Thursday, 30 October 2014


On the morning of camp we all had to wake up early so as to make sure that you were at school at 8:00 am sharp. We also needed to have had all of the things that you needed because if you forgot something then that could affect the way you act over the 4 days and 3 nights that you are there for. After that we all said goodbye, put all of our bags outside the hall and went in to the hall to get all of the information that we needed to get before we left for camp. After the brief we came out of the hall and the buses were waiting for us so we walked down to the buses, put our bags in, then hopped into the buses getting ready to leave for LAKEWOOD LODGE.

The first night groups 1-3 had survival camp so we spent the day setting up camp putting our clothes in the tent and all the rest of it. But after we had done that the fun started to happen that is when we had to do the MUD RUN. The mud run is where you have to run through the water which is very very muddy.

Well we were there we also did quite a few activities including: A flying fox, Water slide, Low ropes, Kayaking, Horse riding, Lake swiw, Wall climbing, Archery, and Volleyball in the free time that we had well we where waiting for meals. There were also quite a few activities that we did in the evenings. Those activities where the WHY GAMES, Burma trail, and also spotlight which groups 1-3 did not get to do because it was on the first night and they were at survival camp that night.

On the last day of camp we has the TOP CLASS EVENT. In the event we had to do all of the activities everyone had done over the 4 days we were at Lakewood Lodge. That meant is was ROOM 6,7 VS ROOM 8. In the event everyone had to do a least one thing. That meant that there would be more than 1 person doing an event at a time and the first team that had everyone through would win and that just happened to be ROOM 8.

My personal opinion of camp was that it was ABSOLUTELY AWESOME and that is would back there again. The only bad thing that I could say was that they could have had more meat.

Hard Materials Technology - Tristan

I did this technology ages ago in term 2, but I found this writing on my google drive and figured i'd post it.

Why you should do hard materials for technology

Every term the year 7 and 8’s have technology. We pick from one of four options. Electronics, food, video photography, soft materials and hard materials. This term ( in term 2 ) I did hard materials with a bunch of other people. If you haven’t done it already you should to hard materials. It teaches you useful skills, you can get a sense of maturity, and its simply fun to do.

First of all, hard materials can teach you lots of useful skills. The first one being how to cut out silhouettes, using either a jigsaw, or a scrollsaw. And the jigsaw is not a puzzle, and if your sensible not dangerous. If you’re not sensible, the jigsaw is as dangerous as hard materials gets, so its not going to be easy cutting you’re fingers off. You learn to use the jigsaw, a hand held wood cutting machine, and the scrollsaw, which I like to call the mutant sewing machine ( because its like a sewing machine but cuts wood, and you’d have to be incredibly special to hurt yourself with it ) As for the jigsaw, as I said its handheld, and you just move it around to face where you want it to cut. The scrollsaw is different. as you maneuver the wood instead of the machine. These skills  could help in the future whether its making something for your house, friend kids and more.

Next, hard materials teaches kids to be mature. If your not mature in hard materials, you’ll have the chance of cutting yourself, fingers, or painting your uniform, walking around at lunch like that genious that painted him/ her self. Also, you need to be more sensible than other groups. Aside from the fact that you should be sensible either way, what’s your reason to focus in soft materials. Careful now, you might sew yourself to death. ( Either way pay attention no matter where you are ) But in all seriousness if you’re not sensible in hard materials you could seriously injure yourself, someone else, or paint yourself or once again someone else.

Finally, the main reason why you should do hard materials...Its fun! I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t do a technology option that was boring. You can have lots of fun cutting out either basic or advanced silhouettes, using the power tools, or using your imagination when it comes to painting, and making something really cool. When it comes to painting you can make it look however you want, by either using detail, or using one colour and making a colourful silhouette of a building, house, cat, dog, wolf, ball, dobby or even the the Eiffel tower ( So many people made the Eiffel tower ) Hard materials is super fun!

I hope you now know why you should pick hard materials as one of your four technology options. Its fun, teaches you a sense of maturity, and you learn useful skills. Hard materials is super cool, exciting an
d simply fun to do.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

LakeWood Lodge Camp 2014 - Recount - Tristan

LWL Camp

It was around quarter past eight in the morning, 21/10/2014
(Thats the date this happened, not the day this was written)
Everyone was arriving at school with bags Of different shapes and sizes. After about 10 minutes, we left on on the bus, on our way to lakewood lodge. The trip was just under an hour and a half long, and moments before we saw the lakewood lodge sign, we saw the bottom half of a dead possum, not even flattened, just massacred. within a few minutes had finally arrive at our Camp.

