Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Athletics day-jaylen

On the 30th of october 2014 Reremoana school had athletics day which the whole school attended to.We were all sent in our age groups From oldest to youngest in the buses There were four of them.Once we all arrived to massey park we went to the stans and waited to here what miss harlands instructions.We got our instructions so off we went to our first events.

The first event for the 12 yr old boys(my group) was the big 1500m and most of us did this event some didn't and I was proud that I was doing it for my group.After the 1500m It was time for the next event which was shot put and I unfortunatly didn't get a 

ribbon but that's okay Cause I enjoyed myself outthere.Then we had a huge break in between our next event so we had a snack and a little rest and then had our next event which was High jump I particapated in this event and I enjoyed It so It was cool to see my friends getting ribbons and seeing them happy on the day.After High jump it was straight to 200m sprints And I enjoyed it And the day was going pretty good so far for me even though I didn't have any ribbons yet I was enjoying myself.There was another huge break for us so we had another snack and some water and had 

another little rest.After that we came to our second throwing event Discus I was hoping for a ribbon this time but I didn't get a ribbon for this event simply cause there people better than me and that's it.Discus was over so it was time to go to Long jump but there was a mix up so we had to go to 800m and the long jump again and it was confusing but I was going to do my best and participate in every event at athletics day And I did and enjoyed it.The final event of the day was 100m and that was the one I enjoyed the most cause it started to rain and it was cool as when it happened.

Overall I loved the Athletics day cause even though I didn't get a ribbon my friends did and they were happy so I was glad for them and hat was a cool thing that happened


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