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camp 2014

y7 and y8 Camp 2014
LAKEWOOD LODGE                      

☁ As soon as the clocked turned from 5:59 am - 6:00 am my alarm  the day went loudly buzzing it’s awkward tone and I knew that it was now the day of camp. I was so excited, I did all my normal daily morning chores, but left some time for checking I have everything for camp and making sure that I have enough water and food to last me the first day . After the long bus ride we finally arrived there at lakewood lodge it had taken a long time at school to get all ready so the bus ride was a break time but also fun! (talking with my friends) As soon as we got there we set up our beds I chose the one in the very front of the room without any beds around it, it was cool but I got guided their by an adult helper from lakewood lodge it was a cool bed but I wouldn’t have realised it was a bed without her telling me  .

☁ Altogether there were 6 groups three would go to survival camp and three would stay for activities during the day .   

On the first day we had three activities :
  • Horse games.
  • Climbing wall.
  • Kayaking.
My group’s (the extreme team) first challenge for the day was the climbing wall it was a very high wall and and we had a harness to climb it the brick like things we used to climb it were small in funny shapes and different colors every member of the team would get a couple of goes doing different things and going different ways each time.
Our second challenge was the horse games . For that we split up in to girls and boys. In our team we had four girls and five boys so someone would have to go  twice (in the girls group) for the girls we had two horses two girls to each horse Me and Tina to one horse and Chloe and Thean’e to one horse. Horses name was Lilybell, she was a bit lazy but a nice horse to ride .
Our last event for the day way kayaking . I wasn't really good at at it but I enjoyed it at the same time it was a really fun activity and I liked going through the water and rocks to get out of the lake that we went far out into.

☁ After all six teams had been to survival two groups teamed together, my group was put with with the untouchable’s. Again we had three activities during the day
  • Flying fox.
  • Low ropes.
  • Archery.
The first activity we had for the day was the flying fox within both teams we split into pairs I was with Tina a girl from my group. Altogether each pair got about 10-15 go’s on the flying fox. For each turn a pair has on the flying fox a new challenge is to be completed I was proud of myself for completing all the challenges I did because it was hard to not let my fear of heights to get in the way. Our next activity was Archery something that I really enjoyed again it was us with the untouchables except that this time it was us vs them not us and them vs other’s I wasn’t to bad at the shooting part but I need to work on my aim. I was against Pania but I think I lost. The last activity for the day was Low ropes which was a hole heap of different activities that made you think and work on your own and work together that was really fun at the end when the two teams vs each other we won which was kinda cool .   

☁ SUrvival camp was a day and nigh place we stayed once at and which we had to survive at and there were lots of activities to do during the day the same three groups were together. The first activity was the scream run where we had to scream and run for as far as we can without taking a breath our team won. Then we had to make a fire to burn the string. The Untouchables came first and we came second then we had lunch (sausages in bread with sauce). After that we had the mud run, a run which was in muddy water then into an obstacle course on grass we came second again.  
Afterwards that and a few  other activities we had to cook our own dinner on our fire in the rain and that was hard . At night we heard a scary story from mike the man who runs survival camp with beir his dog at his feet . Then we slept in our tents on the floor in nothing but sleeping bags it was really fun but also uncomfortable.

☁ Every evening there was an activity all the groups would do together on the first night we had the burma trail which was a trail we had to complete blindfolded with only the persons shoulders to guide us until a certain point where our hands would be transferred to the rope while walking in the forest blindfolded the adults would have something that would distract us or make us wonder something we couldn’t see and didn’t know what it was. One night we had the why games which was a hole lot of games that made you think why are we doing it things like when we were blindfolded and had to tell them what the song was or blindfolded and had to tell what was in your mouth or drinking something with no   hands it was hard and fun.
On the last day we had the class event which was an event the classes split into different groups and the people who would do each thing some people had to go up the climbing wall or down the waterslide or kayak r swim in the lake or fly 0n the flying fox and at the end the classes had to form their room number. My class won (room 8). Also during one day at free time we had the lake swim which was fun I couldn't touch the ground as well as many people but it was great to have a swim !

☁ In my opinion this was the second and awesomest camp I’d ever been to I thought it was great compared to last year but even by itself . I enjoy all the activities that were there. I think I learnt a lot of new skills and things during this camp I also enjoyed working with other as I usually work by myself. IT WAS AN AMAZING CAMP AND I HAD AN AMAZING TIME ! Thanks to Mr Fourie and Mr Munro for taking us there . Thanks to Lakewood Lodge for having us.      

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  1. I liked how you put our team (the best team) in your recount amelia