Every Day, unless we were on survival camp, we would do 3 main activities, each group taking turns. Some activities seemed to not have enough to last us an hour and a half, but each time we were proven wrong.


The first activity we did was horse riding. I was nervous to do this, and never thought it would end out as my favourite activity. Being so nervous, i wanted to ride the smallest horse, Libelle, and with my luck, ended out with the biggest one, Ricky (Excluding george who wasn’t there at the time) Once again, i was proven wrong, as ricky ended out being my favourite horse. i called him ricky airlines, because it felt like you were levitating in mid air. and to end this activity, ricky did the BIGGEST FART EVER! on this same day we did canoeing, which was packed with lots of challenges, games, and laughs. this was probably my second favourite activity, tied with flying fox. finally, we did climbing wall, which i don’t have much to say about, other than the fact i made it half way up. that evening we did an awesome waterslide, and had showers.


Today we had survival camp, a day spent out in an open area, with a small forest beside us, a shack for toilets, and a ‘ CURSED TREE ‘. Plus, the toilets were long drops. we did fitness challenges, a mud run, and a funny challenge, the scream and run for as long as possible, while looking like a moron challenge. The coolest, was the fire challenge, that we had to make burn a string, then keep it running. After this we cooked sausages on it for our lunch ( pre cooked ), then cooked our dinner on it ( not pre cooked ) Every group had their own fire, and seating area, though my groups fire pit was the big main one, where we did most our stuff. That night was the talent quest. Me and my skit group were so scared, because we barely practiced, but it came out great, and we got a tasty chocolate reward for being morons on stage :D. Finally, we walked back to the tent zone, and listened to scary stories around a fire at night, cried ( Well some people cried, i didn’t but i was scared ) and went to sleep in our tents.
today, we did three more activities, archery, which i was terrible at, Low ropes, which was fun, but slightly frustrating when i wasn’t listened to. Then there’s flying fox. It was so much fun. We did various things on it, such as scream, rock paper scissors, sing, and my idea, a dance off. That afternoon we had a pony/carriage ride, lake swim, and went on the water slide again. We also had the Y games, a series of weird fun, and occasionally disgusting challenges.
Today was our final day at camp. We had a top class challenge / event. room 6 and 7 students against room 8. This was a race for the classes to complete every activity we had done over the duration of camp ( Except horse riding D: ) This included the lake swim, water slide, and a surprise challenge. Everyone was involved. At first we were winning, but they got ahead in the archery, by a surprisingly lethal 15 seconds. At the flying fox, a person from the other team started showing off, and then karma kicked in when we caught up, right at the end of the flying fox. At The final challenge, the waterslide, it was still a tie. For the surprise event, it was first class to make their class number on the grass, out of people ( their whole team, and if you were wondering room 6 and 7 made a 7 ) our team just beat them by a couple of seconds, and we were rewarded with a rasberry marshmallow chocolate bar. The perfect way to end camp.
The camp was really fun, and a great experience that i’ll never forget ( hopefully ) It was an exciting camp, with practically no dangerous hazards, or anything to be aware of. The staff were nice, the animals were all well trained. Before going to camp I expected I’d rate it a 6.5/10, but after going, i’d give it a 9/10. Best camp so far!
Just while i was writing this I just want to say, THERES NO CROCODILE’S CAGED IN THE LAKE AS A BREEDING PROGRAM FOR BUTTERFLY CREEK. A. they can’t breath under water……. B. It wouldn’t be legally permitted in an open area like that, with a massive stream right behind it. If they escaped into that river BAMM crocodiles native to New Zealand…
Sorry for no capitals the google docs font made it all look like capitals and i got confused...

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Camp - Group line dance!!

Here is your challenge!!!

You have to prepare a between 1:30 and 2:00 (minute line dance), you have to incorporate at least 3 songs anyway you would like to.

You have to use these following songs:
1. From an animated movie.
2. Shake it off (Taylor Swift)
3. Waka-Waka (All new moves)

Good luck and have fun!!

Let's see who checks their class blogs in the holidays!!!