making more work for himself and 2. He gets stuck in traffic so his wife thinks that he has done this on purpose so she gets angry at him. But they get there and by that time it is lunch time so James and Jamie go to the food mall get lunch, eat it, then they start to shop and go through all of the shops before the mall is closed. But as they are going around the shops James sees a few things that he likes and so decides to by a couple of things but ends up buying more thing than his wife did.

It is 5:30 pm and so they decide to start to head home but on the way out there is a prize of a car that they could win so they enter and the person tells James and Jamie that they are going to pull the winner out of the box soon so they wait a little while then the person who they talked to calls everyone who is around to come as he is going to pull the winner out of the box. He pulls the piece of paper out of the box and asks to have a drum roll please, so everyone starts to smack their legs or the ground to make the noise then he says the winner is.... James And Jamie. Everyone around starts to clap as James and Jamie go up to the man just about crying from joy.

After all of the paper work has gone through they get into there new car, start to drive home when James says “ Well that was a good days shopping wasn't it Jamie”. Then Jamie looks at James surprised that he actually enjoyed it, but then James says “ The only reason why was because we won a brand new car and I don't have to come out shopping with you forever because you have you car to go out in and I have my own as well, so I can (James) go wherever we want when you go out shopping every weekend.

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Prototec Link

Here is a link to Prototec if you are wanting to practice you Basic Facts:

Quizlet Link

Here is the link to get onto Quizlet if you want to have a look at our sets:

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The Suspense - Narrative - Tristan

The Suspense

It was a dark night, the full moon shining in the sky. A small big building sat on the top of a hillside, surrounded by bush’s, and a large, iron gate. Two shining beams were weaving up the mountain, around a damp dirt track.

Nate’s body was being pushed around in all directions, left, right, forward, back, center, you name the direction, he’d been chucked that way in the last 3 minutes 45 seconds. His car was bumping along a long, weaving, mud track, up the side of a mountain. “ Im so lost” he muttered to himself. After being chucked around like jelly beans in a jar, the car skidded to a halt as it ran out of gas, right on top of the hill, the middle of nowhere. “ Ughhh” Nate groaned. “Why is this happening to me” He slammed his door shut, and marched towards a faint light. A light flashed on and off above a big, broken down, steel sign. It read ‘Museum’. “ There would be a night guard in there “ Nate un needingly screamed into the darkness. He slapped his hand over his mouth and crept towards the gate. And just to make things easier, it was locked. He crept around the side of the building, and saw a hole in the brick wall. He took a deep breath, and slowly crawled in the hole. Nate followed a gravel path slowly, and froze in terror. There, on the path, was a blood trail, and in the distance, the blood trail lead right to a headless body, violently smashed against a tree, the evidence, the tree was coated in blood. Nate felt himself start to shake. He was trapped, in the middle of nowhere, at the scene of a violent death.

Nate sprinted for the door of the museum. “ I need to tell the night guard “ Nate yelled at himself under his breath. His foot steps echoed into darkness, and his breath was quickening. He could hear another set of footsteps approaching fast, but rushed inside the museum, slamming the door behind him. WACK, something face planted into the shut door behind him. Not staying to find out what it was, he walked down a set of stairs, and directly into a corridor.

Cobwebs hung on the wall, all across the room. There were even more bodies, face down on the floor, and the blood was EVERYWHERE. And suddenly, a door slowly swung open, and a face popped out. “ HELP” Nate screamed. “ Ummm sir, are you ok? “ Came a weary voice. “ We’re just hosting a halloween party “ Nate slowly turned around, his eyes wide. And behind him, was an old women, poking her head out of the door. “ THERES A BODY” Nate screamed. “ Thats not how you host a halloween party. “ Oh, you silly lad, thats a prop” The old women chuckled. “ B-b-b-but this is a museum” Nate spluttered. “ Used to be” The women said. “ Now its a retirement village “ Nate slapped his forehead, feeling as stupid as ever. “ Unbelievable “ Nate muttered. “ UNBELIEVABLE” The old lady just sat there, and laughed. “ You’re having a blast, aren’t you? “ Nate said, starting to laugh himself. “ Oh yeah I am” But what type of car do you have, those were some real bright green headlights“. “Head lights?” Nate said. “ I didn’t have my headlights on “

Nate and the old women crept slowly towards the door, after Nate told her about the thing that had slammed against the door. “ Slowly, and carefully, Nate pulled the door open “
“ Is that…..” The women murmured in fear.


