Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Volcano Poem

Running Hot 

The sun had come out and the moon was gone
 the birds were awake and tweeting their song
I was strolling along the soft tropical sand 
when I heard a rumbling from across the land
people were rushing away from the shore 
as the noise had got louder with an almighty roar
but I look up at where the sound was from
the heart of the mountain, with the sounds of a drum
its started now the mountains alive 
as the rushing liquid gushed down from inside
the skies had turned dark into overcast clouds
and I could hear screams from the terrified crowds
I then started running towards my car 
it was now or never and it was getting bizarre
I got out of the village just in time 
but my deadly encounter wasn't sublime
I had lost all my objects and memories
for an eruption so legendary
but I had survived that was all that mattered
until I thought of my friends and family dead
my feelings had shattered.
Whenever I look back at my ash-covered town I feel
my heart fade with the once vanilla skies
as a part of me dies from my forever gone paradise.

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