Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Athletics day 2014

                       Athletics day 2014

on the 30th of October 2014 all the students of Reremoana school went to the annual Athletics day at Massey park, Papakura we were split up into 3 groups depending on our last name : A-G were in Tawa the green group, H-Q was Rimu the yellow team and then there was R-Z Kauri the blue team I was in Tawa, this year would be slightly different to last year I was still up against the same people as last year, but the records were better than last year they were, but some were still the same others were longer,  higher, further and faster it would be hard to bet them. The whole school got there on 5-6 busses.

My age groups first event was the 1500 meter run this was an event for 11-13 year olds, most people took part in this event, next was shot put this was a throwing event everyone took part in this event, the next event was high jump also like the 1500 m only the 11-13 year olds did this event, the 4th event, 200 m a sprint only the 8-13 year olds did this run. After that discus another throwing event everyone did this event but age group got a different weight discus also like in shot put. Our 6'th event was long jump also in this event everyone took part in this event, next was 800 an event that only the 9-13 year olds took part in and last was the 100 m sprint. I did everything apart from the 800 m run.

For the 1500 m's I came last with 20-22 minutes, for shot put and discus I came 7th, in high jump I was 2nd to last, long jump I came last and in the 200 and 100 m's I came last. I did as much as I could and gave everything I did a good go. Overall I think this years athletics day was fun, I did my best and gave it everything I got.

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