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~Living in paradise~

~Living in paradise~
People should live in wattle downs because there are fantastic views , amazing houses , our community beach , parks and friendly people. The reason why so many people (Mix of Elderly , Young ) live here we have so much to offer . We have a School ,  Golf course , Retirement village , Bakery , Dairy And a massive friendly neighborhood.

Wattle downs isn’t like any other little town or suburb wattle downs is unique and special in its own way . Everybody that lives in wattle downs does their part to keep Wattle downs clean and tidy. In experience i have personally seen an elderly couple going around wattle downs after a windy day and picking up rubbish that has blown out of the rubbish bins.

Wattle Downs has got everything you need its amazing especially the view. We have round about 2,000 houses in wattle downs. Which means theres a house for you and at the moment there are sections for sale that you can buy and build your dream house with an fantastic view of the ocean.

Wattle downs has come so far since 2006 Reremoana School was getting build in 2006 and half of the houses that are in wattle downs now weren’t there in 2006. Together as a community we are working on improving wattle downs as the years pass.

So in conclusion i think that theres an empty house waiting for you and that you should come down to wattle downs and find / build the correct house for you.

What do you think should change at Reremoana school .....

What do you think should change at Reremoana  school .....
Reremoana school is a wonderful and kind school  managed by the staff of Reremoana school and the new  principal  Lisa Harland and our new deputy principal Alana Cantley . As wattle downs upgrades Reremoana ( in my opinion ) is falling behind . We have upgraded but i think at Reremoana school we need a few more upgrades like ....

A personal space for year seven and eight students to eat there lunch and hang out instead  of having too share an area with the little kids because to many accidents happen when the little kids are the the same area as the little kids and as a caring year eight Reremoana student this is very important to me because its not fair for the little and the big kids .

Bigger hall i believe as the area gets more popular the school receives more enrollment forms which means more students.Every friday we have celebration ( assembly ) as the classes enter the hall we all have to squeeze into our hall which is getting smaller as the school grows bigger

And finally i think the school should have a private court for year 7 & 8 and for sports trainings.I think year 7 & 8s should have there own court because just recently  a little student has been bold over by a year 8 student and it would be very nice if we had a private court.

Thank you for considering my thoughts
By Chloe Mary Thompson
Year 8 Student from Reremoana School

Monday, 1 September 2014

The Haunted Castle - Ashleigh

It was the night of Halloween, so Jack and Jack (2 best friends) decided it was a goof idea to go and trick or treat somewhere different this year. Both Jacks decided they would go to a local Castle that was so called "Haunted".

Soon after, they made a decision that they were going to go to the Castle. The way to the Castle was very dark and gloomy, there was nobody around, and the only sound you could hear was the birds passing through the branches. The Jacks could see the Castle in the distance. A large stone building covered with moss and vines. 
"Jack I'm scared" says Jack 
"So am I Jack, but we can do this, come on it can't be that bad" replies Jack.
They both walk up to the old door and then step inside. Both of the boys were completely scared, because of the myths they have being told about the Castle. Jack saw a big bowl of candy, and went for it before anyone would see him, while other Jack wondered is way up the stairs. They thought that they might as well explore the Castle, considering they probably wouldn't ever come again. 

Before they knew it, the stairs started to collapse, with stones piling one on top of another. The ground was shaking, so Jack and Jack ran for it, and were lucky enough to be able to escape. They didn't know what to do, so they decided to run back home. Both Jack's told their family's what happened, but nobody believed them.   

