Tuesday, 4 November 2014


Year Seven And Eight!

On the 21st - 24th the Year 7 & 8’s at Reremoana School arrived at Lakewood Lodge for the best four days of their lives. At 9:00 all campers jumped aboard the bus, And threw their bags on the floor and started chanting their chants. The feet stomping and screaming still haunts me today.

XP Dynamite we’re assigned to the horse games, As we threw on our helmets, The horse’s were ready to gallop. We chose the most thirsty, Gorgeous horse that knew my team wanted to win. We had to zigzag through the bright, Orange cones and around a bucket of water, As we passed the water bucket, Honey Puff (Our Horse) wanted to drink… So that took five minutes off our final time. We finished off with a game of ninja tag and took the horse’s back to their enclosure. We all sat down, Listening to what the ladies had to say. While they were half way through their talk, All I could hear was the sound of a horse farting. I could feel the piece's of hay brush passed my face. Urinating 2 liters. That was the most disgusting moment throughout the whole camp!

After day one, we thought we had it the hard way, But we had no idea what survival camp had installed for us. We walked 5kms until we actually reached the campsite, We put our bag’s on the ground and started up our campfires to cook our lunch, Homemade sausage’s. We then, Got changed and headed out to the mud run, Where my team won and then scored fifty points. We all cooled down in the murky water and started throwing clay at each other. Girls screaming because their hair is destroyed, Boy’s yelling at each other to get Mr Munro and Mr Fourie. After getting hosed down, We gathered together and ate our afternoon tea.

Our last days of adventure was a mixture of the Flying Fox, Kayaking, Low rope’s, Lake swim, Archery, Water slide and camp concert. “Don’t be a bully” Was sang throughout the crowd as the three boys were making up beats, Line dance’s were here and there while Milo was dancing uncontrollably. “Girl Power!” Was screamed out at the end of a winning performance. Nothing could beat the burma trail! Everyone, Even the boys would shout as the evil parents brushed bits of grass on our arms’ Playing loud noises in our ears. Oh man! You had to be there to know how hilarious it was.

Camp was so enjoyable, I loved it and I would especially like to thank Mr Fourie and Mr Munro for planning and arranging camp. At camp I learnt how to cooperate well with my team and learnt to never EVER leave the windows open at night, Or you’ll get a lot of creepies crawl into your bed.

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