Sunday, 16 November 2014

A Fathers Winter Poem - Victoria

Exploring the wonders of an avalanch city. I wonder with curiosity what will pop out to me. Perheaps a poem to trigger my imagination, Or maybe a newborn polar as I start my examination. Im here to find things no ones seen before, But as I stroll along I start to bawl. 

"Why oh why did I do this with my life. Im a single dad without a wife."

Walking through the gorgeous landscape, I come across a river. Five miles to go back, I beg to differ. Cant go around, Cant go back. What will my boy do without his dad. I look back at the thousand foot mountain, It starts to crumble by my feet. Im scared and worried the homemade pizza was the last thing I eat.

The mountain collapes and I fall to the ground. I jump up to my feet and look around. Not only will my boy miss his father. He may be homeless no where to shower. With a splash and a kick, I ran to the other side. To my surprise, Im still alive. The mountain stops, It stops its roars. Im extremly relived, I dont have to bawl. But as I gradly stand to my feet. I realized that lifes to short, To cry myself asleep.

The soft sounds of the water flowing. As my thoughts are pushed to the back of my head. I stop to admire the beauty outside my head. Birds soaring pass and soft snowflakes. Small little rats trying to escape. Outside of this winter wonderland, Is the reality, But I need to stand. Stand tall against all the odds me and my boy will face. At least I can help him run his race. Ill be there for him, Thick and thin. Over all our problems we will win!

Im reuntied with Thomas, My son. Our love has now become. Become more than what ive ever known, More than what I can write in this poem. Till this day, I remember the past. If the mountain collapsed on me I would not last. 

No more crying about my poor beloved. Time to move on from when she mothered. Now as the snow gets heavier as we go. Enough of the pain that happened long ago. Me and my son are now standing tall, No more problems can make us fall.

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