Monday, 3 November 2014

Camp is fun

   Year 7,8 camp

On the 21th of october we all got to and had a talk about what will happen when we get they. At 8:45am we all got on the bus and went. when we got there we all went and picked our room and then we started our first game the first game we start with was rock climbing it was so hard for me because i am so big but i make it to the top and then we had morning tea

Day 2

on day 2 my team went to kayaking and it was so much fun because we all have to get on top of our kayak we all went into the water and then we went and had morning tea the food was so nice we all went for 2.

day 3

In the morning we all went for a run and then we go to flying foxes it was so fun

and that was the best ride ever camp.And it was so fun we also did archery and after we had dinner .

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