Wednesday, 5 November 2014

YR 7 and 8 camp 2014 !!

On 22nd of october 2014 the year 7 and 8s of Reremoana school went to LakeWood Lodge for our school camp. LakeWood Lodge is in Huntly and is completely surrounded by farms and a shallow lake.

I found the activities fun and some of them challenging. The activities were, Kayaking, rock climbing, horse games, archery, low ropes and the flying fox. I did Kayaking first. In kayaking my group went to a deep part of the lake and played games there like trying to stand up and passing the ball without using our hands. Then we did rock climbing. We had to put on super-man undies (Harness). The wall had an easy side a hard side and in the middle was the intense side. nobody could do the intense side but most people managed to do the easy side. Next was horse games we had to do a relay race with the horses. We did the last three on thursday. For the flying fox we had to wear super man undies (harness) and connect onto a pulley then jump of the top of a deck and over a lake. In archery my team got the most points out of every other group. The last activity was low ropes we had to do games that tested our problem solving skills.

On wednesday my group did survival camp survival camp had many challenges we had to compete for points. My favourite one was the mud run where he had to run through a pool of water with mud on the bottom while going over and under obstacles. We then got pulled out by someone else in our team and then run to the start of a normal obstacle course once we completed that we needed to pick up a puzzle piece and run it down to the bottom of the hill and place it in our box.

At night time after dinner we had some sort of game. On the first night we did the burma trail which took us through some trees while parents and teachers scared us. Once we had finished that we went to a hill and played spot light. On Wednesday night at survival camp Mike (the guy who runs survival camp) told us scary stories some made people cry. On thursday night we had Y games. Which is basically lots of food challenges and questions.

I really liked camp and all of the fun stuff we did. I can’t wait until next year when I go to school camp at Saint Kentigern.

By Callahan Jones

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