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                 Lakewood Lodge Camp 2014                

Two weeks ago the year 7&8's of Reremoana school went to Lakewood Lodge for their yearly camp. We were all split up into 6 groups :The Royals, The Swagger muffins, The Survivors, Xp dynamite, The Untouchables & The Extreme team. What we did in those groups before camp was to make a group flag, set ourselves goals :2 physical, 2 Emotional and 2 social goals/ challenges. A week later it was time to leave home and go to camp we all had to pack our bags with everything we needed clothes & etc. We arrived at Lakewood lodge where we got off the bus and got our bags, walked down the drive way and into our cabin with our luggage and found a bed.

The first activities were :Survival camp- groups 1-3, Climbing wall- group 6, Horse riding/games- group 4, Kayaking- group 5. Through out the day all the groups swapped between the different activities accept for groups 1-3 who stayed at Survival camp until the next morning when we went back to the lodge. At Survival we did a lot of challenges first was the Mud Run where we all participated in this group challenge we had to run/swim through mud under 2 bridges and up a slippery mat, then we had to roll under hurdles climb over a wooden fence/gate, crawl under a tunnel and grab a math symbol to complete a puzzle (My team won). The next activities were :The endurance challenge, Mine bomb walking(only pieces of wood), chin up challenge & compass directions. At the end of the day we had our last to challenges make a fire tall enough to burn and break a piece of string and our final task for that day was to cook our own dinner, my groups dinner was meat and potato.

The next morning we went back to the lodge and got ready for breakfast. After breakfast we had our first activity rotation, my groups first activity was the climbing wall it was a 11 meter high rock climbing wall where everyone got a turn to get to the top or at least try to, then was morning tea, we got a cool aid pouch 2 biscuits and 2 pieces of fruit. Activity rotation 5 we did Horse games we each had to pair up with someone and pick a horse Me and my friend Winiata rid Sky the biggest of the girl horses, first we had to learn how to use the rains and how to control the horse from its back and from the ground, the next task was to spell the word LAKEWOOD with cups that had that letters on them it was a relay between the boys and girls(the boys lost ). The last challenge was a water challenge where we were in the same relay teams with a can and a bucket full of water at the other end of the arena and a small bucket at the other to fill up(The Boys won that challenge). After the horse games was lunch we had pasta, egg salad, Macaroni and cheese and buttered bread. Once lunch was over it was time for our last activity, Kayaking we got down to the small sanded area with our life jackets on, we each got to pick a kayak, I picked a blue one and Winiata picked red our group had to choose weather to go to the lake and down the rapids or to the survival camp our group chose the lake, Winiata and I were always close together and bumping into each other we even made a little tune about kayaking. My group got to see a duck shooting platform and got to go down the rapids then had to go back to get ready for the water slide, after the water slide we all had a shower and got  dinner. After dinner we got to play a round for a bit and then went to bed. 

Day 3 my teams first activity was archery, a few of us knew how to shoot a bow 'n' arrow & got some good shoots/scores. The next event was the flying fox it was amazing we each got a harness & a lanyard, witch clipped onto a metal rope that went all the way over a lake and to a landing platform. Last was low ropes the first challenge was where we had to get from one end of a small field to the other on stumps by using 3 planks of wood, our next challenge was where we all had to stand on a bench and had to get in alphabetical order, Brody, Ella, Hannah, Jani, Milo, Olivia, Winiata and Zayne/Me. Last was the titanic a big board of wood the leans from side to side, our whole team had to be on it for 3 seconds with out our feet on the ground. The next day was our last but we still had some tasks to do, the iron person and top class event, first was the iron person event where we had to round down a slope and into a river where we had to make our way to a small cliff, crawl under a mat and hit a big can with a stick. But last was the top class event my favorite event, the classes came together and picked 2 boys and 2 girls to do and activity we had completed over our time at camp, in the end room8 won. After the top class event was over we got our bags and went home.  

Overall camp was an amazing experience where I got to try new things like :Horse riding/games, survival camp, low ropes, flying fox. I enjoyed everything & would like to go back

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