Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Athletics day 2014- Gemma

Athletics Champions!

On the 30th of October, Reremoana School had their annual Athletics Day. Run by teachers and volunteer adults, the day took place at Massey Park. All students were eager to: do their best, get heaps of ribbons and break records. The weather wasn’t very promising, but we still went ahead with it.

To start off, the 13 year old girls (who were managing themselves) began with the 1500m, followed by discus and then high jump. I came first for the 1500m (breaking the record), second was Hannah and Shannyn came in third. We then quickly went over to discus (because we had three events at 10:30; which was ok because there was only 5 of us). Hannah’s discus soared past the rest of ours but still 3 meters away from the record. I came second and Chloe came third. We rushed back over to high jump as it started to rain. Hannah and I battled it out for 1st place- both jumping higher than the record. I ended at the height of 1.24m and Hannah won (getting her name in the record book) with the height of 1.25m. It was getting colder and colder by the day, so we moved back to the stand until our next event at 11:30.

The weather slowly cleared by the time we had to start long jump. Alot of girls (including myself) face planted several times into the sand. After 3 jumps each, they read out the results. I came first, Hannah second and Shannyn third. We were far from the record although I jumped my personal best. Straight after long jump, we went to warm up for the 200m. We had time to cheer on all the other races before ours. When it came to our race, I came first, Hannah came second and Shannyn third. We had an hours wait until our next event, giving us time to have a bite to eat and support the other students.

Chloe had her hopes high for shot put at 1:00. We had three turns each. I came third, Hannah second and Shannyn came first. Chloe unfortunately didn’t achieve her goal as she came fourth but it didn’t ruin her confidence for the last two events of the day. Right after shot put we had the 800m. The 13 year old boys and girls ran together because of the little amount of people who wanted to run in it. I came first (beating the record), Hannah came second and Shannyn came third. We had a while until the 100m but we stood at the rails to support the younger children running their race. When it came to our race, it started to rain. We ran against the wind but it was a great way to end all the events. I came first, Hannah came second and Shannyn came third. We put our jumpers on, made sure everyone had all their things and then made our way back to school.

Athletics day 2014 was awesome. We all had heaps of fun and I am proud of my results. I would like to thank all the parents, grandparents, Aunties, Uncles and teachers for all the effort and time they put into making one of the coolest days of the year possible!

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