Monday, 3 November 2014

Lakewood Lodge camp 2014 - Winiata

Lakewood Lodge camp 2014

Tuesday 21 October 2014. It was a cold morning, seeing year 7/8
students walking up to the bus with all their luggage. I quickly rushed into the bus, avoiding the crowded behind me. I ran to a seat, wondering what is camp going to be like. After a 45 mins on a bus, full of screaming 
students, we finally got there. Lakewood lodge, Huntly.

All campers were assigned to their cabins, soon we got ready for our first activity, SURVIVAL CAMP !!!!!! ( with groups 1,2,3)

Survival camps instructor was Mike, or as we call him Mad Mike. It was a 5 km walk from the lodge to the camp area. The very first thing was setting our tents. My and my friend, Zayne, were setting up, there was arguing, but it was finished at the end. Main event was the mud run. its basically an obstacle course, involving every camper to complete a puzzle.

Day 2, 3
After that exhausting day, wall climbing was next. Wall climbing was the best. Everyone was cheering people on, helping out everyone ,and having so much fun. the other events; horse games, kayaking, archery, low ropes, and flying fox was alright, but to me the climbing wall was the best.

Horse games
Day 4
On the last and final day was the best event in life, TOP CLASS!!!!
Top class is the best event ever, it includes all events, but at the end, as always room 8 is the winners.

Lakewood Lodge was the best camp ever. I’m so glad that I was able to experience this event. And I bet everyone did as well.

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