That night they both knew that what happened, happened for a reason, where there ghosts ? All of these weird thoughts went through their minds. But just when they were almost asleep, there was a tap at the window. 

                     OUR PAGE VIEWS!!!

The Quest - Narrative - Tristan

It was a bright sunny day in the kingdom of Torn, two small figures slowly strolled through the meadow, surrounded by a massive ring of tree's and wasteland, where no one ever returned from. John and Stone ran across the meadow, towards the castle.

" Come on Stone " John puffed to his talking wolf. " We're almost there ". " Why do we want to go here anyway? " Stone said warily. "Its so far away from our cozy little shack" " Na your just lazy" John joked, before skidding across the round, tripped up by a thrown rope. He felt himself being hauled up. "Get off" John screamed, kicking out behind him. "Are you John Hawk" murmured a deep, muffled voice behind him. " Take em to the king " came the same voice, talking to the person beside him, holding Stone. There was a few minutes of confusion before John and Stone were both thrown roughly onto the ground. " John" said a deep voice. " You and your freak of nature are sentenced to be hung for killing your family " " WHAT " John screamed " My family died years ago, you must be mistaken " " Alright " said the King after considering Johns reply. " Theres one way to prove that " he said slowly. "HOW" John cried. " You'll have to go on a bit of a 'quest' for me " The king sneered.

" So let me get this straight " Stone howled at John " We're going on a quest, to steal a magical amethyst from a dragons castle, just so that King Confusion won't kill us " " Yup " John muttered. "Apparently the amethyst glows when someone nearby lies " "Rubbish " Stone snarled. So they dashed through the tree border, and into the waste lands. Giant, scaled birds flew through the air, swiping at sheep as they munched on tufts of grass. And within an hour of traveling, a giant brick castle stood in front of them.

"John..." Stone whispered. " Thats a giant brick castle, surrounded by a giant pit into the abys, with once again a GIANT wooden bridge" " We have to do it" John said slowly. " Its the only way to prove our innocence ". Their two, tiny figures crept across the bridge, under the broken arch, and straight into the castle. " This is horrifying " John  hissed under his breath. " Theres lava all under the cracked floor " "Im aware of that " Stone scowled, as they crept along. "Alright" John said. " You go left, and i'll continue ahead ". "Got it" Stone said, relieved he got the narrow path. " A dragon couldn't be in here "
Stone whimpered to himself. Suddenly a giant SMASH echoed through the hall, and a cracked piece of rock flew past stone. Stone, already knowing what was behind him, sped off. " DRAGON " he screeched.

John turned around, hearing his friends faint cry. " STONE " he screamed, seconds before he pelted out. Behind him, a massive, blue beast smashed through the wall. The dragons screech echoed down the hall. Giant fangs, black, pointed claws, fire breath, it was truly terrifying The dragon roared, rearing up, and breathing out a massive pit of blue flame. "STONE NO" John screamed in fear. He dashed for a staircase to a tower, but the dragon whipped his tail in front, knocking the tower down.. " AH" John screamed, backing away fearfully. The dragon reared up again, slamming its front claws on top of John. John felt his body being squashed, but just before the dragon bit down, Stone jumped it, grabbing John in his jaws. " The amethyst is on my back " came Stones muffled voice. And sure enough, there on his back was the shiny, purple gem. The dragons roar echoed through the hall as it gave chase, but Stone jumped off the bridge, and clear off the hillside. " WE MADE IT" John screamed. " Thats nice " Stone said sarcasticly. " Now lets go before that beast takes to the skies and finds us" " Good point " John said quickly, and they both dashed off towards the trees.

So they strolled back across the tree border, and sure enough, the amethyst never lit up, when they both told the king they were innocent. So both John and Stone were free to go. " Now " said the king. " One step closer " The knights laughs echoed through the castle.