Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Athletics Day 2014 - Tristan

It was a  cloudy, windy day. Various buses were slowly taking turns parking, and releasing swarms of excited and cold children. Generally, athletics would be postponed on a day like this, with the on and off rain, and cold, windy air. The reason why it wasn't, is because the arranged back up day was the same day as the school production dress rehearsal ( GENIUS ) Either way, I was pretty happy with myself, because I made the logo for the TAWA ( Green ) team logo. My main goal for the day was to at least get ONE placing.

There were three different types of events. I call them running, jumping, and strength. Starting with running. There were four different runs, 1500m, 800m, 200m, and 100m. I didn't do the two long distances, as I was saving my energy for sprints ( don't judge other people did the same ) For 200m & 100m, our group was split into three groups, and first, second and third were decided by time. I ran so hard in the 200m, and I was utterly disappointed to not get at least a third. In the 100m, I badly needed the toilet ( I drank way to much ) And ended out running with the first ( fast ) group. I ended out coming second to last, but I knew that in comparison to the other group I still ran faster, and I didn't really care. Compared to me, those kids are just to fast.

Next for the jumping events, High Jump, and Long Jump. In High jump, all except three people ( including me ) couldn't jump over the first height, and it quickly became ' sit and watch people get almost endless attempts '. Then theres Long jump. I jumped around 3.03m, and really thought i'd get third. But once again, I was beaten by the same three people who came first, second and third in the 200m.

Finally, there were strength events. In these events, there were no disappointments, as I knew I didn't stand a chance. It was seriously funny though, when some one did the best throw in shout put, then walked out the front of the circle ( NO THROW, but he still won on the second throw anyway ) In both shot put and discus I threw further than very few people, and did the same thing I mentioned earlier ( walking out the front of the circle ) In discus, so I got a no throw ( It wasn't the best throw in the world any way ) No matter what, I was still happy I could beat those 3-5 people.

So in the end, I never accomplished my goal. Once again i'll probably be given a participation award, but I have so many I call them sympathy awards now ( no offense ) Either way it was a fun and exciting day, and I tried my best.

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