Monday, 3 November 2014

The big CARROT

The big carrot        

“Are we there yet?” “Are we there yet?”  “No theres still 3hrs to go!“ “Now stop asking Zac!” “I’m the good child aren’t I Dad?“ “Yes you are Gabe but I’m being sarcastic“ he said with a smile on his face “I love you too Dad“ I said sarcastically “I love you when your sleeping Gabe“ my Mum proud of her comment. After about 1:30 of my brother  saying I need to go we finally stopped,so we got back on the road we got stuck in a traffic jam which took us an extra half hour.

We then finally arrived at our hotel it was about one in the morning we all collapsed and didn’t unpack till the next day.
The next day we went to the ski slopes but we didn’t actually go to the slopes so instead we stopped at a little place near the slopes,the snow was up to my Dad and Mums knees and it went up to my brothers hips (he was so small then), we then ended up finding Bear or some sort of animal tracks/prints.When we were coming back we saw a really stupid Rabbit that was jumping at the giant carrot outside the hotel I think that it was trying to eat it (really?)

Eventually our week was up so we packed our bags and left for the car,so to brighten things up I threw a snowball at my Mum and got her in the back and while I was laughing at her my Dad threw a massive one in the back of my head so i fell over and my Mum tried to throw a snowball at me and missed an it got my brother in the stomach it was soon over and the fun of a 5 hours trapped in a hot car begins.


  1. Nice story Gabe You've got really good Ideas in this story like your personality:)

  2. I like how you added humor to a recount ( especially the start - I love you when your sleeping - that was funny )