Monday, 3 November 2014

Camp 2014!- Gemma

Lakewood Lodge
Camp 2014

It was the morning of the departure to Lakewood Lodge. My mum woke me up at 6:45am to pack the last few items into my already-filled-bag. 7:50am came quickly nad I urged my mum to hurry up. We put my bag in the car and drove to school. Once we arrived, I ran in anticipation to all my friends who were as excited as i was), accidentally forgetting my bag in the car.
“I’m the slave, right until the end” my mum groaned as she heaved my bag through the gates to where I was standing. I gave her a hug and she left. The roll was called and we loaded into the bus.

“Look, look!” Theane’ had yelled, pointing at the sign saying ‘Lakewood Lodge’. After 45 minutes, we had finally reached camp. Mr Fourie ever so kindly insisted that we carry our own bags down the long driveway. We met Abby (one of the staff) at the top and started the walk down. Everyone was moaning and camp hadn’t even started! The girls and boys split up to their own dormitories and once we had settled in and claimed our own beds, we headed down the stairs to the lounge and eating/kitchen area. When the majority of us were comfortable on the couches (the rest sitting on the floor), Abby taught us a hand game called ‘give me 1’. The instructors introduced themselves and groups 1, 2 and 3 went to survival camp while the rest started their activities.

One leader from each group lead us to survival camp. Thankfully, we reached survival, greeted by Mad Mike and his dog- Bear.  We go straight into things, starting with the grotesque Mud Run. I went first for my group, going over and under things, through mud, water and grass. Once we had finished that, Mike left back to the lodge to get our dinner packs and set us some challenges, such as: the compass challenge, minefield challenge, endurance challenge, chin-up challenge and the bridge building challenge. All activities were fun but equally as challenging. Mike camp back and gave us our dinner packs to cook with the fire we made. Night fell and we sat around the campfire, listening to scary stories by Mike. Around 10:30pm we went to bed in our tents, eventually giving into the long drop-spider covered-disgusting smelling toilets. It was a rough night but we all got through it.

We arrived back at the lodge and started our activities for the day. The Royals started with horse games, followed by kayaking and lastly wall climbing. The day progressed into a miserable evening. The survival campers came back once the rain cleared for the Talent Show and group Line Dances. The Talent show was first, providing us with great entertainment. Followed by the group line dances that included the songs: Shake It Off- By taylor Swift, a song from a Disney animated movie and Waka Waka- By Shakira. All groups did an awesome job. We ended with a prize giving. In second place for the talent show was JJ, Maxfax and F-Beats (Jaylen, Max and Fala) who sang a song about anti-bullying. In first place… Girl Power (Brooke, Jani, Hannah, Eden, Theane’, Jorien and myself)! Second place in the group line dance was… The Royals! In first place was the Untouchables with a well put together dance. Mr Munro and Mr Fourie also handed out awards for the people that stood out.

The next day, the people arrived back from a wet survival camp. The activities we did today were: low ropes, archery and flying fox. The low ropes required team work and resilience. Archery took precision and showed some surprising talent. The flying fox was heaps of fun, even Mrs Cantley had a go! That night we had the Y-Games. The adults won (as always), then XP Dynamite, Untouchables, Swagger Muffins, Extreme Team, Survivors and dead last… The Royals. After a messy night, we all headed up to bed for a good night sleep.

6:45am was the wake up call. The morning run was cancelled due to all the packing up we had to do. For the last day of camp, we had the Iron man challenge and the Top class event. We changed into our togs and went down to the river where we did kayaking. It was freezing cold but we still went ahead and did it. It was a great challenge, even though it was a miserable day, some of us decided to stay and play around in the water. Later in the day when the sun was shining, we did the Top Class event. It went in the following order: The morning run (2 boys, 2 girls), wall climbing (2 boys, 2 girls), archery (2 boys, 2 girls), lake swim (2 people), flying fox (2 boys, 2 girls), kayaking (2 boys, 2 girls) finishing with the water slide where 2 boys and 2 girls were. The final decider was to make a human class number, ending with Room 8 winning over the conjoined room 7 & 6! We had a prize giving after everyone had settled down and then packed our things into the bus, saying goodbye to Lakewood Lodge after an exciting 3 nights and 4 days.
Camp was amazing! We all had heaps of fun, we grew closer together and faced many challenges. Overall it was an awesome way to remember my last year at Reremoana School. I would like to thank: Mr Fourie, Mr Munro, Mrs Bailey, the activity staff, Mad Mike and Bear and the Kitchen Staff (the food was delicious). If it wasn’t for these people, camp wouldn’t have happened!

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