Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Athletics day-Ben

On Thursday 30th October at Massey Park, it was the annual athletics day, to decide who is going to Central Counties and who is going to be in the athletics team.

We went on the bus and drove to Massey Park, where the adventure begun.  Pretty much, as soon as we got there we went to the first event: Discus.  We all lined up in a specific order, me going in last.  Ath the end of that event I ended 2nd place.  Secondly, we did 1500m, which only three of us competed thankfully because Fala was my main competition.  So at the end of the event I ended coming at first place.

After that we had a little morning tea breakand after 20 minutes or so we headed off towards our next activity:  High Jump. We all took our turns and it ended up being Fala and I in the finals, but on one of the last jumps Fala hit the pole and I made it over, so I managed to pull off another first place victory.  Soon after, we heded off to Long Jump.  Where Fala managed to jump 2 centimetres in front of me, but I still came 2nd so i'm quite proud.

Straight after that we had to got to 200m sprints, after we had finished it I came 3rd place, so basically I've had a ribbon for every event so far.  Then Mr. Munro told us to quickly do Shot Put so we can have a long break before our last two events, so we agreed with him and did Shot Put.  In the end Fala broke a record and got way ahead of 2nd place, then Winiata beat me by just about a millimetre but I came 3rd place so I'm still happy.

Then we had our lunch break and still had about an hour before we actually had to do the 800m.  But we came there about and hour in advance, finally it started and I manged to pull off 2nd place with Fala in front and Winata behind.  Finally it was the final event 100m, we were waiting in the pouring rain for us to start, but soon enough it was our turn. On your marks, get set, GOOO! WE were all racing Fala came first and Jahmiah just beat me, so I landed in third!  Which I was very happy about, so in the end I accumulated a total of 8 ribbons, which was amazing for me, I ws really proud of myself!  And I made it into the athletics team and I can't wait to compete again!


1500m:  Gold
High Jump: gold
Discus: Silver
800m: silver
Long Jump: Silver
Shot Put: Bronze
200m: Bronze
100m: Bronze

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