Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The forces of nature were overpowering - Winiata

The forces of nature were overpowering

It was 9:30pm and the wind was blowing a gale. The five adventurers ; Stacy, Joey, Luke, Jo, Finn suddenly felt that they were at the mercy of the weather. They began to panic. Would their tent be strong enough to withstand the gale that was howling up from the ocean ? Flashes of the rumbling thunder grew louder every few minutes.  

Stacys long blond hair flowing gracefully, staring into a mirror, While Jo was screaming as loud as she can. Joey and luke were wondering what to do. But as they were screaming, Finn tries to hammer the pegs back down over and over. But the wind grew stronger and stronger, blowing the tent away from the crew, along with finn. Both Finn and the tent were never seen again.

The storm was tremendous, able to tear a forest into spreads. Trees collapsing on each other, tumbling until it reached the ground. The remaining four adventures started to flee the woods. Tree after tree, step by step, trying to escape. But Stacy was trapped in. Her final was a large scream, SPLAT, that was end of stacy.
Luke, Joey, and Jo had no time to sorrow about Stacy, for this is all about survival. Not looking back, the remaining members heard howls. They started to freak out. Joey began to breath very loudly, but stumbled into a gogie mass. Sinking deeper and deeper, screaming ‘HELP, HELP, PULL ME OUT’.
But no one was there. Luke and Jo started to realize that there's no way out ; powerful winds, collapsing trees, quicksand, and apparently wolfs. They had no escape. They ran into a dead end. In front of them is a cliff that leads to a bottomless end. Behind them is a pack of wolfs. Howling in the darkness, glowing eyes in the distance. There was no survival for Luke and Jo. And you can image how they died.

This wasn’t the only time this happened. Hundreds of ; campers, travellers, and adventurers, disappeared in a mysterious land. Not knowing the events of what can happened. And to this day there are no survivals. So when camping, never go to an unknown  land, or there will be problems.

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