Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Athletics Day - Ashleigh

Thursday 30th October was a great day, considering it was our school athletics day. I was in the 12 year old girls, and we had many fun and competitive events. The events that I competed in were, HIgh jump, Shot put, 200m sprint, Discus, Long jump, 100m sprint. 

The events I mainly enjoyed was Shot put and Discus, I also ended up winning and breaking records for both of the events. I also liked Long jump but wasn’t expecting to come 3rd which I’m proud of anyway. 

Even though I didn’t take part in some of the events, I still had fun cheering people on and seeing my friends have a go at it. 

It was a really fun day, and it’s also a great feeling knowing you have achieved something you have being working and trying hard for. I ended up going home with 3 ribbons on that day. 

I now can’t wait till next years athletics day and hopefully I can get better at some of the events before then !!!

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