Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Athletics - Victoria :)

On the 30th of October Reremoana School had their annual athletics day. A lot of preparation went into this day, And before I start I would like to say thank you to all the      helper’s and official’s that assisted on the day.                                                               
All the twelve and thirteen year old’s headed over to the 1500m to compete for the ribbon’s. Then, All year seven’s grabbed their hat’s and started to throw shot puts weighing at 2 kg. Im very proud of myself for coming second in that event. We then, Shifted ourselves over to 200m. I came first in one of my heat’s (Which I was surprised about.) But, Didn’t win a ribbon.  

When we finished our thirty minute break, we headed out to Long jump, High jump, 800m and 100m. It was a mixture of Jumping and three point position starts. Again, I came first in 100m heats, But did not get a ribbon.  
I am very proud of myself for giving everything a go, Trying my hardest when possible. I am also proud of my sister and peer’s. Again, Thank you to all teachers, officials and helper’s. Cant wait till next year!                    

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