Monday, 3 November 2014

Camp 2014-Eden

☺CAMP 2014☺

6:00am my alarm went I was so excited for camp to day. Yes on the 21th of October to the 24th of october 2014 the year 7&8 went to lakewood lodge for our camp. At 8:00am sharp basically everyone was there so we did the roll Good Morning Gemma…. After that we sour the bus and we went group by group on the bus. The bus drive was around 45mins but it seemed shorter.

We got out of the the bus and we carried our big bags down and up hill it was so heavy. As soon as we got to our cabins we brought our bags up as well and made our beds and got everything organized. then the girls were waiting for the boys so we played that we got tort todo and talked about the rules and what is happening during the day.

first the untouchables (my team name) had kayaking first I really really liked it except for one part when I fall into the water. Next we had rock climbing I tried to beat the record but I got 59 seconds and the record was 27 seconds. last we had horse games this was my favorite by far. At first I was really scared of the house but then I got used to it and really enjoyed it. Because of the horse games I finally love horses and really want one.

For the second night at camp group 4,5&6 went to survival camp. So we had to find sticked and old tree branches so we can make our own fire to cook our food (Dinner and lunch). It was really bad lunch for group 4,5&6 because the worst thing that can happen at survival is that it will rain and it did it was gross. all day we basically did team challenges. At survival camp was the cursed tree it was really tall and had spikes coming from top to bottom. At around 6:45 the survival camp people had to go back to the lodge for the talent show My group (Girl power) came first. Then when we got back to the campsite mike had a fire going and he told us the history behind this place and we were sleeping over top of graves I was so scared. Then we went to bed at 10:00 and woke us up at 6:00.

So after all the camp was one of my favorites camps I have been to in my life so thank you Lockwood lodge for letting us stay at the lodge we really enjoyed and a big thank to Mr Fourie and Mr Munro. 

By Eden:)          

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