Wednesday, 5 November 2014

😍2014 Athletics day😍

On the 30th of October 2014 Reremoana School had the school athletics day which was held at Massey Park in Papakura.

At first I was super nervous then as the first event finished and I got my first ribbon I was excited to do the rest of the events to try and get even more ribbons. The first event that the year 8 girls had was the 1500m race, the placings for the girls were
Gemma 1st Hannah 2nd and Me 3rd.
The next event we had was Discus the placings for that were, Hannah 1st Gemma 2nd and Chloe 3rd.

After Discus we had Long jump, Gemma got first Hannah came 2nd and I got 3rd again!
We did Long Jump after Discus, and straight away after I had done my second jump all my nervous feelings came back to me when I jumped too early and got a shorter jump then on my first go. The results were Gemma 1st Hannah 2nd and me 3rd but only by a little bit!

We then had a bit of a brake and prepared for the 200m sprint where all the year 8 girls decided to participate! I found this race one of the harder races of the day because of how we had to start made me feel nervous.
After the 200m sprint we did shot put where I had the best of luck and managed to throw the further  and got the 1st place ribbon. Second was Hannah and third was Gemma,that event by far was the one I most enjoyed.
800m was the next event we all took part in,which was two laps of the track that we had to run,this to me was one of the worst events but i still managed to get 3rd place in it.
1st Gemma 2nd Hannah 3rd Me!

After the 800m was the 100m sprints which was the most important event! it was also the last event so everyone had to push themselves to the limit to win or get a placing in the sprint. The year 8 girls race was tight and just before we started I felt sick to my stomach and super nervous! there was a stadium full of people that were waiting to see what would happen and as we got ready to race, we went into our crouch start and waited for the gun to go off. “BANG!!” and we were off, we were running like mad everyone wanted a placing but only three could get it! we finished the race with the results of 1st Gemma 2nd Hannah and 3rd Me!

After the 100m sprint I felt happy as! I enjoyed the day and I cant believe I actually managed to get 7 ribbons even though there was only 5 of us year 8 girls ;) and i cant wait till we go to counties.

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