Tuesday, 4 November 2014


Tuesday 21st of October was the day I had to wake up early to be at school ready to go on the Reremoana year 7&8 camp at Lakewood Lodge. Everybody was at school all lined up in our camp groups and soon enough the bus had arrived and we were ready to leave. After everybody had put all of their belongings onto the bus, it took about 45 mins to get to Lakewood Lodge from the school. As we arrived, everybody removed their belongings and we all headed down the hill following Abby, (one of the leaders) down to the camp. Then as soon as we were let to go and find our beds all of the girls went upstairs and choose where they wanted to sleep.

Later on, groups 1,2 and 3 were told that we are going to be going on survival camp. After we were told what we needed, all of the groups gathered what they needed into our day packs. We the all headed down to survival camp. Mike (the guy who takes survival camp) then let us go and set up our tent. Togs were used for our next activity which was the mud run. It was an obstacle course relay which consisted of, going under a log (in water) then under a bridge as well as under a half tunnel and into the deep pond, then up a rope and onto a simple obstacle course to receive a puzzle piece.
After that each group took a turn at doing ;

*Compass Work
*Building A Bridge

as well as the Minefield.

After finishing our activities, all of the groups then lit a fire and made dinner by using the ingredients they were given, then prepared and ate, before we all went out over to the burma trail. The burma trail is basically a walk through the forest while blindfolded, as well as holding onto a rope and just following the trail. Not long after we had finished the burma trail, we headed back to survival and were told scary stories around the campfire by Mike. When it was time for bed all of our tent groups headed off to sleep.

The next morning we all went back up to the lodge and prepared all of our activities for the day, they consisted of …

Horse games -

We had a team of boys and girls from our group who each had two horses between a pair. We did many different games and even though the boys won, it was a fun and great experience.

The next activity we went to was …

Kayaking -

Hamish took our group kayaking through the rivers and it was really fun. Some of us even got to “try” and go through the pipes, but we failed and ended going backwards with the current.

After lunch we then went onto …

Wallclimbing -

I ended up not climbing the wall, because I had a splinter in my foot and I had to soak it, but it was really fun getting to help pull people up the wall.
Soon after we went on the waterslide, then for dinner and headed for bed.

The next morning we all did our usual things by getting ready then did our next day activities that were …

Low ropes -

Team activities with alot of different challenges to complete, I think our group “The Royals” worked together really well.

next was … Archery -

I’m not going to explain it because you should already know, but all of our group really enjoyed this.

Flying fox -

A flying fox over the lake, we all had heaps of fun on this one. Later on in the night, we had the “Why Games”, where there are just a bunch of fun challenging and weird things to do and complete.


On the last day, everybody took part in the “Iron Man Challenge” as well as the top class events, during this there were a few people from each class who had to take part in a certain activity, it was basically a giant relay that room eight ended up winning.

I would really enjoy to go back to Lakewood lodge again, considering I really enjoyed it, and I can’t wait for next years camp to come. :)

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