Tuesday, 25 November 2014

A storm in spring - Brooke & Jani :)

As the sun comes up on a warm sunny day,
All the animals come out wanting to play.
As I wake up to see the flowers bloom 
I grab my sunhat and walk out the room.
When I see what has come across the land
A terrible thunder storm sounding like a marching band.

As I get the milk ready for the baby lamb,
She hears loud noises and starts to scram.
As I take her to her little pen I hear big thumps 
and realize it's angry men.
As I rush to the corner of my cosy house
I hear loud squeaks from a little mouse.

I tell her everything will be fine 
because when the storms over the sun will once 
again shine.
As the hours go past I wonder how long the storm will last.
So I decide to go to bed and when I wake up the storm was dead.
Once again the sun came out and all the baby flowers 
started to sprout.

So everybody lived happily ever after and once
again everybody shouted with laughter.

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