Monday, 3 November 2014

CAMP!!- Jani


I was so excited when we started getting ready for camp. And what I mean about that is when we started planning for our banner/flag and making it, learning our team line dance and making a chant for our team and we spent each middle block working on those.
When we arrived at camp we all had to walk down the hill and walk up the stair to our cabin and when we were done we had to go down stairs again to go sit on the floor and wait for everybody to come and while we were waiting Hamish a staff member showed us how to play a hand game and then everybody arrived.

When everybody was there we got told where we had to go, what we needed and how we will get there. Groups one,two and three my team were going to survival camp first so that meant we had to pack clothes, torch, insect repellent, sleeping bag, togs and pillow. We had to go to the hall and wait for Mike and Bear. Mike is the person who takes survival camp and Bear is his dog. Mike had to take the team leaders to the back of the hall and they had to memorize to help us get there. When we were on our way to survival camp almost half way they told us that we were lost but we got there eventually. We had so much fun there at survival camp we had a scream challenge and Susan won and plus she fell over but she kept going. We had some snacks and then we had to get changed into our togs for the mud run. The mud run is where you get one person from each team to go first and they have to do this obstacle course in the muddy water and then your team members have to pull you up with a rope and then you have to to do more obstacles but on land and then you grab a puzzle piece from your teams pile and run and put it in your platform and the next person can go. My team had all the puzzle pieces first so we could start on our puzzle and my team won the challenge. It was sort of dark so we did more activities and then we had to make dinner but first we had a fire challenge where you have to make a fire and the string that was tied at the top had to brake and the swagger muffins won that challenge. Later we came around the main fire and Mike told us scary stories and when he finished Bear started barking at the lake and all the girls started screaming and it was so funny.
The next day we all packed up our things and started walking back to camp and we were just in time so that we didn’t have to do the morning run. We all had breakfast and got ready for our activities. We went to Wall Climbing first, Horse games and then kayaking we had so much fun that day. Other activities we did was low ropes, flying fox and archery. In our free time we did the lake swim, water slide and other things like J-ball,table tennis and pool table.

We had the talent quest and my team won and we also had the team line dance but there we didn’t win. The second to last day we had the y-games , burma trail the first night and other cool stuff I was so so so sad when it was the last night but as people say “good things must come to an end”.

I was truly sad when we had to go back home and camp was so fun I couldn’t stop talking about it so that meant camp was

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