Wednesday, 5 November 2014

                    Lakewood Lodge

For the camp this year we yet again had an upgrade in price to $300! So we had to do some extra fund raising. For Talent Quest this year I was with Teia, Ben, Griffin & Calix. We called our group the Mycarubas and we were a magic show. This year I was in a group called the Swagger Muffins (not my name idea) with Ben, Brooke, Shayal, Jayda, Katie, Bradley, Jack & Luke.

On the first day, I drove to school and saw most of my friends there. We waited for the the rest of the people and then Mr. Fourie talked to us about what to do and all that stuff. After a long bus ride we finally arrived at camp. A guy named Hamish showed us where our cabins were (by us I mean all of the boys). At camp, groups 1,2 and 3 went to survival camp on the first day. We walked all the way out to an area away from the lodge. We met a dude called Mike down there, he had a dog named Bear. At survival camp the first thing we did was a chant-off, nobody won though, it wasn’t a competition (but we would’ve won if it was). Then we did the scream challenge, basically what that is, is you have to run but you scream while you run and then once you stop screaming you stop running. We did the mud run next, that was pretty fun. We basically had to run through a mud obstacle course, then once we get to the end we get a block to put onto a board. Once all of the blocks were on the board we did a puzzle with them. Later, all 3 groups had a challenge to make a fire big enough to burn a rope that was suspended above it and obviously, we won that challenge. We made that fire so we could cook our dinner for the night. We had mince and potatoes with some other vegetables to choose from to cook. After that we did a Burma trail, what that is is a trail that you go into blindfolded, the only thing guiding you is a rope through the trees. We went back to the camp and Mike told some scary stories to us. There was one about a girl in the swamp, a ghost dog, a cursed tree and Maori people being buried at our camp-site. But the one that was the most scary was the one about the 3 fingered monsters, but I won’t get into the stories.

On the second day we came back to the lodge and had some breakfast. After that we did horse games. Horse games was fun because we got to ride horses when we were playing these random games. We were against the girls and we nearly won, until I spilt some water onto the horse while we were doing a game where you needed the water to be able to fill up your teams bucket. Then we did the wall climb which was fun. There was an easy wall, a medium one and a hard wall. I just did the easy one once. We also did kayaking, it was fun as well. We went onto the lake then did some challenges there then went down the rapids, the small rapids I might add. On the third day we did low ropes. We did a few challenges like getting all of our team the a tire and trying to get a rope to swing from, and we completed all of them except for the Titanic one. That was one where we all had to be on, what was basically a see-saw, but at the same time balance out the “Titanic”. We did the flying fox next and that by far was one of my favourite activities, apart from the Y-games. The flying fox was a flying fox, I don’t need to explain anything there, we just jumped on and zoomed down to the bottom. Archery was cool, but I didn’t really get a decent score. At night we did the Y-games which was the most fun. We did a lot of the challenges that varied in difficulty.

On the fourth day we had Top class. That's the one where we ditched our teams and went into our class groups. I was the one who did the kayaking for our group with Katie. The guys who did the kayaking for the other group was Luke Matete and Luke Wooding Newson. I was neck and neck with Luke Matete but Katie got left behind, so I had to wait for her to get to where I was. Then after that we went up to the lodge and sat down in the shape of our room number. After that we got given certificates, my group got a certificate for the survival camp. We packed up our stuff then went up to where the bus was waiting.

At camp I enjoyed everything I did, even the ones I found hard to do. When I was at camp I had the best time and I certainly would like to do it again.

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