Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Athletics day - Amelia

☺ Reremoana Athletics day 2014☺

On Thursday the 30 th of October Reremoana School had their one and only school Athletics day during the Athletics  there were a lot of different events that only occurred to some age groups and some the occurred to everyone.When it comes to sports I’m usually not that talented but I find that if I try my best and give it my all at least I’ve done and I can put my name under completing it and giving it my best shot .  

The events that I did were:
  • Long jump
  • High jump
  • Shot put
  • Discus
  • 100 m
  • 200 m
  • 1500 m
  • 800 m
My favourite event in Athletics is long jump but I’m pretty good at middle distance running (800 and 1500 meters) which could possibly be my best event during the Athletics day I think it is also my second favourite event . Even  though I didn’t get a gold,silver or bronze medal as much as I would have liked one but I did try my hardest in every event I did .

When I was competing against all the other girls  In my age group I found it hard to keep up with the people in front of me and worked hard to stay in front of the people behind . My groups

event was high jump which I got out on my first turn .  Our second event was 1500 m which I came second to last in . Our third event was shot put where it started to rain and it made it hard to do . Our fourth event was 200 m where we were split into Two groups and I came third in the group I was in but not third altogether . Next was discus for our fifth event .Our sixth was long jump which was interrupted by 800 m but we finished it all after.

I really enjoyed the school Athletics day and I am really proud of myself for completing every event with all my strength i think it was a great day and everyone did really well !!!

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