Sunday, 16 November 2014

Narrative task 27-How did they get there?-By Gabe and Tristan

It was around 8000 years ago before the maori and even before the Maori ori even knew of New Zealand, then New Zealand was an over grown waste land an unbearable site kind of like the end of the world happened (except without any spaceships and buildings),only about 70 people lived in this waste land,but no-one knew what race or anything about their soon to be pitiful existence.

There was one small village, hidden by tall dry grass surrounding every inch of the village.In the centre of this grassy land was a pit made up of sand, there was as per normal that one insane person that no-one listens to although he was always right.It was a dark foggy cold and simply depressing day the sun would set soon (NOT THAT ANYONE WOULD GET TO SEE IT!),The sun was just about to set,through the thick,white,mist more and more black clouds start to gather forcing the villagers to go inside.A tall skinny figure moved through the fog looking to the sky a huge red orb was climbing over the hill side and up into the sky "the blood moon" came the mans muffled voice "bad things are coming" the man rushed to the village and tried to warn them about the dangers ahead,but no-one listened to this mysterious man,the man giving up hope for his people leaving the village with his star faced cat that had a pretty pink and blue collar.

It was about mid night,the fog stained red by the moon light,was moving around forming shapes of gravestones.The tall man was hiding in the bushes........ when screams the echoed from the village,he rushed back to see the mayhem,and almost fainted.The red fog cleared as he got up as he walked around.....there were no survivors.

To this day the burnt tall grass and the sand pit in the centre is still there and they say you can still here the screams from that night and the cat roams to this very day looking for his owner.  

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