Monday, 3 November 2014


On the 22nd of October 2014 everyone was so excited cause it was time to go to camp. So we all loaded the bus and off we went it was an amazing bus ride there was singing and laughter and some good views as well.After all that we hopped off the bus and the first thing we saw was all the animals welcoming us in as we were walking onto the farmland of Lakewood lodge.You smell the delicious air and the rustle of the leaves on the ground at everyone knew that it was a cool experience feeling the fresh air from the farmland.
It was the first day of Camp which meant that we had to go over some guide lines and some boundries.After that it was time for morning tea and it was so delicious Finally it was time for our first activity rotation of camp.My team did wall climbing first it was challenging but we all past halfway and I liked how my team was cheering everyone on and I mean every single individual in our team.After we had a short water break and toilet break and it was time for activity rotation number 2 Horse games.We all had a great time there was some issues with my horse but we got there in the end.Then It was lunch time which was yum as. It was the final Activity rotation with Hamish it was kayaking my most favourite out of the whole day and we even did a little white water rafting

After the whole day was finished it was time to go to sleep so lights were out and everyone was ready for the next day to come.

The next day came and everyone was quite tired after the first day I was excited and nervous cause my team was going to survival camp and it was exciting but nerv raking at the same time our first challenge was the scream run it was pretty fun but the parentsbeat us all and it wasn’t cool after that.Then it was time to build our fires and boy did they give us some heat The untochbles came first my team came second and XP dynamite came lucky last but we all enjoyed it.Now that our fires were all ready we did three more challenges that excited people.The first one came and we had to do something brave all the boys and girls held hands and one person would touch the electric fence and everyone would get a shock it gve us a boost of excitemenet for the next challenge.The next challenge was to build an SOS sign and yet again The untochbles won.The final challenge was the mud run that was so cool and we were so close to winning but it was that second that made all the diffrence.Then we had lunch which we used the fire for and then it was some more challenges and after tha we were preparing our dinner in the end it tasted pretty nice and my team agreed but I don’t know if mike liked it as well as we did.Then we all had to walk back to the lodge cause it was the talent Quest my group came second and my team just had a good time out there and then we all had to walk back and it wasn’t cool but then a warm fire was there and we were gladall of us.Mike told us some scary stories and it freaked a lot of people out and it even made some people cry and i felt sorry for them.We all went to sleep and then did'nt think of it anymore.The next Morning a lot of people were pretty exhausted and I was but we walked back and we were happy cause it was the Y games that night but the activities were the flying fox,low ropes and archery I liked all three and it finally came to the Y games and it was A lot of craziness and other stuff that people enjoyed then the final day came the next morning so everyone went to sleep.

It was the next morning and everyone was looking forward to going back home since they hardly got any sleep and so everyone got up and got all there gear ready for the bus but we had the iron man challenge first and that woke some people up cause of how cold it was but I didn’t mind it at all.after that it was the top class event and it included basicly everything we did over the week and of course Room 8 won i was proud and everyone else was as well so we all went to the diner for our last meal and then off we went just like that we arrived back at school and waited for our mums and dads I got picked up and had a long rest.

Overall Camp for me was an amazing experience and it was really cool cause I did stuff I had never done before and that was all cool to me and of coarse to everyone else as well and I loved that everyone was happy so Thank you to Mr Fourie, Mr Munro and Mrs bailey for organising an outstanding camp and I wish I could go there again.

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