Monday, 3 November 2014

👏2014 Lakewood Lodge Camp👏

On Tuesday the 21st of October all the year 7 & 8’s went to Lakewood Lodge for camp. We arrived at school with big bags full of clothes and sore shoulders! after carrying everything we needed at camp including a big bag of clothes,a sleeping bag,pillow and a day pack.

We handed in all medication and biscuits, then got ready to get on to the bus. One group at a time we put our bags on the bus. One group at a time we put our bags on the bus and and got into a bus. On the bus just after we had left everyone that had lollies shared them amongst people in the bus.

While we were in the bus,every time we got bored we would take SELFI’Es !

We finally arrived at Lakewood Lodge and got off the bus. The first instructor we met was Abby she lead us down  a big hill where  her and  the rest of the supervisers introduced themsleves. We then got time to go set up and in our  dorms up and have a look around at things before we started our first activities.
After we had set up where we were sleeping in our dorms, groups 1, 2 and 3 (Royals Swagger Muffins and Survivors) got ready to go to survival camp and made our way down to the hall where we got given our first instructions from another Instructor “Mad Mike”, he was the instructor for survival camp.

All 3 groups left for survival camp and had the struggle of finding our own way down to the camp without the adults telling us where to go. When we had finally made it down to the survival camp after 10 to 15 minutes of walking we got set up for our first challenge.

The first thing we did was set up our tents where we wanted to sleep for the night. Me Olivia Katie and Ashleigh were the ones that set up the tents far away from the other ones down by the gross toilet that was a long drop and was full of spiders and green grime and smelt really bad and looked disgusting altogether.

The first activity we did was the 50 yard scream, where you had to scream while running with one breath and see how far you could run until you were out of breath. The next thing we did was the “Mud Run” which was the best thing about survival camp.

We cooked our own diner and told scary stories around the campfire, we also did the burma trail which was funny and scary at the same time.

The next few days at camp we did a rotation between Kayaking Archery The Flying Fox Low Ropes and Wall Climbing. We did other activities in between during free time such as the water slide pool table ping pong table j-ball trampoline and on the last days a lake swim.

We did the talent show and the y games on the last to nights and on the last day  we had a huge class activity that included all the activites including the ones we did during free time. Room 8 smashed it out and just managed to beat Room 7 .

This years camp was amazing and I would do anything to go back to it… only this time with a hair straightener! ;)

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