Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Reremoana School Athletics Day

On the 30th of October Reremoana School had their athletics day. Everyone was excited as the whole school had to be transported there by bus. The athletics day was going to be run by the teachers and also some helpers that would look after the kids and help with other things.  Everyone was pumped and ready to go as the first shot of the gun was shot.

To start of with the 12 year old boys had the 1500 metre race which is 3 and a bit laps of the athletics track. ( To be precise 3 and 3 quarters ) And in that race Teia came 1st, I came 2nd (Benjamin ), and Bradley came 3rd. Next the 12 year old boys had Discus throw which was at pitt A, in that event 1st was david, 2nd was nick and third was max. The third event that we had at the athletics day was the shot put which was at pitt A as well and in that event 1st was max, 2nd was luke and third was griffin. After the shot put we had an hour to speer which meant that we were able to have a bit to eat before we had to go to high jump and in high jump teia came 1st, david came 2nd and luke came 3rd. Later on in the day we had the 200 metre final, long jump, 800 boys final, and last but not least we had the final for the 12 year old boy 100 metre final.

Out of all of the events I got a 2nd in the 1500 metre race, in got a 1st in the 800 metre and also a few 4th places in other events that we did during the AWESOME day we had at massey park.

But well we were doing all of these events the whether was not looking very good at all. But the funny thing was, was that well some people were doing their events it started to rain and on some occasions it rained really hard.

At the end of the day I am sure that everyone would have gone home and have been really tired after the long and tiring day that we had.

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