Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Ocean Poem - Writing Task - Tristan

The Tuna thought himself so big,
he had not the slightest fear.
So up he swam to the giant shark,
and swalled him ear to ear.

He couldn't believe the size of himself,
as he felt quite over fed.
So he rested for awhile in the tentacles,
of an octopus lying in bed.

The next morning when the Tuna woke up,
the octopus was flattened and dead.
It could of been a sinking rock,
but it was probably his big fat head.

The Tuna swam toward the rocky shore,
and saw a hairy human, strolling the bech in his own favour.
'Go down to ile five' the Tuna thought,
'Get yourself a razer'.

As he swam away from the Seal's, and Chewbacca,
he felt quite ready for bed.
So he settled down on a squishy surface,
the death of another squid.



I wrote it.

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