Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Athletics day - Teia

on the 30th of october 2014 Reremoana had a school athletics day and everyone had a blast especially me i got 2 1st's 2 2nd's and 1 3rd.once we got on the bus everyone was really pumped because they were excited about trying to break records and getting ribbons when we got there miss harlend had a talk with us and then we got straight into it with the 1500 meter race first it was a good race between me and Bj but i ended out on top first was me 2nd was Bj and 3rd was Bradley then we went back to the stands to have a nibble and wait for our next event which was discus it was really fun even though i didn't think that i was going to get a ribbon i did get one but they got the scores messed up and i had to give it to Max because Nick yates threw further than me but i was fine with that so David came 1st Nick came 2nd and Max came 3rd  because we had long jump next and i didn't do as well as i thought in this event but i i still came second we all thought David was going to win but he had a knee injury so he didn't do as well as he wanted to the best jump was 3.70m when we usually get into the 3.80 - 3.90 mark but Max came 1st me 2nd and David 3rd. So we went back to the stands and saw a guy from last year deaken we hung around and then went to shot put we loads of fun then while we were on our third throw and then it started to rain and then we looked over at the high jump people and saw my my hiding under the trolly to carry the high jump mats it was so funny so in the shot put Max came 1st luke came 2nd and griffin came 3rd then it was the 200 meter final it was a very close race between me and Max but of course David one even with his knee injury so david came 1st i came 2nd and max came 3rd next it was high jump this is my favorite event so Mr Fourie put my mum there to watch me do that i didn't do as well as i'd like to but i still won with a hight of 1.20 meters when in the practice jumps i got 1.22 when i was scissoring over the bar last year i set a record of 1.21 meters so i don't know what happened but i still came 1st and David came 2nd and luke came 3rd which was fine with me but didn't do as well as last year then the 800meters Bj came 1st Bradley came second and Gabe came 3rd then there was the 100meter sprint it was very fun because everyone was ready to go home after a hard days work before the race i gave Max a tip and then he came second David came 1st again Max came 2nd and i came 3rd the we all went home after a clean up of the stands and had lots of fun at the athletics day.


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