Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Athletics Day 2014-Gabriel

Athletics Day

On the 30th of October was the Reremoana School athletics day,this was a very exciting day for and it was also the last for the year 8’s.The first event from years 5-8 was 1500m which is 3 and a bit laps this event you got to choose whether you did it or not which I think some people were pleased about, these were the results;Year 8 girls 1st Gemma  2nd Hannah  3rd Shannyn, Year 8 boy’s 1st Ben 2nd J J Jahmiah 3rd Winiata, Year 7 Girls 1st Theane 2nd Eden 3rd Brooke, Year 7 Boys 1st Teia 2nd BJ 3rd Bradley I came 4th YAY! I found this race was one of the harder ones at the end of the day I think I did really well.Congrats to everyone that got a placing in that event.

The next event was Shot Put at 10:30 I thought that I wasn’t going to do well in shot put but I think that I did quite well (considering i’m pretty scrawny).These were the results Year 7 Boys 1st Max 2nd Luke Metate 3rd Griffin Year 7 Girls 1st Ashleigh 2nd Victoria 3rd Theane.Congrats to everyone that got a placing in that event.

The next few events were High jump,200m and Discus,at high jump I didn’t think that I did that well in high jump as I did last year because last year I came fourth.I was surprised that I didn’t do that well in 200m because I am a middle distance runner and I usually do well at school at fitness,at discus I thought I would have done really well and I was very surprised but there’s always next year.Throughout the rest of the rest of the day the weather was on and off but when it came to long jump it was fine completely fine.
Athletics 14 7599.jpg

Then it came to the 100m sprints that was fun it started to spit and continued to about the year 5’s then thats when the rain came down first the year 5’s ran then year 6’s then it was my turn by that point it was heaving down with rain…… on your marks…….SET…..GOOOOOOOO it was on David Max BJ and Teia up front,and me well let’s just say I was coming dead last I knew I wasn’t good at 100m but I ran as fast as I could but out of everyone I was having the most fun no doubt running in the rain it was the best Athletics Day by far.


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