Sunday, 23 November 2014

Gardens We Can All Enjoy // Ashleigh

At the start of the year, my family and I went to a local park while we were in Rotorua.

The tree had a big tree house hut, as well as some climbing walls and a really big flying fox. Mum and I went over to the flying fox where you had to climb up a step, then hop onto a seat and go zooming down until you reach the tyre's at the bottom. 

We all had heaps of goes on the flying fox, then had a go on the other things on the playground. The witches hat was also really fun to go on, while at some points we rode our scooters around the small skatepark. 

But after being at the park for a while,we all decided to go back to where we were staying, and we even ended up going home with a few bruises but it was all worth it !

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