Tuesday, 25 November 2014

A Little Boys Summer - Victoria

This week I have been writing poems about the seasons and adding a twist. Since I finished my winter poem before the end of the week, I decided to do another. Here is my summer poem.

As the sun pushes back the dark mysterious clouds. It releases its warmth among the crowds. Soft Ice-cream melts in my mouth, Makes my taste buds, Tingle all over and out. No season can beat the warm sun rays. Nothing can make my love for summer go away. 

People are sunbathing on the beach, But one small boy cannot reach. Reach his togs, Oh so high. His biggest mistake to let it dry. He screamed and yelled, Trying to ask for help. But no one could hear his pitiful yelps.

*Boom* and *CRASH* from across the island. He see's the hot liquid and runs for high-land. Burning material goes up in flames. Scared people screaming out random names. James is worried for the sake of his family. He grows up in a minute, And becomes manly.

Hes about to do something no ones done before. Run into the volcano's hot liquid, While it hisses and roars. He see's a lady struggling to run, Heads to her and hears 

"Please find my son." 

As James furiously looks for the son. He searches through beach house's. Every single one. Not one had a little boy screaming for help. Only a boy standing, With a bleeding mouth. He runs to James all puzzled and sick. Asking 

"We gotta find my mum, We gotta be quick."

James picks up the boy and starts to carry. He asks in advance, 

"Are you ready?" 

The little boy nods and away they go. Running from the hot liquid, Still in flow.

The little boy says 

"Please stop there's my mum." 

James slows down and drops him on his 'bum'. The little boy jumps of his chair. He runs to his mum and says,

"This answers my prayer."

James walks to the ambulance truck. The lady walks to him and gives him a tug.

"Excuse me, Thanks for helping me out. My boy is now happy, No need to pout"

"Your welcome"

James says with a gigantic grin.

"We both gained scars and damaged our shins."

James looks back at the time he had had. He smiles and laughs 

"I was so mad!"

He realises it doesn't matter if your small, He wouldn't of fitted in the beach houses if he was tall. Therefore he saved the son, With very small height. He thinks about saving him every single night. Just because James could not reach his swimsuit. The angle it had was acute. But no James is proud he could not reach. Its better being small, Walking along a warm beach.

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