Wednesday, 5 November 2014


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It was finally Thursday the 30th of October it was the day I could get a ribbon for something anything if I actually tried. I guess I would be so surprised if I actually got a ribbon but my goal was to have fun with my friends and the first event was 1500m.

It was sort of a surprise because Theane’ 1st, Eden came 2nd and Brooke came 3rd I did do well because I came 5th but I maybe could of done better. Our second event was something I wasn’t that good at and it was High Jump. Brooke came 1st, Katie came 2nd and Kaitlyn came 3rd and I knew they would do good at it.

We had to hurry over to shotput and I was so relieved that we had a break afterwards because I was actually really tired and all I needed to do was push a 3 kg shotput across the field and see who would throw the farthest and not being surprised because Ashleigh came 1st, Viki came 2nd and Theane’ came 3rd.

After the break we had the 200m sprint. had to split into three groups and I was in the medium one. I knew that someone would do really good and I was right Jorien did come 1st, Chloe came 2nd and Eden came 3rd they also did really good in that event. Again we had to hurry to Discus and Ashleigh came 1st just like shotput, Katie came 2nd and Jorien came 3rd.

That was the time when we only had three more events and a huge break. After that we had long jump I was a bit shocked but they did really well and Jorien came 1st, Chloe came 2nd and ashleigh came 3rd and that is where I was a bit shocked and even ashleigh was. We had 800m next but we also had to split into three groups again and I was in the second group also again and Theane’ got first place, Eden came 2nd and Brooke came 3rd.
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Our last event was 100m and it was raining at that time so it was really nice because I was boiling hot and Jorien got first place, Chloe got second and Eden got third.

It was a AWESOME day all thanks to Mr Fourie and it turned out great so THANK YOU MR FOURIE.     

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