Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Camp 2014

Camp 2014
I woke up that morning know that I’m going on camp. I was super excited to be go on camp with my friends. Mum and I arrived at school ready to go but mum wasn’t coming in the bus, she went in her car. So my friends and I hopped on the bus.
*45 minutes to 1 hour gone*
We got off and met Abby standing at the top of the driveway. She took us down, and my first impression was Wow this looks really nice. Then Abby took the girls to their cabins and showed us where we will put our bags. Hamish took the boys to their cabins. Now we started our first rotation.

Group 1, 2, 3 were first on survival camp. We met Mike and and Mike told us what we would need and then we went and got it, But BJ, Hannah and I got shown the map to survival camp without Mike. We did a mud run there that was AWESOME!!! After a while we went and got changed and then did some activities that were really hard but challenging. We then had dinner and my group made Mince bolognese, potato, bread. After washing the dishes we went back to the camp grounds and then did the burma trail and man did I scream. After the burma trail we went back to survival camp and told scary stories, then went to sleep.

It was now the next day and we started to walk back to the camp ground. We had breakfast and then started the day with the first activity, While groups 4, 5, 6 went to survival camp. My group did Kayaking first with Hamish. We had a little race, and Katie won. We also went down the rapids which was also fun. Then we had our next rotation which was Wall climbing with Abby. She was really funny because she would always have dry as jokes. First we had to cross the bouldering wall and I was the only one from my group that crossed it. Then we went on to the wall and because I did cross the bouldering wall I had to go on to the hard wall straight away, But don’t worry it was really fun. Then we went on to our next rotation and my group was doing Horse games. Me and Shayal roded Libelle and Katie and Jayda rode George. We played games while learning how to ride them. Then we got free time on the horses. That was really fun. At 7:30pm we had the talent show. That was so funny and Girl power (Jorien, Theane’, Jani, Gemma, Hannah, Eden, and Brooke aka me) came first and the untouchables came first in the line dance. Then we went to sleep in a nice and comfy bed.

We woke up and then had the morning run. After the morning run we saw the survival camp groups come back for breakfast. Then we started with our rotation. Gemma’s group and my group were together for the day. First we had low ropes. When I saw the low rope, it actually wasn’t what I thought it was. It was way different from what I thought, but that didn’t matter. Our group did great collaboration which was really good. Then we went on to our next rotation. We were doing archery. We got told how to do it and then Hamish started to make it more difficult by putting up balloons that you had to try and hit. Ben hit one and Bradley hit the bulls eye. Then we had the next rotation and we were doing flying fox. This was so funny and so fun. Gemma and I were doing ninja poses the whole way it was so funny. Then I did scary backwards where you have your hands behind your back and you fall backwards. Then I did a time trial and I got 49 seconds and Fala got 47 seconds. Then at 7:30 we did the Y games and that was so funny. One of my things I had to do was Drink and fold the milk carton the way we do it at school blindfolded. We went to bed after that. Then the next day we had the Iron man challenge and that was so cold and challenging but it was fun. After we had the top class event. I was on water slide. Of course ROOM 8 WINS!!!!! We then had prizegiving and my group was the survival champions! I was so proud.

I really really enjoyed camp this year. I really want to go back to that camp another time. I learnt so much and had the best time ever. I really recommend going there.

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