Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Camp 2014-David

On the 21 of October 2014 the year 7/8’s of Reremoana School went to Lakewood Lodge for school camp. After a long bus ride we finally hopped off the bus and grabbed our bags. We headed down the driveway towards the cabin’s. Once we were all settled in we went to the main lodge for a meeting and a bit of morning tea. After a brief talk of the rules at the camp we started our activity rotation. My group first had wall climbing. This activity was hard, it was a 11 metre high wall that you had to climb as fast as you could with a harness on. I set a school record for this activity which was 26 seconds to get up the wall.

Then we had lunch and then our second and third activities which were horse games and kayaking.
Later on after a bit of free time we had dinner and then went to sleep.

In the morning we woke up bright and early for the morning run which was two laps around the entire camp. After we headed off to survival camp. At survival camp we did a series of challenges and then had to go up to the lodge for the talent show.
After the talentshow we went back to survival and he told us scary stories which freaked some people out. After a good nights rest we packed up the tents and then left for the lodge. Once we got there it was time for breakfast and then our first activity. Today it was the flying fox. This was awesome because we had a challenge to do the flying fox and then run back with the shortest time back. Later after a little bit of morning tea we had the low ropes. later on we had dinner and then sleep.

The next day we had the was the top class event where each class had to pick 2 people to do each activity to have a race to see who could finish all of the events first. In this event the class who won was room 8 which is my class so we were very happy. Later on after lunch we packed up our stuff and got on the bus.

All in all this was an extremely fun camp and I would love to go back.

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