Thursday, 27 November 2014

Amelia - rhyming reasons

iphone !

The new device was coming 
in fact was already there
all the kids were running 
wanting to get their fare
begging all their parents
asking all their friends 
the new iphone took over 
right that day and then 

                         Crying  kids were coming 
                         from all the internet 
                         disappointed teenagers 
                         rummaging through their 
                          using all their pocket 
                           walking into town 
                          Although christmas 
                         was coming
                         in  less than a month 
                         or two
                       no one could be patient
                                             not even parents do 

                         but the excitement 
                         came again
                          just before it stopped 
                          I remember just 
                          last weekend  
                         when the iphone 2 
                         went into shops  


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