Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Jani & Brooke :)

The Last Day To Remember

It was the last day with my friends at the camping ground until we had to leave. I was really disappointed that I wouldn't see them again. We all made a decision on going on a fishing trip I've always dreamed on catching a seahorse and lots of tropical fish. 

We got ready, I asked if we could go today and surprisingly they said yes. Brooke had dreamed on catching turtles and dolphins. Ruby on the other hand just wanted to catch a fish because she was sort of "bad luck" but it didn't occur to her that much.

We finally called the local fishing shop to see if the had a boat for hire and they did they also said they can give some bait for free to go fishing. The only thing they still needed was fishing rods so we asked our friend Mike the hobo if we could use his fishing rods and he said "yes" with his old scratchy voice. Were all in the boat and the we start the engine and we go to our fishing spot Ruby chose the only problem was there was a sigh saying " Beware of the shark" and I said to Brooke " I hope Ruby chose a good spot because after all she is our friend.

When we set everything up in our mini boat Ruby decided to go for a swim but we said "no" so she listened to us after all these years. Brooke and I were so happy after a couple of hours we didn't catch anything but we did see what we wanted to catch so we decided to pack up and then a shark appears out of nowhere so we left everything and started the boat and went as fast as we could to get back to the shore but it kept following us. 

Ruby was so dumb to try and feed the shark then when she finally fed the shark she fell into the water and the shark swallowed her whole we had to leave her behind before we became what Ruby came lunch. After all that happened we told Ruby's parents what happened out there but they didn't really care because they knew this would happen because they went to a fortune teller and they told them everything and that is exactly what happened. After all those years they went on with their lives and it turned out great before they grew old and died.

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