Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Athleics day-By Eden

:)Reremoana Athletics day:)

On the 30th of October 2014 Reremoana went to Massy park to have athletics day. At  9:00am we had the roll then age by age we made our way in the bus. The teachers and some peasants help running the events. I was really excited for this day to come. I was praying that it wont rain but it did every now and then.

First we had 1500m Theané came 1st ,Eden (me) came 2nd and Brooke who came 3rd. Then after that the 12 year olds had high jump Brooke came 1st Katie came 2nd and Kaitlyn 3rd. Then we had shot put we had bad luck with the weather because the rain was here and we got socked. Any way Ashleigh came 1st , Vicky was 2nd and 3rd was Theané. Then we had a break to have something to eat the we got ready for 200m we had to get into group for different heats and we go by time to see who came 1st 2nd and 3rd. 1st was Jorien and Chloe.P 2nd and Eden (me) came 3rd.  Then we did discuss I did a good thought but then I didn't go around the back to go get the discuss. 1st was Ashleigh then Katie in 2nd then 3rd was Jorien. Then we had 800m 1st was Theané then (me) Eden in 2nd and brooke in 3rd. Then we had long jump I was so close to getting 3rd by 2cm. 1st was Jorien then 2nd was Chloe. P then in 3rd was Ashleigh. Then we had a break for a little bit the we wormed up for 100m 1st was Jorien then in 2nd was Chloe.P and in 3rd was Eden (me).

That was the end of the athletics day 2014 and I really enjoyed it. Thank you to all the parents that came a help to make this day work for us and a big thanks Mr Fourie for organising this day for us.

By Eden!!!!   

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