Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The Curse Tree (Writing Task) - Ashleigh

It was a hot sunny Friday afternoon. Alex and Kelly decided to go on a camping trip for their one year anneversary of being together. They decided to go to Creek Lodge. There were many different tales and stories about how there was a "Haunted Tree".

As Alex and Kelly arrived they set up their tent and unpacked all of the bags into the tent. They seemed to have put their tent near an unusual looking tree. it was really tall, it had no leaves what so ever, and the strangest looking part of this tree was that all of it's branches were sharp and pointy.

They decided to ignore this strange looking tree, and carried on with their day. As Kelly was packing up her day pack, she saw something really strange. There were drops of red blood in her drink bottle. Kelly just decided to empty it out and then refill her bottle ready to go Kayaking with Alex.

While Alex and Kelly were Kayaking down the river they were having a fun time until soething strange happened. They saw bones, HUMAN BONES floating in the water. Automatically, Kelly and Alex both paddeled back as fast as they could. Kelly now knew something weird was going on. First the blood, and now the floating bones in the river !

By the time they reached the tent it was quite dark already. They set up a campfire near the tree, but ended up not having just enough wood, so Alex decided to snap a branch off the "Curse Tree" and used it in the fire. After Kelly and Alex had cooked and ate their food using the campfire the then burnt the fire out and headed back to the tent.

It was decided that now Alex and Kelly would only stay at the camp for one night, because she didn't want any other strange things happening.

Just as they were about to fall asleep, Kelly heard something like a dripping sound on the outside of the tent. Kelly asked Alex to go and see what was making this strange sound.

Alex was shocked to see that there was heaps of blood just dripping down off the side of the tent. Scared as anything, Alex spun around but only to see a little girl standing behind him. He automatically screamed as the little girl reached in to grab his hand. "you broke my tree" are the same words this little girl said over and over. Alex and Kelly quickly grabbed all of their belongings and headed for their car in attempt to leave. The little girl followed them, but this time she had a pistol in her hand. She shot it at Alex but luckily he was able to duck in time so he could dodge the bullet. They both went with the idea of shouting sorry to the little girl and saying a prayer, hoping it would break the curse, before heading as far away from the camp as they could.

Soon enough they had arrived back home. They couldn't beleive what had happened that night. But now at least they knew they were safe, and knew never to go back to Creak Lodge ever again.

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